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January 29, 2008

Leaves build a picture of love


Sometimes my eyes are cast down
and I look at the leaves
as we talk
The park was too far to walk
so we sat on the curb
we discussed our future
the ways to make things work
and as we played with leaves between our fingers
collecting the vinyl textured yellow ones
I began to build a little picture
like flames
and he plucked a leaf from the bitumen and placed it above mine
the fire grew
and we used all the leaves around us
to make something bigger
something beautiful



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January 24, 2008

Another Cover


My fourth Drum Media cover - a shoot I did for Something In The Water. It's a documentary on the vibrant Perth music scene and features a tank-load of musician interviews, live footage and Rolf Harris. It's having its first screening on Feb 7 at Astor.
(I share an office with the film company, WBMC.)

I still get a kick out of seeing my photographs published. Not quite the same joyous high I got when my first photograph of Cinema Prague was published in Xpress in 1996... but the good vibes don't really wear off.

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January 20, 2008

Fringe Cutting


At random intervals I get a "stream of haircutting consciousness". It's a blend of supreme confidence and god-driven inspiration which results in flow-cutting, ie: chopping knowingly without doubt or thought.
And it tends to work.
I have tried cutting when not in this mood, to disastrous result, sending me off to the hairdresser for fixing.

On Friday night I was hit by the stream just as I was about to head out, but as it comes so rarely I took the moment, found some sewing thread-clippers and performed a fringe surgery with radical precision. Quite drastically too - I cut it shorter than ever before, bluntly and angling up at the sides. It felt very fem-cyborg and caused me to go out wearing little purple shorts with black leggings and black boots. The boy thought I was hot (win!) and my sister didn't recognise me in the street (win?).

Please note, the top photo is post-jogging which means it doesn't show the fringe off to full effect but that's hard when you're taking a photo of yourself and don't have a mirror to pose in front of... so here a couple using Photobooth:


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January 19, 2008

Phone Camera Snaps

I feel like it is somewhat ironic when I observe myself taking photographs using my crappy phone camera. The pixel limitation and image quality is a joke when compared with any of my other professional digital cameras. I've always thought that it is pointless taking images which don't have the quality to support any of the output possibilities - just in case the photo is brilliant, always shoot it at the best resolution possible.

But still I find myself in situations with all but a phone and I leap to my bag before the lights turn green to whip it out and shoot. It's the urge to capture, despite technological limitations. I feel that I must own some version of the image before me. I don't know where it is going go, probably live on my camera til it dies. But hah, when you try to blog every day (rather poorly) then you start stretching the posting potential. So today, some camera pics, just a sample of the things I felt the need to hold on to on walks and outings.
They won't go anywhere but here....


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January 17, 2008

What does your jewellery say about you?


Click for pop up close up

I used to hang all my necklaces on a wire across the bedroom wall. I enjoyed seeing my collection of jewelled history displayed and for a moment before sleeping I could ponder the stories associated with each, the times in my life where the necklace became mine.

Here is an A to P of Nat's life in jewellery...

A Handed down from mum. An engagement present to her from dad. The piece I've had the longest.
B An amethyst stone that I bought at a Reiki course, can be used to pick up strength of chakra energies but also makes me feel alive.
C A shell and seedpod made necklace from Papua New Guinea from when I was teaching there. It was meant as a gift for someone but I kept it...
D A 1970s piece I bought for Liz and I to share but I kept it...
E From my trip to Turkey and the Istanbul market's corridors of jewellery salesmen.
F One day wandering around Maylands I found this in an antique store. I like how it's lost some of it's blue and green Os, giving it a spunkier assymetry.
G Sent to me by my friend Catherine who was working in Sri Lanka at the time. Like lollies, only not.
H This is a piece I got from Narelle's handmade collection in exchange for photography work.
I I was having tea and scones up in the hills and saw this hanging on a chair in a lolly shop. It was made by a 15 year old.
J Sent to me by my friend Ellie when she was travelling in South America.
K I was having a turqouise fascination when I spotted this in the back of a store in Margaret River.
L My favourite piece, the leaf. It gets the most response. It's from the 1960s.
M I bought this in Thailand somewhere between feeding a camel and seeing some ping pong balls.
N When I was in Alice Springs and wandering alone through the resort I found this at the art gallery.
O My second most commented on piece. A little Danish number that mum bought be in Paris.
P I got this at the markets in Turkey last year to remind me of the visuals of the place.

When setting up this shot mum insisted I try hanging them from the tree. So we did so. And here is that photo...


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January 13, 2008

Riverside Quadrants and Reflections on Artistry


My afternoon was spent pondering the definition of being an artist.
I know (most of the time) that I am an artist whether I show it in form or not.
I believe I breathe it and see it and sometimes speak it and then, occasionally I make it.
But the product - is that what makes me an artist?
What if the product blows away? What if the product isn't captured? What if I just saw it? What if I just thought it?
Can I be an artist and not prove it?

But don't they (in thine spiritual world) say 'being' is better than 'doing' anyway?

However when asked 'What kind of artist are you?" I do find that too difficult to say without product. I often disdainfully reply with the digestible "I'm mostly a graphic designer". The commercialisation of me the artist was never my intention, sadly, it was a result of my parents pushing me away from studying art and towards design despite me not knowing what it was.

And years on I am still drawn to the art side of being and have barely any interest in design books, talks and product shimmer. I don't find much soul in it.

(I strongly believe that design is creative problem solving and not often art unless you are ignoring the goal of shifting product and are instead exercising your personal expression).

So am I a frustrated artist? What would happen if I stopped with that design and put my focus on being the artist. If I just let myself breathe into it and see what emerged?

It's what I'm working towards whilst maintaining that I am an artist now and always have been.

Being an artist my friend -
It's in your mind, your footsteps, your words. It's in your eyes, in your humour, in your little songs in the cupboard while you're dressing, in the way you curl that leaf into a hole in the table and contemplate it's curly shadows and how you imagine the world.

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January 12, 2008

Resizing my Originals

See, I'm not very good at drawing, but I have a job to illustrate a "Sustainability Pack" for a new sustainable village.
A trick I learnt when I was about ten playing for hours on dad's office photocopier on the weekend, when I wasn't photocopying random office objects, and my various body parts, was that a regular drawing once reduced or enlarged takes on a new magic.
So I have recalled that realisation for this job and I am now deciding whether I should do tiny scribbly drawings and blow them up so you can see all their blobby details and simplified shapes...

small to big

or draw really large on big sheets and shrink it down so that it becomes cute and nifty in its line work and neatness...

big to small

I'm wondering if this applies to other things. Do they just look cooler on a different scale?

mmm.. let's see...
People (babies and giants)
Food (the big pineapple, lolly pineapples)
Nature (bonsai trees and the California Redwoods)

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January 10, 2008

Brought to you by the letter A


A beginning

A new year

A plan to blog daily, now until I stop
A real need to create since it's been lost
A little like my motorbike which is stuck in
A place far down south

A bit of a shit start but this will be
A renewed chance to explore my Art

A choice to be positive
A choice to make me grow
A lot of good energy from my hands, mind
And soul

A beginning

A post

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