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September 30, 2007

Lit Tree


This is a tree that never sees the dark. Artificially lit up like an artwork in its round-a-bout home. Circled in concrete, collecting smog breath, placed for the precise amount of prettiness on Princess Road.

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September 26, 2007

Nat with Kellerberrin

I was back east this week in the little dry town of Kellerberrin doing a screen printing workshop (more soon on that).
But I found a spare half hour to poke about with my lens...


Dog with Rake


Rugs with Fence


Wheat with Tree


House with Boating

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September 21, 2007

Sod Off Mrs Macs!

Slow food? SLOW FOOD?


Since when did a plastic wrapped, defrosted, chopped up cow in unknown sauce become a SLOW FOOD item?
This is beyond a 'green wash'. This is a green botox injection. This is a fine example of attempting to fool the masses with a bullshit take on a really important concept.

To quote slowfood.com, "Slow food is about counteracting fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world."

So when Mrs Macs actually drops by your fishing jetty with her basket of freshly baked pies for a good old fashioned family hang, then come back to me with your bus billboard.

According to Greenpeace's truefood guide, The Mrs Macs food company has failed to disclose its policy on Genetically Engineered (GE) ingredients to Greenpeace. There is no guarantee that GE derived ingredients such as oils or GE animal feed are not being used in its food products.

I'm not against this local based company, making the self proclaimed 'Australian Icon' - I'm just not digging the marketing ploy.

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September 19, 2007

de-bitter: How it works


It's that simple.

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September 12, 2007

The problem with the 80s re-hash...

is that I've already been there.


I walked out of the hairdressers with a slight gulp in my throat, and snuck glances in most reflective surfaces as I made my way to the car. When I got home and examined the cut closely I was STRUCK - I had not asked the hairdresser for an 80s cut, I had just been given a piece of what is currently 'in'.
I shot to my bedroom and found an old photo album. Low and behold, as I suspected, I had a precisely 1982 haircut, as fashioned by myself at age 4.
Well, in the front only, I have managed to incorporate some long strands and choppy stuff in the back, so as to credit myself with actually living in 2007 - and not being a toddler.

So perhaps we can all take our childhood photos out with us to the shops and places of beauty to be styled as indicated by ourselves (and our fashionably avante garde parents).

I'm just hunting down a red sweater, some magnet picture art and a double chin.

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September 10, 2007

Coffee Free September

I'm about ready to write an essay on going cold turkey on coffee.
As someone who requires coffee to function every day without fail, the cessation of my 'Pièce de résistance' is of unimaginable mental challenge.
I was having my coffee first thing, often skipping breakfast, getting another takeaway as soon as someone mentioned the word, warming up the dregs in the microwave shortly after and then on a supreme high I'd get so excited that I'd go get another, slurping it back before rocketing off into completely wired land to fall sharply down on my keyboard and scowl at everyone I crossed paths with as of 3pm. Now some freaks manage 5 cups a day, but when I hit 3 I realised that coffee had got the better of me and that with all the horrid symptoms lining up, that I simply could not NOT have a coffee. That was the part that irked me - that coffee was having me!
My skin was looking horribly dehydrated, my digestion was beginning to fail rather chronically, my moods were swaying and my come-downs were getting more extreme.

I knew I had to stop. I just couldn't. Most nights as I went to bed I would promise myself that tomorrow would be my first day of no coffee. But every morning by 9am my brain had constructed several convincing arguments in favour of the flavour - it tried everything from 'it's fun' to 'one more won't hurt' to 'live fast, die young' ... the voice of the addict got stronger and stronger.
In fact it was all very tied up in my ability to create. I need coffee for inspiration! I have claimed it oh so many times as a part of my creative process.

But the fundamental concern of mine has been that coffee is the high I give myself to cope with everyday boredom. That ultimately I am not satisfied with daily banality so I take this drink and bring on a sense of excitement, a desire to DO and to enjoy what the next few hours brings. So it is wrapped up in my ability to keep doing what I do. The fear of what may lie before me without coffee would begin to send myself into mild panic.

...Then I met someone...
who was a living example of so many things that I want to be. And I saw, one evening, a glimpse of what is possible for me. It was a reminder of my deeper longing to be grounded, loving, calm and have every day be a slow and soulful experience. Yep, I am a hippy at heart, and it may sound a bit lame when you put it in words - but frankly it is who I actually am and all this other junk is just bringing me closer to my death in a cyclic and sped up process. Coffee is not bringing me the kind of happiness I seek.

So I woke up on Sunday September 2nd and stopped. Luckily I had a hangover so it took the edge off my regular routine. And I proclaimed it 'Coffee Free September'. If I said it was 'forever' I would have certainly freaked out.

Besides the headaches that have come and gone, I have found that this deep understanding of my long term vision is outweighing the short term need. It has also been an enlightening experience so far. Every hour for the first three days I was having epiphanies about how humans fill their lives with 'hits'. What was going to replace my coffee hit? Green tea? Chocolate? An endorphin laden hug? A session of weights at the gym? I began to notice how all these 'filler's' were all things that would take me from a flat emotional state to a peak. And that most of these resulted in a future craving or slump. Were any better or worse than others? I started contemplating that maybe life was about avoiding our void - that blank space in which we are left with just us - a quietness that feels uncomfortable.
But also that the 'needs' kept shouting out in me, feed me, give me sugar, give me movement, give me energy - and that the ability to let these needs flow on and dissipate holds the essence of a Buddhist perspective.
So with every need that I let slide by, I felt a calmness emerge. And at the same time I had some control over my mind. I didn't have to respond to it. And I had, by week one, achieved so much by not having one cup of coffee.
I know that this is just the first step on a new and long winding path, but it is the one that is causing the new paving stones to form.

Besides all this spiritually moving stuff, I have now noticed my skin glowing, my eyes brightening and my mood staying at quite a blissfully content level. I feel more present and the great news is, I am communicating better and being more productive and more creative than in my coffee-fueled state.

So coffee free September! Join in if you like, I'm recruiting!

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September 9, 2007

Designer Dishes

For Anne's 30th birthday party, I got an unlikely urge. To cater!
With such a fine cocktail soiree taking place, one must not overlook the importance of creating digestible delicacies to match.

So with minutes to go before the party was to start, I began to concoct my repertoire. I was seeking entirely new and intriguing recipes of unimagined flavour combinations and surprisingly they came to me almost instantly. Once I pictured my three signature dishes, I scoured the near-closing grocery stores to find the specific ingredients it would take.

Home again, I laboured over the Hors d'œuvre putting as much time into their preparation as I had into their design.

I served up my dishes sans-tupperware, a little risque I know, but I did go to the trouble of hand-writing little signs to give the dishes official titles and thus, the guests, more appreciation of their true inspiration.


Canoes of African babies who have drowned in their own poo
(Celery, peanut butter and sultanas)


Ginger Megs' Bathroom Tiles - When he doesn't mop his floors
(Cruskets with hommus and grated carrot)


Cockroaches devouring coma patients' fingernails
(Milk Arrowroots with Nutella, a half-date and slivered almonds).
For something truly magnificant, replace the date with a slice of prune.
To die for!

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September 3, 2007

Getup Get Pictitiony


This is my personalised portrait/petition for Getup - as part of their Climate Action Now campaign "pictition". It will be presented to world leaders at APEC this Friday.

Are Getup taking a cue from Myspace and Facebook?
(Me mee meeeee and all my friends!)

Well, I think this is a clever way to involve people in the campaign. I've filled in so many online petition forms in my time with no sense of where they've ended up or if they were even sighted by the person I was 'talking' to. At least now I can share more, and creatively. Putting a face / image to the words is not only fun for me, but possibly more engaging for the world leaders. They may be moved more by a group of people looking at them.
It's also integral that a petition is utilised to connect people - to each other, to the cause. It all feels better when you're part of a community that is standing up for something - keeps your knees off the ground.

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