March 2, 2009

The Original and Best Portuguese Water Dog


Yes, I know, (everyone I cross paths with asks) Obama has chosen a Portuguese Water Dog for the Whitehouse.
Oscar's identity can no longer be elusive. Now every man, woman and dog will want one and his name will be as common as mud. Judging by the popularity of Obama, I don't doubt that we'll soon be seeing Water Dog emblazoned cups, ties and ranges of snacks that both you and your dog can share.

It's disappointing, not just to me, but to Oscar. You know, he felt special, like a real individual. The attention he received on simple walks to the beach truly put an extra bounce in his stride. It's what he's grown up with and now he risks being... common.

It's also like being the first 'of' something cool, then someone 'famous' goes and copies you, and no one realises that you were the original.

So I thought it would only be fair to Oscar, to share with the world that Obama actually googled "gorgeous beach loving dogs" and discovered my blog. He enjoyed reading Oscar's adventures so much that, well, the choice was easy. But he didn't even contact me to tell me of this inspiration.
What do you expect really, as if he could tell the world that he'd copied someone else. That wouldn't be very presidential...

Oscar has taken it all a bit personally, and is exercising his cool factor, a bit hard.
I'm letting him do it, I'm sure it's just a phase, a necessary process.

Although I kinda want my sunnies and hammock back.


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September 27, 2008

The Menu

What do the following items have in common?


These are the foods that Oscar has stolen in the past two weeks. He pretends to be asleep, but he is merely waiting for the upright beings to leave the kitchen for one minute - and as soon as they do, he whips in the direction of the food, gets on his hind legs and consumes straight off the kitchen bench.

His tastes have definitely been affected since he has been living the Dalkeith lifestyle at my folks' house. There ain't no tins of Chum around here. It's only the finest darling. Dad is hopelessly responsible with his lamb roast offcuts and bacon bits that he sneaks to his little man.


Tonight he ate the family's entire Rocket, Pear and Feta Salad.


And he'll do all kinds of tricks for an almond.


Here is Oscar in his favourite chair in dad's office. He'll spend hours sitting here unbeknown to everyone else. That is, when he's not waiting on the corner of the Persian rug* in direct view of the kitchen.

* Which he has also chewed on, as well as a selection of italian leather shoes.

There's no going back to Maylands now...

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April 21, 2008

Oscar Visits the Film Set


Oscar is in training for on-film-set behaviour for his upcoming career as my sidekick.
He is getting some tips and whips from Georgina Andrews who stars in the film, The Sculptor.
Photo by the talented cinematographer, Jason Thomas.

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November 3, 2007

What is black, white and red?


Oscar and I crashed a photoshoot for my friend Narelle.
(He is a true photographer's pup - knows how to pose now)

Narelle is about to hold her first art exhibition!
It's opening this Friday, 6pm at MinniMon on William St Northbridge. Come down or visit before December 5.

Oscar is going to feature on some postcards for sale.

Photographs by Ellie Henderson

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October 15, 2007

The New Oscar


Lack is the New Black. Well, in the doggie world at least.
Oscar has been shaved to the bone due to a bad owner case of dreadies.
So back to square one.

Gone are all the previous pet names, mopsy, wooly woofter, teddy, fluff bucket...
he is now all sleek and cool and greyhound like.
It's actually freaking me out a bit, he just isn't the old Oscar. He has a whole new level of personality, which may have to do with it literally being revealed.
Now I can see all these intricate expressions that were previously hid by hair. Most of all his eyes give me penetrating stares which seem so un dog-like. We had a stare-off yesterday that went for minutes! I had to pull away.
So it makes me wonder how much the fluff added to his personality. Was the fluff misguiding? Was I being superficial? Can I liken this to how we treat people who dress in "fluff"? We perceive them as cuter and thus friendlier?
Or is Oscar also feeling a bit different now that he is removed of his skin deep coat?

Either way, it is our journey of 'getting to know you'.

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July 20, 2007

Crime Scene Investigation

Warning: Content may offend those with a stomach.

With my detective hat on this morning, I strolled into the expansive backyard of Stuart St whereupon I discovered a crime scene beyond anything I have witnessed before in my time as a forensics photographer.


This little fella was called Orange Ted.
Murdered and dumped in a shallow grave, Ted was of such a young age, it is a truly tragic crime.
On initial inspection I discovered blows to both the legs and arms. It also appears that he has been de-intenstined.
A cold blooded murder, it paints a vile picture of the criminal responsible.


The next victim I spotted was a man infamously known as Red 'Devil' Ted.
His blank stare capturing the shock he would have experienced upon meeting his attacker. I suspected a sudden strike to the face as there was a large gouge to his nose, literally splitting him open. Surprisingly, however, the strike left no spillage.
A clean attack, probably a murderer with a track record.


I had the wind taken out of me when I discovered Easter Tea Towel.
The poor thing hadn't even seen one dish in her short life. And here I found her at such a deep stage of decomposition.
I feel unable to describe the victim's body as it causes too much emotional distress.


Then there was the bloodiest crime of the lot,
Red cushion.
Admittedly Red Cushion led a life on the edge, constantly seen roaming around the backyard, some would say that it was only a matter of time.
And here I found him completely deflated with his innards spilling from him.


It didn't take much of a further investigation to discover his innards discarded with wild abandon all over the crime scene. An immense clean up will be in order. Speculation and suspicions run rampant.


I thought that I had reached the end of the line, until I came across Dino. A long time resident to the area, it was surprising to find his body as I believed him to be an immortal being with a skin of rubber. But not to this murderer.
And in a sick final taunt, the writing '$1.00" was discovered on Dino's foot. The insult on his worth intended as a scare tactic.


The day was almost done, having searched the entire yard for any further victims, but on my way out I found this anonymous body, so mutilated that it was beyond identification. So I'll just call him John Dumbo.
I took a swab of saliva from what appeared to be his nose. It's at the lab for DNA analysis.

News Flash


Oscar Castelo Branco was caught fluff-handed, only minutes later - right near the scene of the crime, unable to help himself from returning to where his victims lay.


He has since been detained under the lemon tree until he expresses some remorse for his crimes.

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June 4, 2007

Up to his old tricks

For the Oscar-fans:
Here are the tricks Oscar can do!

I'm preparing him for a career as a tv dog, figured he has more chance at fame than I.

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May 13, 2007

Top dog


Back by popular demand (Really! They are pulling me over in the pub and asking where "Sunday's with Oscar" are!)
I'm gonna make it fortnightly Sundays so I don't turn this into his blog. His ego is too big already.

Oscar has become top dog. If he wants to eat Kingston's food, he can.
Kingston understands his lower rank.
It also works out well for Oscar (who doesn't think we've noticed his tactics).
He plays all sweet and innocent by letting Kingston find the treasures and only then will Oscar give him the 'hand it over' look.

So when we find Oscar with something in his mouth, we're not sure who to blame...
Today Oscar vomited up corn cobs - I think that was induced by bad karma.

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May 2, 2007

Either Oscar is getting bigger or I'm getting smaller


Oscar and I are becoming the best of friends. The more time we spend together the more we understand what each other is about.
Oscar has recently learnt how to shake my hand (for an almond of course) and to pee on command. This is seriously the best dog I could have asked for.
I'm going to teach him 101 dog tricks and then create a comedy show out of it by subtly dropping in the cues or hand signals as part of the story. (Warning, this may not happen so don't book your tickets quite yet).

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April 29, 2007

I tried really hard. I did.

Sunday afternoon at home...
I discovered the well expressed blog of Tom M Wilson. It had me both taken and irritated. It's wonderful to read the voice of my inner feelings yet frustrating to feel inferior to the references and intellect. I was going to write to him, but decided against it due to the latter. I then started reading Patrick Pittman's latest post. Once again I both marvelled and recoiled at his ability to pile together names of writers I'd never heard of with a knowingness and inter-referencing far beyond me. I plodded away from the computer and towards a bookshelf.
I grabbed one of a hundred unread books and decided on this drizzly, nearing winter, afternoon that I would read it and that it would give birth to a brilliant blog post.

So I proudly curled up in the corner of the sofa with my latte and opened up the introduction to Richard Heinburg's 'Powder Down' - Options and actions for a post-carbon world. Finally, here I was - reading. How wonderful it felt, to be nestled in a warm room with shoes off about to embark on a mind opening read. Yes, today I am going to read the whole thing.
"Hey E, look! I'm going to sit back and read this book today".
"Oh, I got some dvds."
"Don't distract me, today I'm reading. I can't watch movies! I'm then going to write an intelligent post about it. It might start with 'This book was given to me by the inspirational Jo Valentine, previously a Greens Senator and Anti Nuclear campaigner'... and more smart stuff... yeah..."

hmm, I'll just call Oscar over to sit at my feet... "C'mon. Up! Up! Get Up! C'mon.. Up!"
Oh fuckit, I reach over and lift him up.
Mmmm, very comfortable now. I start reading. After a few words in, I look over at Oscar. So cute the way his head has fallen between two cushions and his little nose is poking out. Awww. Love ya.
Okay, back to the first sentence.. and in another few words my mind moves on to visions of Oscar is stripy socks... yes, I might sew him some socks after I read this book.
I re-read that part without absorbing any of it as I'm still envisaging Oscar in a set of yellow and white leg warmers.. oh, something about natural gas supply in North America.
Hey, maybe I already know this information from the conversations I've had with people and 'An Inconvienient Truth'... so do I HAVE to read it? Yeah I want to. I'm certain it will give me great facts for future conversations. Keep reading. Another sentance...
"Hey E, I keep thinking about making Oscar some socks and can't concentrate on this book".
"Make Oscar some socks if that's what you want to do."
*Ponder the concept of doing what I actually want to do...*

"Yes, I'll go do that."
And there I found the answer to happiness.
Do what you want to do and the rest will follow...

So here is my post about a Post-Carbon future...


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April 2, 2007

The Price of Puppies

The destruction bill so far
7 cushions
1 basket
1 cat flap (now dog hole)
5 palms
9 pot plants
1 yellow pages
1 skirting board
1 lawn (now dirt patch with holes)
1 fence (attempt to protect lawn)
1 bra
1 teatowel
1 thong
1 bottle of wine

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March 26, 2007

One of us has had a haircut


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March 11, 2007

Red Wine (and Oscar) Sunday

A little Sunday Oscar.....

(and not quite enough in between, but alas, I best keep up my commitment)


I'm always coming up with ideas for Sunday gatherings. Jam making, music swapping and french lessons..... but finally I pulled one off...
I sent an email around and posed the question - "What food goes with red wine?" and invited people to come over with their idea of the perfect dish.
I provided the vino.
We made our way through Merlot, Cab Sav, Shiraz and Pinot Noir....
As well as canelloni, mushroom pasta, vege kebabs, dark chocolate, halva and quiche...
I am sure I tested the most of all and thus spun the most shite about berries, oak and spice.

I accompanied the evening with a collection of 'latino' completely cover-judged (bought today in 5 minutes at JB hifi) with no knowledge what so ever. Suprising success in that department.

So, there we were - I felt like we were finally the adults table.


And the kids...well, they ran around our feet in hyper activity and eventually collapsed at the kids table...


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March 5, 2007

Oscar the Schmoo

After a brief delay, I bring you Sundays with Oscar the Portuguese Water Dog!
I have even started a whole new category, so as to legitimately incorporate this schmultzy aspect of the journal.


Last night Oscar had his first glimpse of the ocean. Crashing dark waves meant he dug his nails into my shoulder and kept approximately 2 metres from foam at all times. He looked like a repelling magnet the way he kept his distance. So instead of swimming, the three of us played pouncing chasy puppy games on the shore under the spotlight moon. Oscar was in 'digging hole heaven' and we sat back with wine and played sand-sculpture mr squiggle. Was probably the best night in a couple months. Simple.


I found it really bizarre that I was able to make a puppy poem out of magnetic poetry normally destined for seedy sexy wordplay. Should I be concerned that dog vocabulary and sex share the same words?


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February 4, 2007

And Kingston...


I didn't mention that there is not only Oscar but Kingston too!
My housemate couldn't resist...

Here are some Sunday pics of Oscar. I will restrict myself to weekends only.
Expect tales of weewee, poop, no chewing/eating plants/biting, fetch!, good doggie and c'mon boys! Or perhaps just photographic essays so that it falls within my blog description.




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January 20, 2007

Meet Oscar!


I know what I'm gonna be doing until I'm 45...
Meet the committment of a lifetime that I just made, his name is Oscar.
He's a Portuguese Water Dog.
That means he is a smart cookie, is gonna love trips to the beach and will swim with me!, he's a smooch and speaks a little Portuguese. When he is older he is gonna look like a Rastafarian.

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