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September 30, 2008

The MAKING of The Sculptor

I was many things on the film set of The Sculptor (a soon-to-be-released Australian feature film by Christopher Kenworthy). I was a script supervisor, a continuity lady, but most notably, I directed and shot "The Making Of".

I love making ofs....

and now it's been edited to promote the film. I'm chuffed at the result.

Check it out while it's on the front page of The Sculptor website.



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September 27, 2008

The Menu

What do the following items have in common?


These are the foods that Oscar has stolen in the past two weeks. He pretends to be asleep, but he is merely waiting for the upright beings to leave the kitchen for one minute - and as soon as they do, he whips in the direction of the food, gets on his hind legs and consumes straight off the kitchen bench.

His tastes have definitely been affected since he has been living the Dalkeith lifestyle at my folks' house. There ain't no tins of Chum around here. It's only the finest darling. Dad is hopelessly responsible with his lamb roast offcuts and bacon bits that he sneaks to his little man.


Tonight he ate the family's entire Rocket, Pear and Feta Salad.


And he'll do all kinds of tricks for an almond.


Here is Oscar in his favourite chair in dad's office. He'll spend hours sitting here unbeknown to everyone else. That is, when he's not waiting on the corner of the Persian rug* in direct view of the kitchen.

* Which he has also chewed on, as well as a selection of italian leather shoes.

There's no going back to Maylands now...

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September 21, 2008

Luscious Lemon Tours


Let me take you on a luscious lemon tour of Dalkeith.
Through pathways of leafy streets.

Bag across your shoulder.
The weather is still a little colder.

It's free and organic.
It's local and botanic.

Just a couple from each overflowing tree
filling up our bags like its trick or treat.

And here is a yellow citrus map.
Next time we'll do a fresh herb lap.


First lemon creation - Lemon and Poppyseed cake
Next recipe - Lemon-aid


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September 15, 2008


When in Broome I thought I'd buy some games to add to our collection. Deep within a general store I found this set of Dominos on a shelf.
In a raw timber box with inky print, I felt this little set was going to be pretty special. And it was only 4 bucks!


I finally opened it on the open road, with my brother, to "break up the monotony" (as anything that wasn't driving was being coined.)

And what I found was some dodgily hand inked dominos of questionable numeracy. I visualised lines of Chinese children each delegated a different domino combination to ink. The 6 6 kid was clearly over worked.


But we could still play on. Except that we didn't know how.
So we went to read the instructions.
And they were clearly in another language.
Not Chinese either.


But in the middle of no where, we got an internet connection and downloaded some instructions.

Fuck I love wireless.


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September 7, 2008

Collecting Treasure

We collected as we drove. Little souvenirs for our dashboard, reminding us of each special place we visited.
It made me smile to have these items framing our windscreen, the sunlight changing the shadows throughout the day.
I've photographed them on our dash, to share.

A tumble stick.
Our first beach stop. We ran and snuggled in the dunes. We peeled and ate oranges from Bindoon.

A seaside creature.
From this same beach. Amongst the seaweed we found odd creatures that combined flora and fauna and mineral.

Our totem's feather.
The wedge tail eagle made many appearances on our journey. He circled above us, he flew alongside us. We found one dead by the road and plucked this feather.

Is it? Or is it granite? I collected this from the ground of a derelict farm. We had entered against permission to track down some indigenous rock art. The farmers gave us the correct directions and we found ancient drawings on a hill of rocks.

Red Seedpod.
Almost in Broome. The sun shone through these pods lighting them up a rich red. We pulled over to pick one off its branch. It was surprisingly soft. We let it dry and curl on the dash.

Flowery fossil.
On Cable Beach. Morning jog. On the expansive sand we found this washed up little treasure. Prettier than any handcrafted ceramic.

Spiral Shell.
Out at Barred Creek we slept on a mattress under the stars for two nights. Alone. Wild wind. Recently burnt bush. This shell was next to the van when we parked.

Boab Nut
On a 6.30am walk through Broome with the dog. I sat on a groin and read some Eckhart Tolle. On the way home I opened my eyes to find this nut lying on the ground. It jingles when you shake it.

Ridged Shell
On a beach stop off for cold lamb kebabs and salad. We took a freezing dip in the ocean and chatted to a fisherman and his partially deaf wife.

Tooth Shells
On our third stop outside of Perth. We parked near a beach with mangroves and line fishermen. I found these teeth like shells and collected some for my ear.

The tooth in my ear

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September 5, 2008

Culinary Cures

An insight into my culinary cure for the blues this week...


Starting my day with pink grapefruit
Each swelling juicy segment fished out with a teaspoon, and the remained juice scooped up with another dip in. I stand at the bench near the window and work my way around the circumference, sometimes skipping segments to make patterns. I eat until my tongue is spiked with tang.


Finishing my day with chocolate dipped strawberries
Big plump freshly washed berries, dried then dipped into a pot of gently melted 70% cocoa Lindt chocolate.
They tasted even better when shared with a good friend I hadn't seen in months in the afternoon's dwindling sunlight.

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September 4, 2008

The Love Heart

A love heart.
It looks juicy. It's full to its brim, flowing with love for it's lover.

On a break up, or a break or a lie or inflicted hurt... the heart's fullness begins to recede.
The love lessens, over any length of time. It lessens.
If nothing changes, it continues to recede, smaller and smaller and smaller. Until it is just a notch in the side of the heart.
The heart has a memory.

But this recession makes room for a new lover. This new love can fill up the heart slowly with new colour, new flavour.

This is what my heart currently looks like.

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September 2, 2008

Talking in the Garden of Curiosities

We talk crossed legged on the grass and our fingers play with the texture of leaves, twigs, weeds and petals. The subconscious creation of garden curiosities takes places as we dissect dreams and disappointments.
Anita is my precious garden gnome.
She's that rare kind that listens, doesn't judge. Just like a gnome, but with a lot more personality.






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