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June 28, 2008

R.I.P. Natalija Brunovs


It is quite a chilling thing, to see your name on a gravestone.
However in doing so I have (for the first time) experienced a sense of peace with the idea of being dead.

To stand on the soft earth flourishing greenery that makes a tranquil forest, housing birds and flying insects... in Riga, Latvia.
This place is nothing like a patch near the side of a road in Perth.

I felt like I could happily be under that ground, growing cornflowers.
I'll be buried next to my grandmother, Natalija Brunovs.

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June 15, 2008

Green with Envy for Munich

I'm in Munich, Germany, full as a goog on sausages and double-sized pints.
I've been walking around with no camera, pen or paper and just observing and trying to commit the images to memory...
Yesterday it was German womens' wrinkled faces, drab and expressionless on the tram, then the cyclists in their black and grey, highlighted by hot coloured scarves, typography that even on office windows and functional street signage had design style of exceptional flair, but it was the english garden that will really stay with me.
A secret garden in the middle of a buzzing city, sprawling with dense leafy trees of a green that is electric. The word tranquil runs through you as you walk and the opaque jade river gushes under the stone bridges.

Today I went back again without my camera (!) but stole my sister's happy snap to try some shots.

As we walked today, the six of us tried to invent new versions of
"Let's make like a banana and split"

We got a little obsessed. Here is our list...

Make like a Tom and Cruise
Make like a tree and leave
Make like hay and bail
Make like a rock and roll
Make like a sprout and shoot
Make like an egg and beat it
Make like punctuation and dash
Make like a green light and go
Make like a gay man and come out
Make like a pram and stroll
Make like a plane and take off
Make like a gun and shoot
Make like diarrhoea and run
Make like a boot and scoot
Make like a board and walk
Make like Henry the 8th and head off
Make like Moses and d'part
Make like a market and flee
Make like an ipod and shuffle


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June 4, 2008

Pie Love

We're having a pie-fetish at home. Can't get enough pies. So we had a pie dinner last night where we tried to out-pie each other. A lamb, mushroom, onion relish and rosemary in various formats (most cute as 'little love pie'), a creamy vegetable pie and dessert was a raspberry and rhubarb pie.

Pies. They just taste so damn good don't they. They encompass everything you want in a meal, crunch, warmth, tenderness and heartiness.

Now I'm thinking about making a recipe book of pies. I just wish some publisher would call me up and say 'go make whatever you want, and we'll distribute it'... yes, I think that's my dream, to just make books on whatever the heck I want.




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June 2, 2008

Mingenew Media


I just found this recent media update by Drew Radford (The Bloke on the Bike). He made a micro documentary on the Mingenew Project which you can stream live from the ABC site using Real Player.

I'm impressed with it actually. He filmed it less than a week ago and has pulled it together into a sweet little documentary that captures the project's atmosphere well.

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