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April 30, 2006

fire = intuition


When I light a match, something awakens in me. I feel the power in that tiny bit of fire. It's like I'm looking into a piece of the most ancient element on earth. It's why we lit a candle at the start our womens group and spent a couple minutes staring into the flame - that small flickering light centred us. It is why I like to meditate with a candle - I can sense it there even with my eyes closed.
I was reading the book 'The woman sealed in the tower' by Betsy Caprio today - it's a psychological approach to feminine spirituality. It's the beginning of a month long journey into the top shelf of my bookshelf - all women books. The books lent to me when I started the womens group but never touched. Til now.
Caprio made a quick reference in her introduction to the elements - Earth, Air, Water and Fire and then how these are symbolic of Jung's four functions of the psyche - sensation, thinking, feeling and intuition. I thought about the personality tests and how these functions come up as people differentiators. I also thought about star signs and how I'm a water sign - am I thus mostly a feeling person? Or did she not mean it as a direct correlation? Well, are people more closely associated with one of these four elements? Is there a heirarchy in each of us? Why would there be?
I think I'd have trouble working that out. Maybe if I sat with each element for a while I would develop a clearer sense of a connection with each individual one... but fire is definitely the most powerful when I think about it because I only see it rarely, it is contained in a small area, it seems to come about as if by magic and it creates a warmth you can feel and a colour that burns into your retina.
Otherwise I could work backwards with my personality...
Feeling, thinking, intuition, sensation.. which makes me water, air, fire, earth.
Well, in many of my dreams I'm swimming or flying.. so.. maybe that reflects which part of my psyche is getting the work out.. hmmm....

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April 26, 2006

Backstage At Fashion Show

These images are from my backstage wanderings at the show 'Hems on the Outskirts of Temptation' which was held out at Midland Railway Workshops. I loved the contrasts of peeling walls and the ephemeral - like champagne resting on an old tractor. I eagerly swam around the surface capturing the soon to be lost images. There was so much adrenalin fueled activity in the hour that preceeded the show that it caused me to miss being part of the flurry of performance preparations! It's a familiar state from my adolescence as actress and saxophonist and alas given up for design and photography.. hmm - I wouldn't mind emmersing myself back into that hullabaloo soon. Just looking for a stage role...

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April 25, 2006

droplets on dropped blossom

Nature is up to her usual beauty. Making art out of the elements: colour, texture, water, pattern.

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rainy days and tuesdays always get me....

Today is one of those days where I feel like the whole world is in the same mood. And there has been some uncanny parallels between my friends... like this weekend the mood was certainly hibernate.
Today's public holiday drippy flavour makes me just want to cosy up with acoustic music in my favourite winter jumper, drink some healthy tea and slowly tackle my studio's building piles of 'stuff'.... but first, a request by Yvette (see previous post's comment) - to give my pictorial take on today's weather. Click on images for a bigger view.
Lately I'm trying to express more 'painterly' qualities in my photographs, so, long exposures that give more life and impression to a frozen moment, capturing light and mood.
And as I took these photos, balancing on the outdoor furniture, I managed to step right through the glass coffee table which made the hugest noise on the block - quickly followed by my goofy laugh...

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April 21, 2006

Who wants to come over for breakfast?

Quick! There is still some left.

If you can't make it, then make it:
Tin of peaches, boil in sugar and water (1:2), bruised cardamon pods, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and bay leaf.
keep going til liquid is syrupy and peaches are getting yummy looking
Approach Wolf Lane Studio for the homemade sourdough bread
whir up soy milk and eggs, dunk em in and fry with butter

combine above with ricotta!

awww... best breakfast ever!

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April 16, 2006

Leaf Bugs

Leaf bugs really are the coolest

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repeat repeat

Why do people sabotage what is truly spectacular?

Because it scares them that life could be so good, so deep? - they feel comfortable reliving the stories that confirm their self belief that they don't deserve to be happy.


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April 13, 2006

I design on my lunch breaks too!

Try this one yourself...

Half a white onion fried up with Safflower oil
Throw in a big handful of chopped sweet potato
fry with marjoram and thyme
add a tablespoon of chopping ginger
fry some more

add some chopped zuchinni and sweet beans
fry some more

add a tablespoon of honey
Sea salt and black pepper
fry some more

Serve on a bed of couscous fluffed with nuttelex
with chopped organic tomato and avocado
and grated Havarti Cheese

Serves yourself today, and tomorrow.

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Motorbike chick!

Talk about inspiration to travel...!
No longer is a trip to the shops a pain in the arse... now it is something I build up excitment for, feel my stomach rumbling and my grin expanding as I anticipate my upcoming adventure! I feel like a sneak, a rebel, a child... I am going to vroom vroom vroom all the way down to Mount Lawley shops to buy a loaf of bread!! - wahey!!
It's like when you first got your car license and would just drive around with your friends feeling totally alive. Nothing felt so thrilling... until I got my new toy. It's a Yamaha Virago 250CC, 1995 model. One of the earliest built models of the 250. It was one of the first mass produced bikes and doesn't have much cred in the bike world I've come to realise through some scoffy remarks, but to the untrained eye she is mighty cute! And so keep ignorant people, keep ignorant!

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April 10, 2006

beautiful dry dead things


I admire most the decaying things, those that lie dissolving into the ground, their curling crusting ends, their tones and colours more telling, their frozen preserved appearance but a lie, as they will soon be crumbled under foot.
These finds are more beautiful than ubiquitous flowers, more mesmerising than a perfect green leaf. This is the true artwork of nature as it combines mortality with beauty.
My skin, also dry and dying, is the perfect background for these photographs. (more soon).

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April 4, 2006

Something's Amiss...

This photo has had me in hysterics now for five minutes...
I was documenting my coffee making process with my new stovetop thingyami bob. I was looking through the camera, getting the pourer in focus, kind of wondering why there was such a distance in the focus between the mug and the pourer, but began to pour anyway, and as I shot the coffee pouring in front of the mug, I thought, something is amiss here!

After cleaning up the kitchen floor, I am left to the following conclusions...
a) I have gone too far with thinking the camera lens is actually my eyeball
b) Only take photographs AFTER my first coffee
c) The camera never lies!


And here was the original story...
I have lived through plungers, filters and expresso machines. And I always found myself popping out for a take away because they just taste better!!
Until now...
I have combined the perfect set of ingredients to create an experience I am happy to have at home.
A real italian Kitti Oro Espresso Coffee Maker, Fairtrade Organic Ground Coffee, Heated Vitasoy and my favourite hand painted mug... and low and behold - it's a pleasure to make, it tastes so good and it doesn't have all those other poisons that make the coffee hangover so much worse!

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