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October 29, 2007

The Origin of Ideas


Having sat with a lack of ideas for blogging these past couple weeks, I thought I would take a moment to pictorialise my theories on where ideas come from. And similarily where creativity originates.

Figure 1
Do we even have original thought?
Are ideas merely a pastiche of existing constructs? Have all ideas already been thunk and are we now just using the power of combination and permutation to deliver what we believe is an original thought?
That concept would suggest that there is a limit of ideas to have, so when did we we use them all up?
Did all ideas already exist? Or did they only exist upon thinking them? And then, how do we know that we're exhausted?
I hear that phrase a lot "There is no such thing as an original idea anymore".
So when did that start emerging as a concept?
Maybe it is just harder to create a new idea, but I don't think we are finished with new ones.

Figure 2
Is creative thinking a mental process? Is it purely a form of intelligence? Just as anyone has stronger and weaker kinds of intelligence, creativity could be a type you are simply born with. Some are gifted, some are not. End of story?
Or can it be learned through 'technique' of thinking? Can you be trained to be creative?
Often creative thinking is about using your brain to problem solve. To think hard about the options, the new ways something can be done.
And ultimately being confident to think and express.
But I'm not sure if it is all mental.

Figure 3
If creativity isn't just mental, there where else could it derive from in the body?
The heart? The gut? Do we use more than one part of us to think creatively?
I don't doubt that we need a healthy body to think creatively. If we are energetically 'tuned up' then thoughts are able to flow better.
Do we just need a 'healthy body' to think?

Or is it the body itself that tunes in to find the answers?
Then i wonder if we are using our body to be creative, are these ideas just within the body itself or is the body linking in with a higher source?

Figure 4
The theory that 'god' or 'the universe' is the source.
I've often heard it said that the creativity just came through a person, that they weren't mentally able to explain how the ideas arrived, instead the ideas where channelled.
I have experienced what feels like this. And it can come in many ways, walking down the street, sitting on a train very quietly, being in nature... The common link I find is the clearness of the mind, the opening of the self in order to 'receive'.
If you are chattering away and in a hectic environment it seems to clutter the mind from any bolts of lightening...
And even then I still wonder if it is external, if the external thing is way up high or a universal shared consciousness. Or if we are just quietening the parts of us that prevent us from thinking creatively.

But a point to note here, ideas once thought seems to exist in the universal consciousness and must be acted upon immediately otherwise they may be taken up by someone else. Does that mean that you put an idea 'out' as soon as you think it or is an idea placed into the universe by something higher for taking?
(ouch head hurt)
Either way, you may have noticed that people around the world simultaneously have similar ideas...

Figure 5
The pot of ideas.
Why was my pot so empty these past few weeks? Has it been something I've done that caused this?
I think I know, I think because of a range of factors - lifestyle, behaviour, work and weather I was unable to achieve any of these forms of creativity.
And now I can see the pot slowly glowing and knowing that I want my ideas back.

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October 15, 2007

The New Oscar


Lack is the New Black. Well, in the doggie world at least.
Oscar has been shaved to the bone due to a bad owner case of dreadies.
So back to square one.

Gone are all the previous pet names, mopsy, wooly woofter, teddy, fluff bucket...
he is now all sleek and cool and greyhound like.
It's actually freaking me out a bit, he just isn't the old Oscar. He has a whole new level of personality, which may have to do with it literally being revealed.
Now I can see all these intricate expressions that were previously hid by hair. Most of all his eyes give me penetrating stares which seem so un dog-like. We had a stare-off yesterday that went for minutes! I had to pull away.
So it makes me wonder how much the fluff added to his personality. Was the fluff misguiding? Was I being superficial? Can I liken this to how we treat people who dress in "fluff"? We perceive them as cuter and thus friendlier?
Or is Oscar also feeling a bit different now that he is removed of his skin deep coat?

Either way, it is our journey of 'getting to know you'.

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October 6, 2007

The Black Sack


The Black Sack is a 'fashion void'.
It says nothing, it means nothing. It is void of style, culture, age, race and time. It cannot be judged.
It is the choice of clothing for those days when you wish to not participate in fashion and the judgement that befalls it.

Anything we put on our body in our western culture comes with a pigeon hole. It makes a statement to others about 'who' we might be, whether we like it or not. Even a choice like 'not caring' comes with a label, a subculture, a class.
The Black Sack solves this by being nothing but a black sack.

Viva La Black Sack! And pass it on...

(nb: You can make your own from black material. No-body owns it, No-body makes it. I just thought it was a bloody good idea for most days of my life).

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October 4, 2007

Quick! Design an ad today.

I was asked to symbolise Australia coming to the USA for this ad in CMJ Music Marathon's festival guide.

And what better than a kangeroo popping up through a sewer vent from downunder...


Yee har! Hopefully the New Yorkers will get a giggle and come along and check out Little Birdy, The Panda Band and The Dirty Secrets.

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