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June 19, 2007

Inflatable Rampage for all to see



My alter (co-joined) ego, Inflatable Rampage Blow by Blow Travel is online now.

Flying in the face of the world at large, Inflatable Rampage is travel photojournalism deprived of its complimentary peanuts and forced into the brace position by two ladies who threw their rose-coloured lenses into the quarantine bin well before takeoff. Most pictures are worth a thousand words; ours are worth about fifty plus some hand gestures.


Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell yourself to visit, to subscribe and help us to feel watched. We like to be watched.

I'll be blowing it up over there for the next few weeks and beyond, but will be back on this blog mid July.

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June 6, 2007



As I sit here with mere hours to go, unpacked, still designing, and still procrastinating by doing such things as blogging and photographing my wall of coffee (visual proof of my state of mind)...

I reflect on the memory of every pre-trip being exactly the same. I remember moving to London in 2000 and sitting amongst a pile of boxes I had just moved home, finding what I needed amongst old diaries and cutlery, I distinctly recall the words of my head shaking, arms crossed mother... "Why on earth do you leave things til the last minute and end up in this ridiculous chaos!" and here I am, 7 years later, but mum can't see me.. harhar!
So I only have my self to reprimand me.

I noticed just before as my workflow was easing up and it looked like an end was in sight that a glimmer of disappointment hit me. What!? It dawned on me that I was actually enjoying this state of stress, this multi coffeeed high, the increased heart rate and dehydration, that in fact I found it fun, and that I didn't really want to go home with time to relax and pack.

So I am addicted to the stress. And I make it worse (ie better) by consuming sugar and caffeine and saying 'yes' to more than I can manage.
I'm a work-slut! oh my god....
This is just a very immediate realisation and one I now plan to beat out of myself with meditation and some om shantis.

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June 4, 2007

Up to his old tricks

For the Oscar-fans:
Here are the tricks Oscar can do!

I'm preparing him for a career as a tv dog, figured he has more chance at fame than I.

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June 2, 2007

Lilac Dancing


My new Melbourne dress by 'Little Potty Red Shoes' deserves some animation.

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Don't you hate it...

... when you lose your passport four days before you're meant to leave the country?


Just another reminder of how messy my life is. I'm up-turning my inbox trays, I'm sifting through unpacked bags from 6 months ago, I'm calling my parents, I'm looking in the many 'sort later' boxes at work.... not one sign of embossed blue....
Guess I'll be travelling as an American (Dad's got that passport on his passport shelf), but it won't let me back into the country.

I can see all members of my family rolling their eyes right now.

But if all things go according to my not-plan of 'everything just works out in the end' then I'll leave on Thursday for the delights of the above three foods' countries of origin..

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