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August 30, 2007

Yet another signwriter fuck up

I think it is a minimum requirement that a signwriter can spell. Actually, make that speak the language in which they write the sign, rather than just 'Donkey'.

I checked throughly and no, it was not some clever pun, the shop did intend it to be 'have'. There seems to be no other explanation other than that the signwriter got distracted half way through his V by a bamboozling blonde and just went "Haaaaaw, check that out".
And we've all made that mistake before, someone is talking about pizza and before you know it you've emailed someone a quote for pizza design....

What I just don't get is how the signwriter just finished his W, picked up his tin of paint and walked away. He didn't take even a moment to gaze upon his finished work and give it the once over 're-read' and think... hang on, just a sec, that doesn't actually make SENSE!


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August 27, 2007

Chapter 2: Shredded Paper gets inside the real Lawley

I'm back again with my bag of shredded paper and our wild adventures.

On RTR FM's Out to Lunch with Laura Miller:


For sale at Ruck Rover:


The view of Laura back-announcing tracks when I went to clean up:


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August 24, 2007

Check out my Babies

In the work of a graphic designer, weeks can go by before experiencing the taste of reward. You make all these incredible things on your computer out of pixels and lines and then you send them through the air to a factory that weaves them into paper and metal and shape. And you wait and you anticipate. And you hope...

Then they get sent straight to the client and you don't see them. Your babies! You just want to hold your babies.
Instead you are left with nothing to show for the weeks spent at the screen.

However, eventually they are returned to you, to hold up to the light, to be opened and unfolded and to share with slightly less interested colleagues.

And so now I get to show you a couple things of beauty that I gave birth to in June.



Country Arts WA's Touring Menu 2008.
A publication for regional communities in WA.



Stuart Williams' exhibition/product catalogue for 'Touching Space'.
A gobo style slide holds the booklet.

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August 20, 2007

Where art thou Nat?

I'm eating cake!


I've had no less than 4 emails in the past half an hour questioning my ok-ness based on a lack of posts. I have been feeling the pressure of publication duty this past week - as though my blog has a responsibility to the reader. If I don't publish, I'll lose you!

I'd like to say I've been too busy eating cake....
but it's a whole bunch of other things that have contributed to silence. Moving office, living and breathing design, applying for a project in china, going on a little holiday, making films and spending time with someone special...

However it simply comes down to a lack of inspiration. It happens. Stress the biggest culprit in my life for killing off anything that could be deemed as a bubble of light. But soon, so soon, I will finish eating my cake, and you will have some too.

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August 7, 2007

Toojay - enough exposure


Between whirring generators, skip bins, port-a-loos, a railway and heaters, this was a moment of tranquility in Toojay where people camped to watch the Avon Descent.

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August 6, 2007

The Colour of Poo

I'm as poopy as poops can be today...


It may not be helped by my sleepless Saturday night spent in a tent of minus degrees in Toojay, made considerably worse by drunk boys pulling the tent down around us, turning us over inside and then sitting on us. Twice.

It may be understandable considering my current situation of being unable to piss, shit or shower at home due to every vessel that water normally goes down, coming up instead.

It may even be expected with two wet and dirty dogs in the house, pulling apart everything once treasured... unaware that they might have us kicked out in the next fortnight.

And it is certainly justifiable as I shift my entire office to a new space, alone, lugging boxes and tabletops, with no goodbyes and no kind gestures. It makes me feel pretty sure that I'm doing the right thing though.

I may only be moving ten metres to the office space next door, but it can be lonely making change by yourself.

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August 1, 2007

Corn chips napped with cheese

and other great mistakes in menu translation....

See full selection at Inflatable Rampage

A good day's work for Liz and I where we try not to stop and question what the hell we're doing... another day, no dollar.

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