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April 30, 2007

We decided to make a documentary tonight


Liz turned up at my house with a 'red eye'. We decided it was more than that. It looked lumpy. It kind of hurt. Let's go to the pharmacy. Hey, let's make a documentary, in case it's really bad.


At the pharmacy Philip did not quell our fears by suggesting we go to the hospital. It didn't look good.


We arrived at Royal Perth and waited as instructed behind the blue line until the nurse was ready for us.


The nurse was very shortly ready and he made a few suggestions for a quicker examination.


Look, just head over to the GP and if he says it will cost you $60 come back. Otherwise he will bulk bill.


So what you're saying is, if I word it right, I'll be seen immediately and for free.


We walk away from the hospital in relief. This is turning out to be a shorter night than expected. We can soon return to our beer.


The GP waiting room is empty. We're first in line.


But Liz doesn't have her Medicare card and has to 'phone a friend'.


He gets it right and she can fill out her form (and not pretend to be me). She can now see the doctor as Liz.


Tick tick. I'll show you my boobs if you sign this form. Sigh. Desperate Housewives.


Nat reads some pamphlets to kill the time.


Liz returns to find Nat asleep on the comfortable seating.
"So! What happened?"
"Sorry, they wouldn't let you come in to take photos."
"No, I meant the eye. What happened with the eye?"
"Oh, It's fine."
"What is it then?"
"Just some thing that rhymes with glaucoma and similar to conjunctivitis. hmm."


So we head back to the car and homeward.


Bye Nat, thanks for your help and the beer.


Yeah thanks Liz, next time let's find something a bit more life threatening so we have a decent documentary.

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April 29, 2007

I tried really hard. I did.

Sunday afternoon at home...
I discovered the well expressed blog of Tom M Wilson. It had me both taken and irritated. It's wonderful to read the voice of my inner feelings yet frustrating to feel inferior to the references and intellect. I was going to write to him, but decided against it due to the latter. I then started reading Patrick Pittman's latest post. Once again I both marvelled and recoiled at his ability to pile together names of writers I'd never heard of with a knowingness and inter-referencing far beyond me. I plodded away from the computer and towards a bookshelf.
I grabbed one of a hundred unread books and decided on this drizzly, nearing winter, afternoon that I would read it and that it would give birth to a brilliant blog post.

So I proudly curled up in the corner of the sofa with my latte and opened up the introduction to Richard Heinburg's 'Powder Down' - Options and actions for a post-carbon world. Finally, here I was - reading. How wonderful it felt, to be nestled in a warm room with shoes off about to embark on a mind opening read. Yes, today I am going to read the whole thing.
"Hey E, look! I'm going to sit back and read this book today".
"Oh, I got some dvds."
"Don't distract me, today I'm reading. I can't watch movies! I'm then going to write an intelligent post about it. It might start with 'This book was given to me by the inspirational Jo Valentine, previously a Greens Senator and Anti Nuclear campaigner'... and more smart stuff... yeah..."

hmm, I'll just call Oscar over to sit at my feet... "C'mon. Up! Up! Get Up! C'mon.. Up!"
Oh fuckit, I reach over and lift him up.
Mmmm, very comfortable now. I start reading. After a few words in, I look over at Oscar. So cute the way his head has fallen between two cushions and his little nose is poking out. Awww. Love ya.
Okay, back to the first sentence.. and in another few words my mind moves on to visions of Oscar is stripy socks... yes, I might sew him some socks after I read this book.
I re-read that part without absorbing any of it as I'm still envisaging Oscar in a set of yellow and white leg warmers.. oh, something about natural gas supply in North America.
Hey, maybe I already know this information from the conversations I've had with people and 'An Inconvienient Truth'... so do I HAVE to read it? Yeah I want to. I'm certain it will give me great facts for future conversations. Keep reading. Another sentance...
"Hey E, I keep thinking about making Oscar some socks and can't concentrate on this book".
"Make Oscar some socks if that's what you want to do."
*Ponder the concept of doing what I actually want to do...*

"Yes, I'll go do that."
And there I found the answer to happiness.
Do what you want to do and the rest will follow...

So here is my post about a Post-Carbon future...


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April 27, 2007

Seedpod Sweat Shop




There is a little sweat shop in Maylands where the girl sits up all night sewing Seedpod cards. She folds each card individually, inserting precisely 6 seeds. She then folds it over and stitches a neat border around the logo to seal it shut.
She averages around 40 an hour.

One Seedpod customer said she could feel the 'charge' of the card. The intention was clear because of the energy put into its creation.
It truly is worth it...
I tell her.

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April 25, 2007

Panda and Rabbit


The fish in my bowl's only got one eye.

My sister gave me this goldfish for Christmas.
She christened him 'Panda': "As he only has one eye, I thought no one else would have him and as you like to 'save the pandas' you should own him."
A little convoluted but I think I get it.
I thought I'd give Panda a friend and found a two-eyed fellow.
I've named him 'Rabbit'.
Can you work that one out?


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April 23, 2007

Image Making


I'm back on the camera after quite some absense.

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April 21, 2007

My friend Catherine

Catherine is one of my best best friends.
She is also very good at procrastinating.
I showed her Mac's Photobooth and this gave her plenty of distraction when we both came into the office to 'work' on Saturday.

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April 18, 2007

Where Space and Time Collide


Where few have ventured unless armed with tins of spray or taking a puppy for a pee.
A gap between buildings, a colourful explosion.
A temporary space before development takes over.
Time is on our side due to council delays in construction.


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April 15, 2007

Seven Signs of Nat Stress

Figure 1. Loss of creativity and thought.

Figure 2. Disconnection of eyeballs from sockets, only reconnected temporarily via latte.

Figure 3. Anger distributed in all directions.

Figure 4. Cessation of all exercise. Loss of elasticity.

Figure 5. Accumulation of paper & food scraps

Figure 6. Denial and short lived merriment.

Figure 7. Recurrent Insomnis.

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April 13, 2007

It's a cover-off!

It's become an unintentional cover-off between myself (for Drum) and the photographer Carine Thevenau (representing Xpress).


First up it was the WAM cover in which we utilised all members of Eskimo Joe between us, Drum going for wacky and playful and Xpress going for a Logies send-up with not much goof.


Then this week, it was front-to-front with the In The Pines promo, in which the rather sneaky Storm (Sex Panther) and Abbe May moonlight by appearing on both covers! Was it an in-joke? Was it innocent? Will we ever know?
But as you can see, Drum went for the more eery serious tone this time whilst Xpress tied Peter Barr up and had storm playing evil Eve... I like!

Did we intentionally swap styles? I know I wanted to try something different and perhaps Carine did too.

It's all on with the challenge of appearing like the better mag...

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April 10, 2007

Palette for Yellow

Click for the close up:

I was going to do red, but found myself drawn to yellow, so ran with that. It was an overcast morning, just after rain, so the yellows stood out like a glimpse of sunshine.

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April 4, 2007

Interaction Time!


It's been too long since I wandered through the streets with my camera.
I need your help!!
I'd like to develop a list of things to search for each day as I walk to work.
I was thinking of individual colours, like red one day, then purple, then yellow.... I could do this.. But perhaps you can think of other themes for me to go image-searching for. Could be quite obscure, literal or conceptual.
Then I'll spend one day on each and build a little palette of my favourites.

The one above is Janelle Cugley's photos from Melbourne that I made into a palette for her last year. It's just a snippet of a massive one!....


So please comment and give me some inspiration.

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A kind of date

A date with a stranger that comprises trust (having your life in the others hand), lots of sweat, looking at each others ass a lot,... sort of covers a whole bunch of ground quite quickly.

I went indoor rock climbing for the first time and I really loved it!
I accomplished level 16 (goes from approx 12-30). My hands are still red.
I do like residual pain from physical exertion.

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April 2, 2007

The Price of Puppies

The destruction bill so far
7 cushions
1 basket
1 cat flap (now dog hole)
5 palms
9 pot plants
1 yellow pages
1 skirting board
1 lawn (now dirt patch with holes)
1 fence (attempt to protect lawn)
1 bra
1 teatowel
1 thong
1 bottle of wine

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