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April 14, 2008

don't die of shock. no, don't.

more than a year.

proof enough of the same old dilettante approach i've taken to this thing. it's getting old.

which means, it's time for it('s author) to undergo some reinvention.

a lot has happened, naturally - love found and foolishly lost, address changed, and fortunes, too (more in weeks to come on that note...).

but i am certainly going to be back. it might be a while - i need to think carefully about the next step. i'll be milestone older... 'there's always time' is getting harder to blurt out and actually believe. can't fool anyone else if i can't fool myself.

crackbook has made it easier for me to be lazy with the 'rum, which was initially a way of staying in touch. FB does it better; i can't blog anymore without a purpose. the friends i've made through 'blogging' are now: my housemates, reasons to travel interstate, home-fires burning. i don't do it any justice being this sporadic.

so i'll be back when the nascent blobs are more clearly defined.

i know, i know - quitting your blog is soooo 2006...


Posted by reuben at April 14, 2008 9:22 PM


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