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October 31, 2006

Story of my life


I hear my self saying the same phrases in my head - a lot - and at peculiar moments.
One of the common ones is "This is the story of my life".
After peering into the work-fridge this morning to find yet another punnet of mouldy strawberries and decaying fruit, the statement entered my mind yet again.

Is it the self-promise of good health ignored in favour of other desires?
Half baked ideas that went stale through laziness and distraction?
Wasted opportunities that haunt me?

I dip into disappointment as I throw these old fruits away... and wonder if it will ever change.

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October 30, 2006

Now the old blokes are finding me

I was standing on weeds in someone's yard taking a photograph of a twiggy tree when a man spoke with an accent from the footpath. I looked over and he was posed like that bird stance in The Karate Kid.
I was followed for the entire journey to work by this man, he talked continuously a third in French, third Italian, third English and some sporadic German. I practiced my French. I guessed his age quite accurately as I tend to do. 65 I guessed. He's 68.
He has been surrounded by women all his life - he had multiple women in multiple cities.
His younger sister died at 8 months of age when he took her out into the cold winter for a walk.
He recently bought his mother a beautiful silk dress, jewellry and a cartier watch.
He believes all but 4 languages should be disposed of in a rubbish bin. Including Italian and English.
7 out of 10 women say yes when he goes up to them and asks to kiss them.

As much as I am curious about old men (see previous post) there comes a point of irritation. Not all old blokes... But the ones that don't stop for breath, don't let you walk away when you say goodbye, who keep showing you their passport photograph and saying do they really look that bad? And then insist on getting your PO box address so they can send you a postcard from Paris.
That bit was okay.

And the photo doesn't do Capone justice.

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October 27, 2006

I love wrinkly blokes


I decided after days of head breaking construction work both in the apartment below me and in the doorway at work that I would avoid it all by taking a day off.
A weekday off feels completely different to me compared with a weekend day.
I think this may be the secret to me feeling inundated with possibilities... on a weekend I go blank and it seems too hard where as on a weekday I'm cheeky, I'm free and I can do anything! Suddenly inspiration is back.

Yesterday Liz and I went on a wee sojourn that involved multiple lattes, salty love (that'd be the ocean not each other), shell collecting and then I veered off into Maylands to spy antiques.
I could pore over the tidbits in that locked cabinet for hours.

I was in that rare sunny mood to talk with strangers in shops and smile at people on the street.
So it was a chance to further explore my overwhelming bittersweet love of old men...
Something about these old blokes takes me on a journey from warm love to despairing crying. It's one of the most powerful emotions I've had to date - possibly because I don't fully undertand why it hits me the way it does.

By way of trying to understand it: At first I am aesthetically drawn to their curious and flawed faces, their stance, their old world oddity. Then I'm absorbed by their innate kindness, calmness, their non-sexual sweetness... the pleasure they have in chatting with me for an endless time.
But then I begin to mourn their imminent death. It makes me love them all the more - I want to reach out to them, savour their days with them, treasure their beauty, be that beautiful.
And with them I am beautiful. They don't judge on the same crock of criteria as the rest of this society. And I don't judge back.
So for a moment we are kind and that feels too rare.

I was glad to think at the end of my day off that at least I have named a new passion... Old men.

My way to address this is through photography rather than counselling.
I am now going to start by meeting all the old men of Maylands...
I'll give them an ear and let them share their life of knowledge with me.
And then find an image in it.

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October 24, 2006

The best design jobs


The best design jobs are those that:

Get the nickname 'Wooly Mammoth'.
Have you bond with new people who become new friends.
Give you budgets that allow you to create design beyond neccessity like extra parts that weave through the cover.
Finish with celebratory drinks for all involved.

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October 20, 2006

Kid in 'Adult' Candy Store

The new kid in the candy store is me at Antonio's Fresh Continental Store!

I walked around the aisles just for fun yesterday prodding the organic pastas, considering the purchase of a jar of gerkins and accidentally spilling hundreds and thousands on the ground after tipping the box upside down.

Today I went in for some more guilty pleasure and this time I decided to purchase something - quince paste and nougat.

Then i pressed the little bear in a skirt that said 'press here' and it started dancing and singing.
I smiled my head off as my face went a mild shade of red.
It was doing an Italian jig and I wanted to buy it to share with my friends but I realised it was the service bell when a lady asked if I needed help.

I think I need help!


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October 18, 2006

Post work trauma

Last night was one of those ones where I strut about my apartment wondering what people do with themselves after work.
Why am I lost for ideas I wonder... oh god, do I have any interests?
I can't remember anything.
Maybe I've made 'work' out of all my 'fun'.

I want to have some fun!

All I could come up with was cup cakes.

I've decided to make a big list on my wall of all the things I wish I was doing when I'm at work so I can remember them when I get home.


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October 17, 2006

I catch memes


My energy walls are very porous and I catch things easily.

I try to be an individual but often find myself obsessing about a common thing...
Here are the memes I have caught lately:

White furniture
Carpal Tunnel

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Pirate spotted in Mount Lawley

Liz realised as she walked out the door today that she in fact looked very similar to a pirate.
I decided it was necessary to catch this accident on camera.

I think the clinching point was the parrot pinata head she ripped out of a small child's birthday party and accessorised with.

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October 13, 2006

I love opening mail

She sent me clippings of inspiration.
Thanks Emma!


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Just do this one thing today

To quote my friend Bec -
The frogs in South America are sweating and the polar bears in the ice caps are drowning.
Things are looking pretty goddamn dire for the weather-refugees.

I've recently been put on to 'Green-Fleet', a not for profit operating out of the Eastern States that allows you register your car (and other things, including your air-miles if you so desire), and render it carbon-neutral. For $40 for an average car Green Fleet will plant a veritable forest of native trees to absorb your quotient of emissions (they employ scouts to do the planting).

Think of it like a little bit extra on your standard licencing and third party insurance every year. It isn't the answer to the climate-fever the world over, but I think it's a step in the right direction. Tell your mates, register a car as a gift, go to their site;



And some other things I've felt like posting but haven't because of the blog's 'theme',
but you can't make art in a world that doesn't exist,
and you don't have time to be creative when you're just focused on getting a fresh gulp of air.

An Inconvienient Truth - Get your parents to watch it. Ask them to change FOR YOU - to save your world and your childrens' world.

Walk Against Warming Saturday November 4.

Shop at Biome - You buy things every day - so buy things that have a positive impact on the environment and your health.

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October 12, 2006

Altavista Babelfish Speaks le Truth

Moving from one language translation to another to discover a truth... like poetry spoken back to me.
You can trial it by just using Babelfish translation.

Raw English
Let us flee the city together and walk like our dreams for the rest of our lives.

Sauvons-nous ensemble la ville et marchons comme nos rêves pour le reste de nos vies.

Salvan juntos la ciudad y van como nuestros sueños para el resto de nuestras vidas.

They save together the city and they go like our dreams for the rest of our lives.

Let's try something a little more challenging now...

Raw English
Tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of my story book life. From then on it will all make sense and I will discover the secret of happiness.

Morgen zal de eerste dag van de rest van mijn leven van het verhaalboek zijn. Van dan op het allen steek houden en ik zal het geheim van geluk ontdekken.

Le premier jour du reste de ma vie du livre de récit sera demain. De lui ils cessent alors l'élancement et je le découvrirai secret de chance.

O primeiro dia do resto da minha vida do livro considerar será amanhã. _ eles cessar então élancement e eu descobrir segredo possibilidade.

The first day of the remaining portion of my life of the book to consider will be tomorrow _ they to cease then twinge and I to discover secret possibility.

mmm... okay, now for the real test!

Raw English
The world will realise how stupid they are being regarding climate change. They will wake up to themselves and change their lifestyles immediately to ensure the end of the world does not occur too soon.

La volontà del mondo si rende conto quanto stupido stanno essendo per quanto riguarda il cambiamento di clima. Sveglieranno a se stesso e cambiare immediatamente i loro lifestyles per accertare l'estremità del mondo non accadrà troppo presto.

La volonté du monde se rend compte combien de stupide sont en ce qui concerne le changement de climat. Ils réveilleront si même et à changer immédiatement à leurs lifestyles pour vérifier l'extrémité du monde n'arrivera pas trop vite.

Der Wille der Welt ist sich bewußt, wieviel dumm es sind, was die Klimaänderung betrifft. Sie werden so sogar wecken, und sofort an ihren lifestyles zu wechseln, um das Ende der Welt zu prüfen nicht schnell zu ankommen wird.

The will of the world is conscious itself, how much there is stupid, which concerns the climatic change. They will so even wake, and to their lifestyles to change immediately, around the end of the world to examine will not arrive fast.


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October 11, 2006

Perth Separation Factor Zero


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Dog Friends


How do dogs become friends? And choose to wander together, wait for each other to sniff, decide to head to the butcher?

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October 9, 2006

Opening New Shutters

The photography project up in Meekatharra has given me more creative juice to work with when it comes to photography. This is what happens when I teach others, I get re-inspired by the words I'm telling them. It is like my eyes open again to the myriad of opportunities and explorations ahead.
A great relief because I often find photography can feel exhausted to me and I can't seem to THINK of anything new.....
but now I know it's just a case of working out how to access the creativity. First you have to know it's there....

After I photographed a shop front for a client, I found this reflection to play with. I tend to include myself for the people-element that I think is needed to make photographs come to life.


Here is the band Birds of Tokyo from our shoot on Sunday. Definitely spent more time eating spring rolls and drinking coffee than we did photographing, but we all ended up happy!
I'm not sure why Kenny looks like an old china man here... do you agree?


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What to drop?

When I was deciding whether to take on yet another community arts project last year I was asked "What do you want to give up?"
"Huh? I don't have to give up anything do I?"
He replied "You're at peak stress already, so sure, take it on, but give something up."

This led me to consider that every time I take something on in life that I have to consciously lose something to make room for it.

In the past few days I've been thinking about a list of add ons and thus drop offs....

Add > Drop

Subscribing to magazines and reading them > Crap television and gossip
Exercise every day > Sleeping in
Discovering more music > Self analysis
Learn French > Preening and Plucking
A money making art project > A volunteer art project
Time with family > Time with strangers in bars

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October 2, 2006

To Meeka and Back again


Saw my last sunset in Meeka yesterday.
Did tear-up as I flew over the strange formations in red land realising how isolated that Meeka-life was. And how this community in the middle of desert embraced me and were just so kind. so bloody kind.

I am truly going to miss it - particularly knowing that it will never be quite the same if I return. It was a collection of people brought together for a moment in time, and many will wander on to new places in the coming months and years.


A year 5 took this photo of me as we practiced shooting things in different ways. This one was 'comedy' with a pillow.

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