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January 13, 2008

Riverside Quadrants and Reflections on Artistry


My afternoon was spent pondering the definition of being an artist.
I know (most of the time) that I am an artist whether I show it in form or not.
I believe I breathe it and see it and sometimes speak it and then, occasionally I make it.
But the product - is that what makes me an artist?
What if the product blows away? What if the product isn't captured? What if I just saw it? What if I just thought it?
Can I be an artist and not prove it?

But don't they (in thine spiritual world) say 'being' is better than 'doing' anyway?

However when asked 'What kind of artist are you?" I do find that too difficult to say without product. I often disdainfully reply with the digestible "I'm mostly a graphic designer". The commercialisation of me the artist was never my intention, sadly, it was a result of my parents pushing me away from studying art and towards design despite me not knowing what it was.

And years on I am still drawn to the art side of being and have barely any interest in design books, talks and product shimmer. I don't find much soul in it.

(I strongly believe that design is creative problem solving and not often art unless you are ignoring the goal of shifting product and are instead exercising your personal expression).

So am I a frustrated artist? What would happen if I stopped with that design and put my focus on being the artist. If I just let myself breathe into it and see what emerged?

It's what I'm working towards whilst maintaining that I am an artist now and always have been.

Being an artist my friend -
It's in your mind, your footsteps, your words. It's in your eyes, in your humour, in your little songs in the cupboard while you're dressing, in the way you curl that leaf into a hole in the table and contemplate it's curly shadows and how you imagine the world.

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Posted by natalija at January 13, 2008 9:53 PM


You are a very interesting person. Good to know there are people such as yourself. Thanks for lighting up my day. ;)

Posted by: JoAnna Phillips at January 25, 2008 2:04 AM

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