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May 30, 2007

The Highlights of Melbourne


My lean is at such an acute angle that I've just fallen into the idea of buying a place in Melbourne.
My head hurts but I'm very excited now!
Thanks for all your encouragement.

As I'll have to make the decision from Perth, I have established a technique to enable me to know whether the house is in a nice street and what the surroundings are like.
Today dad and I are driving frantically around marking pretty streets (pink) and ugly streets (blue) so that we can know whether it's just a nice house on a crap street.*

Dad has suggested that we spraypaint the streets themselves and view via Google Map, but I thought we might offend people who realise what blue means...

* This map above is a representation only and does not necessarily reflect streets defined as ugly or pretty by me. Any similarities with these streets' aesthetics is merely coincidental.

[current mood] Blowing Gales & 2-3 Coffees a Day

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May 27, 2007

How many Oysters can an Oyster Shucker Shuck?

400 dozen a day.


This man does it at the South Melbourne Markets.

Moving here is on my agenda (again).

I have more acquaintances in Perth than Melbourne
Life in Perth is easy and comfortable - is that a bad thing?
I love shorts and I can't wear them nor enjoy vitamin D
I couldn't eat roast dinner with my family whenever I liked
I'd have to start over with work and re-network

I have more friends in Melbourne than Perth
Life in Perth isn't challenging - I should take a risk
I love scarves and I can actually wear them
I could eat and drink at a different place every night of the year
I'd get pushed into having greater, more unique opportunities

Still undecided, but swaying 40 degrees to a move...

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May 24, 2007

A slide of Kellerberrin


6.30am, Kellerberrin, 2.5 hours east of Perth, Western Australia.
It's minus two degrees.

I lay within my hot air capsule of doonah and mattress, willing my need to wee away, wishing instead to fall back asleep. I couldn't bare the pain of leaving my sanctuary to enter the chilling air.
But soon enough the pain of the other takes over...

I flipped the blankets and shuffled in white socks out the door toward the cold tiled bathroom. On my way back I passed through the frozen living room of the stately Prevatorium and noticed this ghostly window light hitting the asthma stained hospital-green wall.
I chose to stick out another cold minute, and returned to photograph it.

I will suffer for art.

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May 20, 2007

The kids are growing up so fast these days


[current mood] Packing Frenzy & Berocca

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May 18, 2007

Yet another ironic life


Something isn't right with these suburbs. Clean tan buildings with clipped grass and fences containing some neatly cut wildflowers. There isn't enough... life.

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May 17, 2007


I heart FeedBurner

After a blog meet up in which pixels turned into flesh, causing much palpitation, I realised I needed to sort out my subscription thingy.
So I've tidied up the mess and now have it running through Feedburner.
If YOU are one of the handful subscribed - please resubscribe with this link below.

 Subscribe in a reader

And if you want to subscribe, Please do. It will help me feel loved even if you don't comment... and I will keep spewing up these posts. x

You can do this through Bloglines.

"I blog, therefore I am"

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May 16, 2007

Psychic Inspired Method of Absorption


A psychic once asked me, "Do you keep all of your diaries in your bedside table?"
She said I was carrying all that weight with me because I literally kept them so close.
Indeed I had been keeping diaries since I was 7 years old and they all lived next to my bed. So, I went home and tore them all up, pored tears onto them and released all of the past. Was mighty intense!

And so I was thinking, as I have no time to read, (too busy using Flickr) that I would put all the books I want to read next to my head when I sleep and surely absorb their contents too.

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May 14, 2007

Self Portraits in the Bedroom (woo woo)



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May 13, 2007

Top dog


Back by popular demand (Really! They are pulling me over in the pub and asking where "Sunday's with Oscar" are!)
I'm gonna make it fortnightly Sundays so I don't turn this into his blog. His ego is too big already.

Oscar has become top dog. If he wants to eat Kingston's food, he can.
Kingston understands his lower rank.
It also works out well for Oscar (who doesn't think we've noticed his tactics).
He plays all sweet and innocent by letting Kingston find the treasures and only then will Oscar give him the 'hand it over' look.

So when we find Oscar with something in his mouth, we're not sure who to blame...
Today Oscar vomited up corn cobs - I think that was induced by bad karma.

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First day with Ricoh GR

In preparation for an overseas adventure I bought the Ricoh GR camera - known as 'the professional's compact digital'. I took it with me today for a test drive.
It got me thinking about the difference between photographing something beautiful which in essence is true documentary. (Relies on seeing and feeling and looking) VS The real zazazoo finding of something more than what's there.( A fleeting moment perhaps or a new perspective.) This might mean patience or timing or creativity.

It's this second one that I aim for because I'm becoming tired of just photographing the beautiful. It has to be better than that.

So, Ricoh and I went on a short walk.
These are not examples of my idea of great photography (ahh! hard to follow up my ideals with images) but instead just a little tour of my Sunday morning.


I had 20 minutes until my lift arrived so I walked down the street looking for inspiration. Then saw the gate to a property for sale. I knew no one was living there so I pushed my way in. And I was welcomed in mosaic.


I looked around at the mess of a garden for something, anything unusual or special. This is the only view I found that caught my eye. I think it's okay if there isn't always something to photograph. It doesn't mean I'm a crap photographer, I can accept that there is no inspiration.
Technically, I felt limited by the camera's fixed wide angle lens. It makes the view feel 'cheaper' by distortion. I started thinking it's a camera for photo-journalism, travel and people. Not this.


I wandered down the side and wasn't seeing anything worth a shot. The Ricoh also has a fixed f-stop so I can't choose to have a long depth of field, it's always at 2.4 which is very short. Maybe a limitation I have to work with, and choose the right subject for, not force into being my everything.
(A bit like people hey.)


Then I found a mirror on the ground that I photographed in various ways and eventually plonked myself in front of, quite wary of neighbours finding me in such a compromised position. Thought about how I'm wearing a lot of black lately - and here I resemble a cat.


Well, it was time to get my lift so I raced out to jump on the back of Chris's bike. I wore my Vietnamese hill tribe boy's jacket - not quite adequate protection from more than just wind. But to have a scarf floating in the wind and little bell buttons tinkling is a far more stylish way to ride pillion.
Note how wide this lens is because I can photograph myself on a motorbike without distortion!


I did envisage myself accidentally dropping my new camera off the side at high speed and so I chose a lap-safe angle.


We arrived at Tarts Cafe for a little business but mostly pleasure.
This was before Chris shooed me away. The camera appears to work great at low and unusual angles.


Then, as is often best after Tarts, a stroll around Hyde Park. Mid life-disassembly, we discovered the old jetty that usually lives under the water. But the water is so low right now that I was able to walk out on the jetty and take away images of leaves and reflections.
If I could have one tree it would be a Liquidamber.


This photograph reminds me of the first photograph I ever took - down in Riverview, Sydney when I was 13. I'm still drawn to exactly the same things. Water and leaves...

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May 10, 2007

Slightly Dying Flower


Flowers die too quickly when you cut them from their source.
Not the greatest gift I think. A strange waste of beauty - packaging something stolen in some plastic to place in a vase that you only glimpse at when passing by.
Next time you look you see its leaves curling brown around the rim and the petals rotting and crimped.
I leave them for weeks as rotting flowers just to get some 'use' out of them.

Go the pot plants!

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May 9, 2007

Buying for neccessity


I try to only buy items of clothing when necessary because I am all too aware of the fleeting enjoyment experienced from a new top, once it goes through that first wash it loses not only it's elasticity, texture and size, but its desirability.
But sometimes a girl has to trick herself...
So what ya do is, turn up to work in something so unattractive that you feel too embarrassed to even step outside the building to get lunch.
So you sneak up the back alley and straight into a clothing shop and explain that you HAVE to replace the top you are wearing, in order to eat.
It's completely a necessary purchase.
Here is today's basic need top from Ruck Rover which is owned by self proclaimed noggin head - Isabelle. Although I think she has a lovely sized head.

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May 4, 2007

If only people were a little more like hard drives


At first I was offended at the suggestion to eject myself, but thought better of it when I discovered I could also create a duplicate.
If you want to understand me, just get more info.

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May 2, 2007

Either Oscar is getting bigger or I'm getting smaller


Oscar and I are becoming the best of friends. The more time we spend together the more we understand what each other is about.
Oscar has recently learnt how to shake my hand (for an almond of course) and to pee on command. This is seriously the best dog I could have asked for.
I'm going to teach him 101 dog tricks and then create a comedy show out of it by subtly dropping in the cues or hand signals as part of the story. (Warning, this may not happen so don't book your tickets quite yet).

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