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December 19, 2005

ho ho ho. mo. vember


the ladies love a sailor ... housemate J at the movember ball, beating them off with a stick.
(ooh! with a stick, sir? suits you! ooh!)


your humble narrator (left) with other housemate sim at aforementioned bash for the facially hirsute.

actually, i have to call shenanigans on a naked emperor here ...

movember was pretty average, really - i backed the spirit of the thing; shit, a bunch of drunk mates get together and come up with a handy gag that helps raise nearly a million bucks for prostate cancer awareness? - well, that's all well and good. awesome, actually.

i could, however, do without the itching, the anxiety about food scraps on my dial and generally going about fielding strange looks and comments and looking like a knob-axe for a month. not that i'm not used to that anyway, but i'm comfortable when it's just looking like regular me and not some tragic gay trucker's mini-Merv fantasy dwarf bitch.

i guess something's gotta be done to help fellas get over themselves and deal with a lubed finger up the clacker; early detection's a good thing, and i ain't squeamish. i'd rather cough for a friendly doctor's digit and have it sorted in a minute than gad about uncomortably for a month.

so bollocks to movember next year then ... i'll sponsor someone instead.

ps. 'my' episode of rockwiz was on sbs on the 17th! anyone who ... um, made a "reference taping/copy" for educational/archival purposes, should get in touch; foxy though he may be, sailor-suit housemate forgot to pass on sbs' phone message, so i missed my own moment of glory with chrissie in favour of watching someone dear break a leg (um, nearly literally – a wrist instead) at one of the last nights for this season of the famous spiegeltent's residency.

pps. too numb with pre-xmas arrival idiocy to comment extensively on the fuckwits high on conservative-rule-spiked/fucked/ignorant nationalist fervour and their territorial pissings round sydney beaches ... you could be sad, you could be angry, you could be a lot of things. i won't comment much because this friend has said everything i wanted to, better than i could. roll on, sedition, if that's what free and open criticism of one's democratically elected reps (not that i, or anyone i call close voted for these scum) is being called nowadays.

and people wonder why i love to travel

this beautiful, ugly country is the best and worst to both leave and know you can return to

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