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June 28, 2006

Pink Handed


One day I'm going to be caught pink handed....
Tonight I did some art at a place I've dubbed 'Grapefruit Park'.
I painted something that reflects what is unique about the park, and that, to me, is really important in public art. If it can extend its meaning beyond the relationship it has with the creator, and symbolise and celebrate what is special in an environment, then its got real value, long term value.. not ephemeral ego stroking crap.
There are enough graf artists pissing on walls (and calling it art) and self-publishing in elite industry journals - its high time for some sharing of the love!

On a side note, last night I was talking to my friend Carla (a talented designer) who realised after travellling to Milan and being immersed in the world's best design and fashion - that it was all bullshit! She has since decided that the only things she wants to surround herself with are things that hold meaning to her. Not walking into some 'cool' store to buy some slinky homeware piece that is sold to us to fill the void and yet when we bring it home it tends to make us feel more empty.
Instead she is letting objects make their way into her heart and then into her life through travel, relationships and passions. yep, i'm taking a leaf out of that book.

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June 25, 2006

Beauty is Energy


Did you know..
that when you're perceiving beauty, you are connecting with the energy of life?
And the original beauty is found in the wild.
Down south this weekend I fell in love with the world a little more - the scrawley wirey dried vines and the forest of trees of all sizes and textures... and that milky way, revealed!
I wasn't moved by the flattened farm land or the economical concrete shapes,
beauty is only found in that which possesses life.

If you're struggling to find beauty in our city then look beyond at the clouds, the sunsets and each individual part of nature amongst it all... these hold the secret to life. Let's hope the sky stays with us when every other part looks so threatened by 'progress'.

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June 23, 2006

Imitation Rocks!


I've heard that imitation is flattery before,
but never did it strike me like this example...
I designed this flyer for Propelarts...
And then the new staff member, Zoe Pepper, imitated the little artists in her portrait.
I love it!

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June 22, 2006

Inspiration Tips: 01

1. Eat dark chocolate in the shower
2. Stand barefoot in a park's flower bed

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Vehicle Voices

Every vehicle should be fitted with two horns.
One that goes meepmeep
and means "uh, excuse me, just want to point out that i'm here, no offense intended, just saying hello... sorry"
and one that goes HOWWWWK
and means "major middle finger, asshole!"

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June 19, 2006

Dream Journalling


I've been fascinated by dream journalling since I started a year ago.
The mere intent enables the dreams to be remembered.
So in the morning, I reach over to my little green book, unravel it's chord and scrawl through blurred vision, direct from my sub conscious.
It amazes me when I read back days later and recall nothing of the dream, and I read those words like a story untold. The story I am now evaluating in my conscious gives me keys to the inner workings of myself.
But it is mostly the imagery that captures me. How I can come up with such bizarre ideas?
Deep in me is a creativity I don't harness in my waking life. That the gruesome, peculiar and magical are created somewhere in me, and by journalling I catch them in those moments before full awakening. I see it as transcending the barriers of judgement and accessing this world where the mind has no limits and makes inspiring connections.

I have thought about how much I can bring these dream ideas into my working world, and if others do so. However maybe that would taint it - the process in itself is fun and fruitful for my creative juicing!

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June 18, 2006

I might have been wrong


I'll be back with some purple and red real soon.

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June 10, 2006

something lost, everything found

how beautiful is the notion that two split lovers
find everything they wished for in another
at the same time
in the same city
minutes away
new lives are forming

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June 5, 2006

Northbridge presence

I think this is the best photograph I've ever taken.
Today, walking around Northbridge for 4 hours with Janelle and Anne, we noticed things.
I think Janelle should teach a course called 'life appreciation'.
I've never felt so present in this place.

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June 3, 2006

A month of nothings

An experiment with self:
I'm not going to work for a month. I am going to do nothing that feels like work.
Today was DAY ONE
And here begins a month of rambling and probably less to do with art and more to do with what I end up doing with myself. (And mostly for my own reflection.)

I slept in.
I got my nose pierced.
I practiced a mantra - 'I'm blank and I love living life' - to help me cope with potential pain of being pierced. But it didn't hurt! Oxygen is our natural pain killer! deep breaths.
I'm now considering Labret. Maybe next week.
I popped into Spectrum Gallery to check out Janelle setting up for her paletting 'process' exhibiton.
I had coffee with Bec and we got the big ruby red chairs at tarts.
I had a second coffee!
I visited a strangers share-house.
We told stories.
Lots of laughing.
We drove around in a van.
Drank beer.
Ate pizza.
Watched Arrested Development.
I just did the dishes and danced around to PNG music.
I'm now blogging.
I can feel something shifting!! I am excited. I feel 18 again.

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