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March 28, 2007

Dedicated to Procrastination

I watch myself, but I just can't stop myself from not doing work.

Today's highlights in a long list of procrastination activities:
I asked Ken to take a photo of the pimple on my forehead but first to draw a circle around it and stick a post it note to me with an arrow pointing at it. (Of course).
After seeing this photo and how bad my hair looks, I decided to cut myself a fringe.
I then researched fringe haircuts and printed these out to take home.
I cut my hair in the bathroom, in stages.
I took photos of my haircut.
I looked further on the internet at fringe haircuts for future reference.
I wrote this blog post about my procrastination.


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Gift from A Stranger


I'm sending him some seeds in a seedpod card.
He sent me a seedpod desktop as thanks.
I think that is real sweet.

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March 27, 2007

Design Happy Ending


It comes flat in a DL holder or envelope and then you make it into a little house for your desk. It's reiterating the message of providing a service for those at risk of homelessness. The ink drawings came from a workshop I ran with Mirrabooka Senior High kids.


Jason kindly let me do whatever I wanted for his CD 'Chasing Ghosts'. We shot images around my house and my friend Liz's. And then proceeded to collage it all up in a wintery yet warm interplay of nature and home. Not one ghost to be seen. It's all in the metaphors...

As a graphic designer, you finish a job and send it away for printing. Bon Voyage!
There is a time then of waiting and anticipation as your final work is dependant on the printer.
Will it look as good as I imagine? Will the printing enhance my work, giving it life? Or will it disappoint me (and the client)?
There is a little risk, things can always go wrong.... mistakes become bleeding obvious, printers chop things crooked or colours come out weak. Doesn't seem to matter how long I do this for, it doesn't get any more relaxed.

Today I had the pleasure of finding no mistakes on these two jobs.
And so I sigh that another job has come and gone and I have these images to share.

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March 26, 2007

Leaving Uluru



I'm back now.
It's hard to take untouristy shots in a touristy place. But if you're too snobby about it, you won't take any shots at all.

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One of us has had a haircut


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March 23, 2007

I see a painting

Van Gogh was inspired by a landscape and painted an impression of it.
I was inspired by a landscape that looked like a Van Gogh painting.
Another realm exists when life imitates art which imitates life.

Van Gogh's "Peach Tree".
We had this as a jigsaw puzzle as kids.


Base of Ayers Rock


The greens that made it to life around Ayers Rock were truly iridescent especially in contrast with all the ochre stained textures. This shadow side of the rock held a different kind of magic. The burnt spinifex clumps in sandy earth created an eery feeling at the base of towering stone. I was walking it alone and was amazed that not a person was in sight for most of my 9km walk. I love that this can happen, in such a people-flooded world I can still find myself alone in an amazing space.

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March 22, 2007

3 times and you Never Leave

They say that if you see that Todd River in Alice Springs flow 3 times, you'll never leave.
Some avoid looking. Just in case. It's been flowing something chronic lately.

Here are some of my images of scuttling around a rainy Alice Springs
between hotel wall gazing.

Now my camera crunches as I focus.




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March 19, 2007

A Town Called Alice

I can't get that song out of my head.
Okay, just realised that it is a town called Malice, but anyway,..

I do love views from planes, not just the macro going micro but the simplification of colour schemes. All trees look the same shade of green. Strange.
This image made me gasp so I took it home with me.

Tonight I write from a leather lounge with piano accompanied Billy Joel covers in the distance. I'm drinking wine and wondering about this artificial environment set up by the Westfield baby-company 'Voyages' who owns all the tourism at Ayers Rock. It's a case of different logos to attract different markets but all roads lead to the same money bag.
The resort is grossly lacking in anything natural, I feel like I'm wandering around some 3 dimensional stationery. All tri-ochre coloured with the same type and format. Why did the government give this one company such rights? I feel stupid being here.

Anyway, I've snuck away from 'Pioneer Lodge' to 'Sails in the Desert' to get my wireless and organic wine. I'm not in the mood to socialise with backpackers...
I like how comfortably alone I feel in the rich resort than in the one with my peers...

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March 15, 2007

I have a boring question for you

The trick to making a boring day a little better
is to ask your questions a little more creatively.
"Which cable does the projector need for my workshop in Alice Springs?"


I'll be in touch with views of NT next!

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Untitled 2

Playing with your shadow side
Makes you feel alive


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March 13, 2007


View from my room
Lovely in the afternoon


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March 12, 2007

My favourite subject: Me!


Click for closer look.

Why deny that I am self obsessed?!

So I dedicated myself to the task -
every day, same wall in the office, a photo of me.

I thought it might tell me something.
Like how much my appearance can change from day to day.
Or do I go through colour phases? according to the weather or the moon.

All I get out of this is slightly freaked - seeing myself repeated - over time yet all at once.

If I could set up my proper camera on a tripod under decent lighting and could do this for a year, then I think it might be more informative about patterns....
But I gave up after17 days. A bit like yoga.

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March 11, 2007

Red Wine (and Oscar) Sunday

A little Sunday Oscar.....

(and not quite enough in between, but alas, I best keep up my commitment)


I'm always coming up with ideas for Sunday gatherings. Jam making, music swapping and french lessons..... but finally I pulled one off...
I sent an email around and posed the question - "What food goes with red wine?" and invited people to come over with their idea of the perfect dish.
I provided the vino.
We made our way through Merlot, Cab Sav, Shiraz and Pinot Noir....
As well as canelloni, mushroom pasta, vege kebabs, dark chocolate, halva and quiche...
I am sure I tested the most of all and thus spun the most shite about berries, oak and spice.

I accompanied the evening with a collection of 'latino' completely cover-judged (bought today in 5 minutes at JB hifi) with no knowledge what so ever. Suprising success in that department.

So, there we were - I felt like we were finally the adults table.


And the kids...well, they ran around our feet in hyper activity and eventually collapsed at the kids table...


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March 5, 2007

A Tiny Excerpt

One palm pushes on your chest
The other hand is clenched
My neck is taut
My jaw is locked
What you're experiencing
I am not
It's not playing hard to get
I am telling you
I do not want to be got

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Oscar the Schmoo

After a brief delay, I bring you Sundays with Oscar the Portuguese Water Dog!
I have even started a whole new category, so as to legitimately incorporate this schmultzy aspect of the journal.


Last night Oscar had his first glimpse of the ocean. Crashing dark waves meant he dug his nails into my shoulder and kept approximately 2 metres from foam at all times. He looked like a repelling magnet the way he kept his distance. So instead of swimming, the three of us played pouncing chasy puppy games on the shore under the spotlight moon. Oscar was in 'digging hole heaven' and we sat back with wine and played sand-sculpture mr squiggle. Was probably the best night in a couple months. Simple.


I found it really bizarre that I was able to make a puppy poem out of magnetic poetry normally destined for seedy sexy wordplay. Should I be concerned that dog vocabulary and sex share the same words?


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March 1, 2007


... you make me laugh.

This is the third windiest city. This is a hot dry open sky. Meet climate change this summer.


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