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July 23, 2008

Printing in Kenwick



I took on the job of screenprinting 65 tshirts in 24 hours.
I had the tees, I had the screens but I was awake all night fretting about my ability to do the printing. So I googled and found John.
My lepricorn.
An elderly ferret-loving, boxercising printer with a most chirpy disposition.
He saved my day (or my butt) by dropping his other work to get the job done on time.

We spent this morning screenprinting at his home in Kenwick.
We were fed toasties with lemon cake and Irish tea for lunch.
I learned so much in 4 hours about screenprinting, about being in Vietnam at age 18 as a 'scout', about having a wife with terminal cancer, having a daughter die unexpectedly at 13 years of age... all whilst we screened and heated and folded tshirts.

They got delivered ahead of schedule.

He retires in a month and has already sold his equipment, so I know I'll probably never again cross paths with this man of stories and although I wanted to grab him and hug him and tell him how much I was affected by him, I just held out a hand and said thanks before driving away. That's all you can really do.
Everyone is a teacher, if you listen.




Tshirts I designed for FORM's photography workshops in Port Hedland.

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July 18, 2008

Abbe May Album

Do you relate to this?
I'm sitting here at my computer working and note that there is a sense of excitement in me. A feeling like something to look forward to yet I can't immediately recall what it is, but then... I remember. I still have one more square of Lindt chocolate left! Yes! I managed to forget about it consciously in order to delay its consumption but retained the good feeling about it existing.

And now that I'm conscious, I must enjoy it's dark milky splendour!


The same experience applies to remembering a new CD you haven't opened yet. I finally un-shrinkwrapped Abbe's May's new Album... Howl & Moan.

It is my most recent CD design. I also shot the cover and hand drew the type.
The shoot was in the Fly By Nightclub during the day. Abbe stood in front of some black curtain that was catching a shaft of window light.



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July 14, 2008

Wabi Sabi

Here is my exploration of beauty using the uniquitous Australian Gum leaf.
I found these leaves on the grass of Bay Rd, Claremont, the street is lined with huge white gums that lead me home.

This little piece is about my understanding of the ancient Japanese aesthetic, Wabi Sabi.
It's ultimately about imperfection and how nature's hand provides the deepest beauty.


I believe that by connecting with this wild beauty we can embrace the marks of nature in us - on our faces, in our hearts and accept this right up to that point at which we are engulfed by the earth, to seed more life, to become all, again.

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July 4, 2008

When in Bavaria...

Ever since a 16 year old German lass, seeking revenge for my disobedience of her every command, forced me to eat a giant slice of her mother's cherry torte (causing me bulimic inspiration), I have never forgotten that a German is to be taken seriously.

So when in Bavaria I recommended that we follow the signage without fault, for fear of being force fed.





Unfortunately David was caught out (see picture 3) for having his legs "the wrong way round" and was thus detained until he consumed a dozen foot-long Wurst Sausages.

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