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December 21, 2006

A Little Christmas Comeback

I made myself into an elf
for a quick xmas message to friends.

Dave Cutbush wrote back and said he had already received it 3 times and expected more originality from me.

So I combined him with a turd.


Ken, next to me, then made a caricature of Dave as another reply.


Dave is sufficiently pleased.

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December 14, 2006

Design Specials



I was down at the old British cafe, in Highgate (soon to be a new eco conscious cafe Source Foods, sorry to the sausage with baked beans lovers). I was meeting with the new peeps who were discarding old bits, they offered me a giant box of straws which I declined, but I did take them up on the spare blackboard.
It's hard to say no to something you can write on.

So I got chatting with Ken (Non-Drowsy) and we came up with these design-house specialities.

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December 11, 2006

Design challenge

How to get these 10 hyperactive teenage boys to "to engage in artistic exercises that will produce designs and language which will best describe the Newly Arrived Youth Support Services program in a youth friendly way."


Combine this with attempts to bash down the door from other Mirrabooka highschool kids, pizza and soccer balls... and soon enough that passion for teaching youth becomes a questionable dream!

But behind all the goofery was a set of sweet hearts.
Once you get their heart beats down a few notches you can certainly see through to their innocence.
(Scary that some kids I've met make it very hard to think they're not sinister beings.)

The results of image-making around the theme of family was a lovely juxtaposition to their boyish antics. Love hearts and nature! I can't get enough of young people's drawings of things - before they've taken the bland-pill... creating the "proper perspective" and "sensible" approach!
If only it weren't child-labour for me to start a range of designed items based on their art. hmm. will look up the law on that... maybe without the factory it would be okay.

Here are some outcomes of imagery I will utilise to create the final brochure:

And of course - a moment of quiet....

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December 1, 2006

Water Walk

Long time no blog Nat! Yeah, well I have been living out of boxes alright, I lost my card reader, can't even find my underwear, so blog dropped off priority list whilst I transferred contents of apartment to nice new house...
but I'm back yay! I found my card reader in the boot of the car at the bottom of a bag.

Perdita Phillips is doing a residency at PICA at the moment. She is doing walks in all sorts of places. I decided to come along when she was looking at a small area of Northbridge around Money St that once was 'Lake Thomson'. That was around 1829.
It's just one of many swamps that filled the area and can you imagine the wilderness that was right in the heart of the city.
I did this walk to the theme of water. Observations, things that I spotted that linked to the theme in some way. I found virtually no signs of fauna - once again us city dwellers like to believe we are not animal, vegetable or mineral, instead that somehow we exist in some other dimension!
And nature just continues to fade away all around us. My current question is whether to fight for it, or run away to the hills and simply enjoy it.


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