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January 22, 2007

I'm Having a Puppy

Sweet little Oscar doesn't come home to me for 2 weeks, so I have to look at his photo whenever I get a craving, I fall more in love with him with every glimpse! I feel that googly excitement of when I first start dating someone, funny tummy, can't wait to see them, distracted by the thought.
Maybe this blog will turn into an Oscar-blog... hmm. okay, maybe just a monthly update.. or as Bec was telling me, like the political blog she reads which posts a photo of his cat on Sundays.

Well, Quite unexpectedly, my family are behaving like I'm having a baby!
Oscar is a new member of the family my mum says, dad is impressed with my choice of breed and my sister has offered to 'sit' him and claims I stole her future dog's name! My brother just grunted as most 23 year old boys do...
Well, for the rest of them, this comes in shocking contrast with the years they spent tut-tutting me on the idea. "Do you realise the responsibility? The committment??" To them (including my younger sister) I am still the 20 year old they once knew who can't be relied on to wash a dish, let alone walk a dog.
(They forget that I have run my own company for 6 years).

But it looks like the 'not running it by them' approach has worked, just go about it confidently, independently and send them his photo via text message as a cheeky introduction.


Here is my latest paid shoot.
For Birds of Tokyo.
It is so hard to find unique locations in Perth for band shoots. We do lack cool dives, old facades and wacky locations. You gotta have some kind of access that others don't so it feels special or mysterious. I need to go scouting and build up a stockpile to offer to musos or models.
This shot was done in Tiger Lils. Newly decked out with lanterns ahoy. They had some auto-changing coloured lights which created a range of different hues on their faces.

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Posted by natalija at January 22, 2007 5:49 PM


In terms of places for photo-shoots: there's a long, drippy green limestone wall around the back of the mechanics' district in Subiaco, there's an old TV repair shop near our house that has a massive pile of dead televisions which could make for a funky backdrop, there's a great aquarium in Palmyra with line upon line of tanks with crazy tropical fish in them, there's a secondhand gates-yard in Freo with lots of wrought iron and dust ... I will start a list for you!

Posted by: bec at January 28, 2007 3:08 PM

Awesome Bec!
I'll pay you to be my location scout.
Pay you in long blacks...

btw.... I see your 'weekends only' rule got broken last week? ah ha!

Posted by: Nat at January 28, 2007 8:22 PM

I'm all excuses; it had been a long and late night the night before. I'm back on the wagon (tea) now.

Posted by: bec at January 28, 2007 9:51 PM

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