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February 17, 2009

Herbal product shop denies herbs doing things

I walked passed "The Well Within" in Cottesloe for the first time and saw what looked like an old Parisian Apothecary. Little jars and labels and oils.
Ooh! This might be the shop that will have something that I need...

Conversation as follows:

"Hi there, I'm just wondering if you have any of those smudge sticks - the kind you burn. Like herbs.."

"No, we don't believe in that."

"Huh. Believe in what?"

"That's spiritual stuff."

"Well, no, it's herbs that you burn."

"But for what purpose?"


"Cleansing what?"

"Energy... in a room...."

"No, we don't believe in that. Just pray to the holy spirit"

"Ok then, bye"

Needless to say I am a little perplexed as I would have thought that a herbal shop would believe in herbal qualities - like purification of air. It's just what 'take' you have on it I suppose. But who would deny that some sage and juniper would freshen up a room, (and yes, killing off old energy left by previous occupants). Just not sure if the holy spirit is going to help me out here...

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