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December 11, 2006

Design challenge

How to get these 10 hyperactive teenage boys to "to engage in artistic exercises that will produce designs and language which will best describe the Newly Arrived Youth Support Services program in a youth friendly way."


Combine this with attempts to bash down the door from other Mirrabooka highschool kids, pizza and soccer balls... and soon enough that passion for teaching youth becomes a questionable dream!

But behind all the goofery was a set of sweet hearts.
Once you get their heart beats down a few notches you can certainly see through to their innocence.
(Scary that some kids I've met make it very hard to think they're not sinister beings.)

The results of image-making around the theme of family was a lovely juxtaposition to their boyish antics. Love hearts and nature! I can't get enough of young people's drawings of things - before they've taken the bland-pill... creating the "proper perspective" and "sensible" approach!
If only it weren't child-labour for me to start a range of designed items based on their art. hmm. will look up the law on that... maybe without the factory it would be okay.

Here are some outcomes of imagery I will utilise to create the final brochure:

And of course - a moment of quiet....

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