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May 31, 2006

Mount Lawley Morning

Which is your favourite image?
Which one moves you most?
Please write in the comments area below. I would love to see the diversity in taste.
Click for full close up impact!

The images are:
egg on grill
peeking brollies
soaked brown
dripping tap
sideways sunrise

I went for a morning walk on Monday - a method of avoiding the wake up and sit in front of computer routine. After I made it around the corner, my eyes led me down an alley I had not visited before. I decided to explore it. Some beautiful things with raindrops gave me goosebumps so I bursted back home to fetch my snapper - and continued on my walk. I even went jogging with the camera - can't let it stop me from getting exercise!

So I took a range of images home with me. These are some of them.

It's an exercise that gets me thinking:

Q: Why Am I doing this?
A: I love it! It quenches me. To find beauty is a thrill and to turn that into a still is magic.

Q: Have I got talent or is it just a choice?
A: Still not sure, once you do things naturally and for fun it is hard to tell if it's talent when it takes little effort. Is the act of 'seeing' a talent? I feel I am noticing and then making some choices about angle/focus and crop - but is that so special? OR is the mere choice of creating this art - the art.

Q: Why do I choose certain images?
A: The basis for making my choice to shoot is what causes me to stop mid walk, what draws me in, what causes a little leap from my heart. So, my own sense of beauty and aesthetics creates this. I respond to when nature has just captured something splendid. Turning the normal into a painting due to its transient momentary feel, discolourisation, water, sun and wind... all these things add a temporary aspect which to me is beauty. wabi sabi!

Q: Why am I so nature obsessed?
A: I was worried that all I wanted to photograph was nature - so I pushed myself to see the beauty in the manmade - which I normally overlook unless it is architecture. I started to look for the sunsets and the layers in the ordinary objects around us. I made it my mission to turn these into images with more meaning. And throw a bit of nature's rusting and deteriorating in there - and you have me!

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May 27, 2006

Self Portrait In Studio


I secretly shoot myself when the client is getting ready.

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May 25, 2006

Prehistoric Creature

crazy caterpillar

This little sucker was found in Mount Lawley this week.
He tried to make a run for it, but he was the equivalent of 15 stories up, plus his legs were like suction cups and didn't allow for high speeds. It was however quite incredible to witness his flexibility particularly in the upper regions as he craned for a view of safety.
I had to shoot him, i'm sure you can understand... my life was in danger!

Please click the image for a close up of his danger zones. (please note, we're both in need of a wax).

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May 24, 2006

End of the world by Text

B: What a nice storm!
N: I'm loving it. So, like armageddon and that.
B: Horses of the apocalypse are definitely running down Grand Prom.
N: We've got some burning trees down on Fourth.. Bit lame, should head your way!

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May 22, 2006

Note to self

Thumper: He's a bit of a Stalinist isn't he?
Mrs. Rabbit: Thumper!
Thumper: Yes, mama?
Mrs. Rabbit: What did your father tell you this morning?
Thumper: [clears throat] If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.

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May 21, 2006

Stick It!


Another wacky moment in the world of my studio...
This is Friday afternoon image development for Tetrafide Percussion's upcoming tour of 'Stick It!'.
C'mon... appropriate isn't it?
Working alone can be challenging when there is no one to ask "is this a good idea??" to. Am I going nuts? Or am I onto something great??

And so without anyone beside me here, how do I know if I'm creating good design anymore?
The client becomes the only person who can say yay or nay. They tend to say yay too - but does that actually mean it is good design or am I just fufilling one brief, or perhaps just satisfying one person?
If they are happy - is it not therefore good design? Or should I be pleasing designers - aiming to get published in 'good design' books?
I think it is somewhere in between. The designer does plays a great (often overlooked) role in society through design's mere existence everywhere we look (!!) so the designer has to consider the effect they have on the whole community - aesthetically and through the messages... but it is pretty hard to argue with a paying client right? But more importantly, the designer should not creating art just for their own ego and portfolio - they do need to meet the objectives of the client which may not be the most attractive or fashionable solution, but will ultimately be good design for the problem to be solved.

Anyhoo, Thank goodness my designer friend came around on Friday just as I was trying to shoot this image. He arrived just in time to help hold the paper and painted paintbrushes angled in a stylistic way through the punched hole. I know we were meant to be having a meeting, but it just isn't possible for me to do this without help - although I do try!
He commented how fun it was, which made me think how unfortunate his other jobs must be, if poking sticks through paper is fun.. but hey, maybe I do get more fun than the average designer?
I so often get the 'go for it' green light, i seem to get away with most of my ideas... perhaps I should be pushing the boundaries much more.. go have even more fun!
I'm also lucky to have the camera on hand which allows me to get any image I desire for the creation of my work, do not need to rely on stock images and graphics alone.
So the design world is my oyster.. gotta remember that.

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May 17, 2006



What do you think of my art?
I love its texture and pastel subdued shades.
It is the scraps from my yesterday's lunch.
Red onion, mushroom stalk ends and salami wrapper.
Step away from the specifics and see the beautiful whole...

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May 15, 2006

Palettes for Perth

As I sat at the end of yet another Toastmasters meeting tonight, I gazed at the sea of coloured shirts and thought how it did seem to reflect the overall personality of the group. And thanks to an inspiring latte driven chat with a certain Miles Burke, and another passionate phone rant with artist Janelle Cugley, I automatically started thinking in palettes! So I noted down the colours so I could come home and create one. And here it is.

Although this is an odd use of paletting, and might only give you the means to create a "professional and striving feel" via its use... the palette offers us a great tool of creation and then application. It's multi faceted.
It starts with observation - seeing and thinking
Then collecting - interpreting into palette pieces
Then there is sharing - with the community - reflection and appreciation - shifting perspective
And finally re-integration... and planning - how can we use our findings to enhance their origin?

The palette is just beginning its journey with me. I've used it in Papua New Guinea - with photo journalism students, and soon I hope to use it in regional WA communities and as close to home as our "Northbridge Makeover" by doing one of the developers and artists walk with Janelle and Spectrum Art Gallery.

I'm feeling scared with what is happening around us - cheap flat concrete shapes keep getting slapped up - replacing the home of innovative perth artists. It's causing Melbourne to beckon even stronger because styrophome foundations and souless developments don't provide a "sense of place". And I don't see how it is going to halt by itself, or by wishful thinking (or cosmic quantum consciousness). Sorry, but money blocks out those voices... They'll just keep on tearing down our history, maybe a tokenistic plaque here or there, but no substance will remain. Soon there will be no earthly materials, just plastic surgery hollowness making up our landscape, our home. Perth will truly gain a dead heart, because these cold shapes won't reverberate our creativity, no! Inspiration won't know where to find us...

But paletting, paletting is the way I'm going to do my bit to open their eyes, to breathe into their souls, to re-humanise this whole situation. What are you gonna do?

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May 14, 2006

Sea Change

could all of my probems be solved in the sea?
could the lick of the cold wave be elixir for me?
If I fall deep within its salty cure,
will I be experiencing a spirituality?

Today it was true
all stopped in the blue
I surfaced absolutely

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May 13, 2006

night in our city

What a strange little world the CBD alleyways are on mid week evenings around midnight. Sohan and I went exploring with camera and microphone. We were in our element there, quietly collecting whispers and drips, angles unseen and broken. There was the accidental stepping into someone’s alley way home to then receive a long monologue of life in jail, of killing and cops… he talked with a proud bloated chest and a hand that moved his bandana and its jangling saftey pins back and forth across his face, whilst he shuffled with wariness. Then there was the broken ATM door that sounded like a gag reflex as it jutted back and forth. The screaming women repeating the same words over and over. The rattling of coins in his palm as he sells a newspaper. And two little people running about the deserted art space, giggling and creating…

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May 7, 2006

desktop photos

I've gonna share photographs with you that I end up using for my computer desktop. I spend all day looking at this thing, thus I like to change its clothes! If the computer feels fresh, the ideas can flow. I've made a little section on the right for desktop images! The first one is my water droplet blossom from Anzac Day.

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"The make yourself sick" set menu

Sometimes people ask me if I'm eating properly - coz I have some slim limbs and I'm like 'yeah, of course'...
for example, here is today's menu from breakfast til before dinner...

spicy hot chocolate
1 slice crumble
some nuts and dried fruit
a summer roll
sausage roll
2 more slices
orange and poppyseed cake

okay, so this is extremely untypical eating behaviour... and I only just realised how shocking it was in reflection. Now is a really good time for salad!

Now, speaking of the poppyseed cake - it was quite the disaster on our Friday chick flick night, after we forgot the salt and then had the spoon get caught up in the beaters and cause them to warp into a shape that required re-bending but still continued to make a grinding metal noise... what ended up as the final straw was when...
I discovered that I'd left the cake's butter in the microwave (where it was sent to melt) and so we had to add the butter to it AFTER it was baked.... mmmm. Actually it was quite tasty.

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May 4, 2006



When I make food, I always wanna share it. Is that my mother bell ringing? Like, give me a family to feed!!
And recently I've discovered salad. That boring old thing that I've avoided for 28 years... never order it, never make it and certainly never crave it....
and yet, there is that bell again... mmm, what I feel like is a nice healthy salad. err, who said that? It is as though these adult things - like baking, like salad, like waking up to Classical music as I do most mornings (I was a virtuoso violinst just before I awoke today) creep up on you... like bocconcini and olives, vacuuming the carpet before guests come over, delighting in potting gerberas, meeting for breakfast, having naps.... slowly they build into the things that 'you do' - and dang! if I didn't say I would never sit around and watch videos on a saturday night or stop at one scoop of icecream... but if i'm liking this stuff, if I truly want to turn the rock music down, then I'm just gonna run with it. Can't make myself sick on rollercoasters just to prove a point. (tried it in Melbourne last month)... oh sweet childhood.. how I miss you already but I bid you farewell....

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