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April 28, 2008

Water Weave

I stepped outside to make some art.
This is what I did.








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April 27, 2008

We Communicate Visually

I've been enjoying the company of another visual person. We both talk whilst simultaneously observing the colour of the sky, the texture of the willows, the shadowless landscape and the patterns in the paving.
We may share this way of seeing the world, but can we share it with each other? It's a very internal experience, seeing. It doesn't have words to accompany it. You can't see together. You see alone.
I think we might need to come up with a way of communicating visually together. It won't involve talking, just speaking through pictures and pointing. You point out the imprint of a geranium leaf in the concrete. I make some leaf formations for you.




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April 21, 2008

Oscar Visits the Film Set


Oscar is in training for on-film-set behaviour for his upcoming career as my sidekick.
He is getting some tips and whips from Georgina Andrews who stars in the film, The Sculptor.
Photo by the talented cinematographer, Jason Thomas.

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April 20, 2008

The story of the hair lady and the continuity lady


The first day they met on set they took an instant dislike to the other, they questioned their role, their attitude, their style. The effect was quite striking, causing them to go home at night and describe the other.
"Argh, I can't stand that lady."

On day four continuity lady confessed to admiring hair lady's dresses, and she smiled back and something melted.
They began to talk, they saw past the exterior, hair lady's youth and continuity's aloof.

And what seemed like apples and orange started to look really similar.
They both cackle like witches, they share the same energy and spirit.
They discover they are both half-Latvian.

Hair lady and continuity lady go home and begin to rave about the other.
"I really like that lady."

By week three these ladies are the tightest of confidants. They begin to see their similarities right through to their appearance. Their cheek bones, and pointy bits.
They compliment each other, warming each other's esteem.
They fall in love.
On the last day they do a cameo in the film together.
Their initial impression is completely reversed.

The moral to take home...
A person that effects you so deeply on first impressions, in a negative way, may actually indicate something you criticise in yourself, that you fear, and that when stuck on a film-set, you are forced to face it and discover something you would have otherwise lost.
Film-sets are catalysts for much enlightment.

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April 15, 2008

I heart pictionary

So much so that it was the main entertainment at my 30th birthday.
Yes, daggy you may think, but it is so much more than that...

It is the designer in me that relishes in this game that is fundamentally about creating clever solutions to a 'design problem'. Like design, simplicity is required to deliver the most effective (quickest) message. You have to think laterally and you have to think quick.
And by god, if those pictures aren't brilliant!
Here are some favourites from this recent episode...








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April 10, 2008

Light Graffiti


I had a little play with what has been dubbed 'Light Graffiti'.
An online collection of light graf photographs inspired me to give it a quick go with this bunky sleeping man immediately... using a quacking duck L.E.D. light that I bought him and a long exposure resting on a cupboard.
So high tech.
Turns out that he became all the more bunky after the light statement was made... so perhaps there is a power in the picture.

There are possibilities to be quite clever with it so that it looks less like Photoshop and more like magic. So I am plotting...

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April 6, 2008

A Reflection of The Director


Shooting people on set is a delicate task. I don't want to interfere with any of the film's production and thus like a wallflower, I sneak in silent shots that don't ask for anything, just take advantage of the light, the props and the people doing their thing.

Here is Christopher Kenworthy surveying the broken mirror.

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April 1, 2008

Camera Shy

This is the length that Tia went to today to hide from the camera.


Normally I would respect someone's wish to be un-snapped.
But Tia is so funny (and I was in need of half-time entertainment) so I decided it was worth the chase to see just how far she would go to hide from the camera.
So we played chasey through the set, past actors, lighting and props and down into a vacant shed where she found her best hiding spot...

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