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July 30, 2007

On the streets of Europe

I spent most of my time overseas doing Inflatable Rampage style documentary photographs. (Which is still being updated even though we are back home. But don't that let that stop you from continuing to be jealous that we're on holiday and you're not.)

Looking back through my travel photos now, I'm not finding many images that hold up as a great photo in their own right (without gags to back it up!)
It does depend what your objective is when you're taking photographs, I was prioritising content over composition most the time.

Here are three that I do like that don't fit into stories...







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July 25, 2007

My travelling shredded paper


It's not often that you receive a bag of shredded paper that you realise after several finger-dips is actually only full of shredded paper.
There was, however, a less shredded piece of paper with a note from my freedom & pizza buddy, Ilka. She wrote "These bits wanted to meet you and have their photo taken - They are aesthetic to boot and look good in a pile."

Once I dissolved my disappointment of finding no gift beyond the gift itself, I set about taking my new best bag of shredded paper with me to be photographed in the context of my daily life.

This is an ongoing stupidity, so you can look forward to further chapters in the life and times of Nat and her bag of shredded paper.



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July 20, 2007

Crime Scene Investigation

Warning: Content may offend those with a stomach.

With my detective hat on this morning, I strolled into the expansive backyard of Stuart St whereupon I discovered a crime scene beyond anything I have witnessed before in my time as a forensics photographer.


This little fella was called Orange Ted.
Murdered and dumped in a shallow grave, Ted was of such a young age, it is a truly tragic crime.
On initial inspection I discovered blows to both the legs and arms. It also appears that he has been de-intenstined.
A cold blooded murder, it paints a vile picture of the criminal responsible.


The next victim I spotted was a man infamously known as Red 'Devil' Ted.
His blank stare capturing the shock he would have experienced upon meeting his attacker. I suspected a sudden strike to the face as there was a large gouge to his nose, literally splitting him open. Surprisingly, however, the strike left no spillage.
A clean attack, probably a murderer with a track record.


I had the wind taken out of me when I discovered Easter Tea Towel.
The poor thing hadn't even seen one dish in her short life. And here I found her at such a deep stage of decomposition.
I feel unable to describe the victim's body as it causes too much emotional distress.


Then there was the bloodiest crime of the lot,
Red cushion.
Admittedly Red Cushion led a life on the edge, constantly seen roaming around the backyard, some would say that it was only a matter of time.
And here I found him completely deflated with his innards spilling from him.


It didn't take much of a further investigation to discover his innards discarded with wild abandon all over the crime scene. An immense clean up will be in order. Speculation and suspicions run rampant.


I thought that I had reached the end of the line, until I came across Dino. A long time resident to the area, it was surprising to find his body as I believed him to be an immortal being with a skin of rubber. But not to this murderer.
And in a sick final taunt, the writing '$1.00" was discovered on Dino's foot. The insult on his worth intended as a scare tactic.


The day was almost done, having searched the entire yard for any further victims, but on my way out I found this anonymous body, so mutilated that it was beyond identification. So I'll just call him John Dumbo.
I took a swab of saliva from what appeared to be his nose. It's at the lab for DNA analysis.

News Flash


Oscar Castelo Branco was caught fluff-handed, only minutes later - right near the scene of the crime, unable to help himself from returning to where his victims lay.


He has since been detained under the lemon tree until he expresses some remorse for his crimes.

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July 17, 2007

Just Can't Get Enough Delight

In the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul.

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July 16, 2007

A splice of rainbow in a blue and tan world

I always gain a pinch to the heart when I drive past this building with its one multi-coloured window.


It reminds me of the marbles I marvelled over, of puddles on oily roads that I divided with my bicycle tyre, of a rainbow in a stormy grey sky. And it seems so intentional that this one window remains in a set of clean white and blue replicas.

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July 13, 2007

J never was all that good with friendship


I was told it was Pain au Chocolat.

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July 11, 2007

Dreadlocks - 3 cons

After contemplating the aesthetic and intrinsic values to be found in a head of dreadlocks and whether I should or shouldn't take the matted path of hair management, I was hit with the coup de grace:




mmm, I find nothing more pleasurable than fingers running through my hair.


When done correctly....

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