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February 10, 2007

Why you love gloss


Some designers only dream about using uv gloss spot varnish....
FORM see it as a design priority!
They allowed me to drip it over the invitation design for the Port Hedland's new precinct launch.
The recipients have described them as "beautiful".

The gloss causes you to take the brochure in your hands, run your fingers across its surface, over the gloss pieces woven through flat matt. You gently angle it towards the light. The invite gets more eye-time than just flat colour.

I've been pondering why shine & reflection are such beautiful things to the human eye.
Is it their proximity to water? - An element of life (and 90% of our body).
Because it reflects a source of light, the sun? - Our god.

Does it explain why we like eyes - glossy and watery, reflecting.
Why we like precious metals and stones... they glitter & sparkle.

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