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May 5, 2008

The Mingenew Project

This May I'm living in the mid-west Australian town of Mingenew.
A three and a half hour drive north of Perth.

I'm teaching photography and creativity to whoever in the community is keen. We're all contributing to a collection of views of this place. Farmers, teachers and sport fanatics who reside in this drought-ridden place are taking part to share what they love, what they live with, what they do, here, in Mingenew.

Here are some photographs from my very first workshop, by some farmer's wives.




The on-going website is www.mingenewproject.com

I'll be back on my blog after that.
Although I may have some random tidbits to share... like a little video of my car stuck on the railway tracks in an extreme error of driving due to blinding sun. That was a fun start to the trip...

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