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August 31, 2006

Happy to see the back of them


Tonight was my last night before the BLINK project and we all had dinner together.
Beloved family.

Natalija Creates is now on hiatus until October!

To stay in tune with daily updates of my Meekatharra photography residency.. visit meeka.com.au
I'll be coming LIVE from there!

Love Nat x


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August 30, 2006

My Day in 3 Pictures

I'm having all these worm tunnel flash backs to my childhood this week. Scents, colour combinations and walks are hurtling me into the past. I've never experienced so much of it. And a lot of it is cryptic and distracting, like this specific bright green & black strip that I noticed on the ropes at yoga is connected to something I used to love as a kid, but I can't put my finger on it. The closest I've got is that it is a toy and made of plastic. Not good to be wondering during a downward dog...

Anyway, my life in pictures today... with only 2 days to go til I jet off to Meekatharra for a month... things are getting a bit wirey and wacky.


Creamed Corn with Baked Beans
Now that's a bit of being 8 years old sitting around the breakfast table!

Sunnies in Hair
My semi wet chaos hair all thrown around by the wind meant my sunnies got stuck quite extremely.

Glitter = Office Happiness
I am surrounded by tampons at the moment. And my male work colleague is getting quite the unexpected education! Why? Because I am designing tampon packaging! Amongst it all, it dawned on me how glitter pens provide so much happiness for those with dull jobs. Not that mine is, it isn't even my pen! I am simply just a pen-magnet, never buy anything but black artlines.

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August 29, 2006



I'm fairly certain it is the things we are distracted by in this old life that hold the most life...
maybe I'll go live my life of distraction and then find myself distracted by my old life.

god today is a nice day.
thank you.

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August 28, 2006


A little cup of happiness brought to you by a work colleague can make you forget that someone smashed your beautiful motorcycle in the middle of the night and didn't leave a note.

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August 25, 2006

How the Art Director is giggling now


Mount Franklin have just released this Breast Cancer Research range of water bottles funnily enough called 'Bosom Buddies' and as I entered the office, with one under each armpit, my friend looked over in confusion and I saw the intention of their subtle marketing ploy...
He suggested I put milk in them for this photo!

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August 24, 2006

word hangings

my_hangings.jpg a quick stream of a consciousness interlude between jobs...
memories of love knot around me like smogs bathesphere and those children sing about nuclear war which he speaks with eloquence about on the radio where i've had relations with only 7 the list was shorter than I realised not worth stating now and i continue to tune in ah ah ah cassette was a tragic set of pumps accompanied with duran duran moves last night but gin and tonic gave me reason to stay walking through 10am lavender I recalled feeling like a snob at sisters birthday i dissect myself as to why I ordered scallops with pork belly and creamed sprouts, the braless waitress hair cut still made her attractive always a sign of good looks when you can carry off an orange helmut or a yellow tee if you look good in yellow you are hot i'm not instead it is dirty dishes and clanging chords baliesque in 1995 memory and 2006 is coldish coffee and no texts worth skipping a heart beat for.

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August 23, 2006

Odd Cloud Formation

Finally, I had my camera in the car when I saw something worth photographing.
I can't make sense of this cloud... Can someone else explain it to me?
or is it sky-voodoo?

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August 21, 2006

Sideline Design

I've been finding the colour bars on material, packaging and even toilet paper to be somewhat of a delight. It's the unintentional design element that I find so much more fascinating than the intended one! I recently deconstructed a sultana packet to see all it's oddly printed sections - like peeking around corners and under the folds.
I'm inspired to recreate some of this accidental design on an upcoming project. I wonder if the kids will dig it? or get it?
I love spoof design! Design that mimics flaws.
I think I just coined that. mmm...

This sideline design piece is from my mum's studio. It's a silk fabric from which she makes skirts. I love the numbered targets of colour. Good enough to eat.

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August 18, 2006

Goodbye Dullsville


Alrighty! The time has come folks. We have to throw out these old liquor licensing laws that are preventing us from opening little bars and dives - homes of conversation and inspiration! I'm dreaming of a tiny alley way bar that is owned by a dude who isn't related to the in-crowd, who plays wonderful records, serves up great wine and all five of us can squeeze in at 2am for a yarn.

The laws will have a lot of flow on effect. By creating a more vibrant city we keep the creatives - our friends and our passions can stay nurtured. I'm so sick of big noisy pubs flooded with banality and those pretentious cocktail holes flooded with sports personalities. Time for a little diversity in our late night options. Plus I wanna open my own place, don't I!

I designed this logo for the Liquor Licensing Reform campaign.

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August 17, 2006

Out Takes The Cake (sorry I am pun-central these days)


I keep remembering that when I'm doing a shoot to step out of the goal for a moment and just shoot things that amuse myself. This image is from some rehearsals for 'What A Man's Gotta Do'. My job was to shoot casual portraits of the performers, but in between I took a few shots of Dave's feet, jacket and the wall. A little obscure. But kind of fashionable - don't you think?
Funny I think how fashion photographers spend ages setting up for shots like this, but they are often easier found when not trying!

There are plenty of opportunities at shoots to capture moments when people don't realise you're doing it - particularly if it could be a significant moment in time, like people rehearsing for the first time together, or more behind the scenes stuff - like someone fixing their collar or the stylist playing with someone's hair...

The shots can end up in places you never would have thought of either.

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August 16, 2006

The Seedpod

I may have put it on crooked,
I may have dozens of bubbles in it,
I may have the colour a little wrong...

but it's MY vinyl signage! yay! Finally I have my mark on my new office space.
You may spot it in the heart of Mount Lawley....

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August 15, 2006

Panel Project at ASETTS

Here are some peeks at the workshop I ran with the multicultural men's group at ASETTS (Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors).

Day One
First we took photographs of each other, around asetts and then around the Town of Vincent. I asked them to take photos of things they liked, whatever caught their eye. But they kept cheekily taking photos of me! haha.
The biggest challenge was communicating concepts to them when words weren't understood. I drew pictures on the white board of texture and pattern and named the colours I saw around us. Getting them to see these elements in their environment.
The photographs fantastically captured this understanding, totally awesome.

Day Two
We made a collage with these photographs. Reza from Afganistan, a previously very quiet man, took over as the gluing boss with great humour. And used the metal panels to play wobble board. (Great sound comes from 2mm colourbond).
I then handed over windows cut out of paper and the men framed up sections that they wanted to paint.
I photographed these and projected them on to the panels for tracing.

Day Three & Four
I taught the men about paint mixing and was delighted to watch them work out how to make pink! And their confusion over where the orange came from really made me realise how challenging this painting was going to be.
In groups of two they painted the 6 panels over 2 days.
These will be drilled on to the corrogated fence at ASETTS.

Of the photos above - my favourite is Tesfay's interpretation of clouds. My initial response was 'oh, ahh, let me help you make these look like clouds'.. but then I just laughed and thought this was far more magical and let it be.

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August 13, 2006

Political Performances

I think the best speakers in parliament are on the "left" side. It is because they speak with passion, they speak from the heart, they are intelligent and spirited. Watching the debate on the bill regarding placing asylum seekers on an island, I have come to this conclusion. Those that were pro-island read clumsily off sheets, stuffing up their words and resembled little boys. The others spoke like prose. Oscar quality.

If you're just speaking from your head and your throat, believing that people are pawns to drag and drop, you're just gonna flat line.
If you are speaking from the gut and the heart, then you move people.

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I've only got one plan

The only thing I really know that i want in my future is
an orchard

I can expand on this by listing in order my preference of trees:

I bought the lime tree in preparation for this fantasy. It sits a little sadly on my balcony awaiting its position in the soil of my future home.

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August 12, 2006

What do you do when when this is your only megaphone?


Dear Proust Lover,
May you please send me a location - like the third branch of a tree on a suburban street
or behind a pipe in an alleyway, or simply a post office box... so that I may respond to you.
I don't want to use my blog for our play.

Isn't the best stuff the stuff that happens when no one else is watching?

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August 11, 2006

Miss August


Alright, I confess. It's me!

This Screen Goddess promotional calendar is a way of demystifing women working in IT, implying that it can be a 'sexy' career choice. The calendar is a collection of playful movie spoofs and is a product of Thoughtware.
We've already got a parliament full of blokes, let's not give technology over to them too!

The shoot was good fun even though I had to arch my back in ways it had not experienced before - and the wig was aggressively molded to my head, giving me a 3 day headache. Such is the 'no pain, no uma' theory.

The launch is tonight! One of those rare opportunities to don a frock and heels (if I can find some in the next 5 hours....)

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August 7, 2006

UnVeiling FORM


Fresh off the press - The UnVeiled product catalogue for FORM.
I designed it to be hangable. Put your favourite product card to the front and let it be framed by the self-hanging package. The package and product cards inside literally unveil themselves.
The white, partial covering slice on the cards further conveys the sense of revealing.
And if you aren't into concepts, just play with the textured 'o's.

lu lu luscious fun to design.

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August 2, 2006

In the bottom quarters


When I was staying at the Nurses Quarters in Meeka, the light hit these wildflowers at 8am thru the grill, thru the window, thru the sign... And because I'm thinking 'photography' I rush off to get my camera before it changes. These are the kind of images I'm encouraging people to find in their Meeka-day.

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August 1, 2006

Quick Dip In Meeka


This morning I was jogging in Meekatharra.
And I came to the end of the road...

Now I'm back in Perth at my computer.
It was just an overnight trip to meet all the peeps I could.
And like Insurance Salesmen, Francis and I sold everyone this fantastic photography residency I'll be doing.
I'm feeling VERY excited about being back there for the project in a month. Everyone was truly receptive and ready to participate. Got plans to go down mines, go out bush, watch art being made, hang with the kids, work via the school of the air... everyone is gonna be snapping!!

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