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August 1, 2006

Quick Dip In Meeka


This morning I was jogging in Meekatharra.
And I came to the end of the road...

Now I'm back in Perth at my computer.
It was just an overnight trip to meet all the peeps I could.
And like Insurance Salesmen, Francis and I sold everyone this fantastic photography residency I'll be doing.
I'm feeling VERY excited about being back there for the project in a month. Everyone was truly receptive and ready to participate. Got plans to go down mines, go out bush, watch art being made, hang with the kids, work via the school of the air... everyone is gonna be snapping!!

[current mood] Beer & Dumplings

Posted by natalija at August 1, 2006 8:28 PM


Go natty! Man that sounds awesome, how long will you be stationed there?

Oh to see the stars you'll see :)

Posted by: mik at August 2, 2006 9:52 AM

Hey Mikky
A whole month. Very curious as to how things change over the weeks. I already felt like I slowed right down to Meeka-time and that was only over one day.
I came back feeling very red earth country. :)
Oh the stars and the forever plains.... xx

Posted by: Natty at August 2, 2006 10:18 AM

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