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September 15, 2008


When in Broome I thought I'd buy some games to add to our collection. Deep within a general store I found this set of Dominos on a shelf.
In a raw timber box with inky print, I felt this little set was going to be pretty special. And it was only 4 bucks!


I finally opened it on the open road, with my brother, to "break up the monotony" (as anything that wasn't driving was being coined.)

And what I found was some dodgily hand inked dominos of questionable numeracy. I visualised lines of Chinese children each delegated a different domino combination to ink. The 6 6 kid was clearly over worked.


But we could still play on. Except that we didn't know how.
So we went to read the instructions.
And they were clearly in another language.
Not Chinese either.


But in the middle of no where, we got an internet connection and downloaded some instructions.

Fuck I love wireless.


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