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November 17, 2008

Stitched Messages


I sometimes daydream of being a painter, if only I could coordinate that thought with the purchasing of paints and canvas, and further collide it with the concentration to sit down and do the painting. Alas, my self doubt probably freezes that one over all too effectively.
In the contemplation of this concept, once again, whilst in Africa and with the doll-making memories of saddle, blanket and running stitch taking over my visual cortex, I landed upon the idea of expressing my artistic ideas through the needle!


Not only is the technique very slow and limited, it takes away the need for perfection because the beauty in stitch is actually imperfection. With limited 'notes', you can 'paint' a simpler, more expressive picture.
It takes away the need to be as good as Renoir, and allows the outcome to be expressed from somewhere deep within. Like writing with your left hand, stitching is so removed from normal paint brush motorskills that the pressure is off, and the subconscious can speak.

I have come up with a couple of little projects on which I may shine more light later on,
But for now, I have stitched a little book of messages (above) and stitched a thank you note to my recently visited internet friend, Carla.


Carla found me via this blog years ago when she searched for Mafia threats and came across some silly graphic I constructed for unpaying clients. Of all things!
Turns out that Carla and I are kindred spirits - designers, gigglers and lovers of all things beautiful and crafty. We risked meeting up in 'real life' this month, in Capetown. And from the minute I spotted her taxi sign, we laughed, and didn't stop for a week. Turns out she was just as I imagined via some emailed words and pictures!
What a relief that the internet didn't lie, didn't produce a 70 year old pedophile creep, but instead, two real women who have formed a genuine friendship. Thanks www! You've come a long way since 1997.

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