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November 23, 2006

Head case



I have been too busy being a self-inflicted butt of many jokes.
First for xmas drinks invitation, the theme is 'decorate yourself'
and second for a client who thought I had an antennae because of my intuition with her

Here are some design forecasts by Nat:

Cool minty colours
Rich royal tones in purple and green
Light and Air

Heavy textures
Rainbow Colours

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November 16, 2006

Breaking the silence of 3 days

Irony is
Burning your hand with boiling hot chamomile tea.
(and the reaction that ensues)

Great Design is
When people work together.
One inspires the other who inturn inspires them. Each takes a thought a step further until they've reached a place they never would have discovered alone.

This image is care of Frans - with photography and art direction by me.
It's for Jason Ayres upcoming CD - if he digs it!


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November 13, 2006

Half Eleven Sunday


Last night after photoshoot.
The image was just there in front of me.

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November 11, 2006

Kalli Shoot


Unedited image possibly for use on CD Cover for Kalli.

I've established an awesome girl team for photoshoots.
Today we worked with a girl called Kalli. She is releasing her debut EP shortly which I'm designing.
We submerged her in a paddle pool to get the watery hair effect and two tone top. And we had Liz working tooth and nail (quite literally) to hold down the sequin material whilst Narelle positioned the reflector and tweeked Kalli and I stood on both a banana lounge and stool leaning over her head to get the shots.

I like that once the photo is there no one knows all the chaos going on just outside the edges.

Here out the outtakes. Click for closer inspection.

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November 10, 2006

Clash is the new black


The current underlying fashion-based belief on aesthetics:
The more you can pull off 'ugly', the more beautiful and cool you are.

It's all in the clash, the wrong combinations, breaking the rules and showing how you can still make 'wrong' right!
Of course it is all still within a certain schema, you can get the wrong, wrong.

It seems to be some kind of dare started by fashionistas and models... I pondered whilst looking in the window at tshirt dresses in canary yellow with pink and blue geometric patterns. How did the zeitgeist come to be a belief of ugly? How did ugly become cool this year?

This of course ties in with the re-love of the 80s. Mostly taken on by those born in the 90s. It's above-waist belts, footless tights, neon makeup and teased hair... ok, the more sexy interpretations of the 80s. With some prettier girls taking on the uglier side just to show off.
To those girls,
I dare you to spend a day in the conveniently forgotten 80s fashion:
A stonewash denim jacket, stirrup pants, a scrunchie in your hair and shoulder pads.
Then walk up and down King St and see if you get a nod.
If you can pull it off, you must be extremely HOT.

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November 8, 2006

Monday's Children

liz_nature2.jpg nat_nature2.jpg

liz_spin2.jpg nat_spin.jpg

liz_doll.jpg nat_doll.jpg

1080 AM radio caused me analyse the content of the song 'Girls just wanna have Fun' today. Do girls want to have fun more so than boys? Is it in our nature to actually want to play more? Liz and I are taking fun by the balls right now. It's ensuring a flourishing of creativity and productivity. We've left all talk and planning at the coffee table, and are spending weekdays wetting our pants with laughter in Kings Park.
I must assure my clients that it is in turn benefiting their work. You have to live in order to design well!


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November 4, 2006

Photo Essay on Change


The three consistent ways I deal with the need to enforce change:

Colour, Cut and Cook

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A slither of Saturday


The self saboteur comes forth again.
Just climbed up the hill from last Saturday night and in blissful sparkles I consumed myself back down the hill again last night.
Heading home on my pink racer, silently sifting through the suburban lives. It feels different today. Is it the day of the week? The weather? My mood? My childhood is recalled through the snow-like fallen jacarandah and I know something new about myself.

Arriving home I switch off every power point, creating an energy-free house. Completely - when you add me to the picture.
I un-avoid my plants and water them.
I read someone's blog and remember seeing them writing it.
I contemplate others obtuse romantic writings which highlights ones mental evolution and hides the flaws and fears from criticism. Creating a world of cool around them that works because people buy it.
I am trying not to buy it. I am trying to fly solo and never look at my reflection. I'll project my emotions and my heart, rather than an image, paperthin and ready to crack.

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