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March 31, 2006

Playing Dress Ups

As I laughed all the way to meet my friend for lunch, I thought how great it is that dressing unusually provides so much self-entertainment. It's free fun!
I thought I should experiment with this more. Play dress ups for no particular reason - always!

I bought these tapestry boots in Melbourne because they were just so fantastic. I've since tried on everything in my wardrobe and nothing at all suits, so yesterday I picked the most ridiculous combination, including a shirt that mimics the pattern!
And there I was giggling on foot, and the first thing my stylish friend says is 'great boots and that top - really suits!'.

How did I manage to pull this off?
Perhaps the more ridiculous an outfit is, the less people are likely to question it, feeling that it just must be cool because it takes confidence to wear. And confidence is true cool.
This theory seems true for me because when I see people wearing outlandish things I tend to veer towards admiring them, not judging.
Everyone wishes they had the guts to play with life more.

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March 28, 2006

a library world

I'm back! Been to Melbourne to see friends, been to Brisbane to model as Uma in Pulp Fiction in an IT calendar (promoting the industry to young women - not blokes!), I bought a sexy mf motorcycle and I finally cleaned up the house. So, I'm free to start blogging once again!

So, I've been wondering a lot lately about researching for design projects WITHOUT Google. I've become horribly lazy in recent years, Google imaging for a quick references for my designs or finding out about client's competitors and market by just doing a quick keyword search.
With all the media around Google and if it is making us stupid, it is heightening my awareness of how I am not doing a thorough enough job on my research and how what Google offers is limited to those with the access to the web and with their own agendas.
But how else do I get this information? No one seems to be able to tell me how designers in the 1970s and 80s got all their research. Perhaps it was through a great library of books and journals.. but did they have books on 'logos other hairdressers are using'... or 'what style is popular right now with men and beauty therapy?' I really don't think this information was easily accessible or even collated. Probably didn't exist - if something was about the current climate, that would take too long to create and publish a book on to remain current. This is one great advantage of the web, as it gives us a snapshot of how life is RIGHT NOW.. hmm, there is an interesting thesis idea...
So, Google has changed the way we approach design! We design with so much more current knowledge, (but perhaps less thorough knowledge and historical knowledge).

But as an experiment to myself, I decided to get away from the quick and cheap solutions that Google provides and take myself to the library and it was great because I felt revitalised for the rest of the day! It felt like such wholesome research. (Clearly it has been a long time since Uni research days).
I get such a thrill sitting in those little private desks leafing through books that widen my eyes and put a chuckle in my heart. I couldn't help but peek into a few unrelated worlds, which is where I found this gem above.
I had a momentary passion to live in the library and just devour everything in there - from economics to a history of barbershops.
But, photocopies, they only take you so far. And they're expensive.
But I got some great images and texts I wouldn't have found on the web, and while you're sifting through the shelves, just a peek around the corner takes you into art deco architecture, or go down the wrong isle and you're looking into the history of playboy, which I suppose is like Google, you just take one link and you're off in a whole new world.
But this way it all feels more inspiring and esteemed. Maybe it is the physical aspect of walking INTO the knowledge and putting the effort into finding it? Where as Google can be like an untamed ferret, taking you into dark loops where there is just a lonely man screaming his unsubstantiated rant and bad animated gif notions.. hmm.
Time for bed..

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March 24, 2006

piles of colour

Most people do a light wash
and a dark wash.

I also have to do a pink wash and a purple wash.

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March 16, 2006

This is what sedition looks like

I like to be seditious - I'm more seditious than you! (Badge idea care of Rebecca Giggs). And I'm discovering that I do it daily in a variety of ways.

The Art of Sedition is something I'm mastering. I find it to be blood red, involve snipping and nervous laughter, dark corners and unmarked envelopes. This time my sedition is played out through red ribbon, canvasy paper and a few careful stitches.
These papers are going out to a select group of powerful figures who will ideally be intrigued and inspired by the project written on the pages. From here they may make or break our fireball dream, so next week will be either a delight or a drop.

I can't tell you much about this project - at this stage. It's a shout to our government, an awareness raising hell and an artists' inspiration plan. So soon soon soon I hope to give it public displays of affection.

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March 10, 2006

Harmony In Murals

This is the scene from yesterday after painting non stop from 9am - 6.30pm. Frans and I were absolutely heat-stroked and delirious. This was the second of two bus shelters on Brisbane St - North Perth. We two were there til the bitter(sweet) end.
The painting day was the culmination of months of back n forth with The Town of Vincent, my computer and workshops with the multicultural mens group at ASETTS. So I had the great challenge of co-ordinating the painting of two murals on one day with ten helpers. Thank goodness I had Sohan and Frans to guide my frantic stress levels into production and paint mixing. And in the end we got there!
As I suspected, all the pain is forgotten when you drive past the next day and smile at the happy happy art that will stay in your heart and your community for a long time.

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Every breath we drew was hallelujah

Listening to my old love - Jeff Buckley, singing out his haunting tunes. Haven't had it bring tears to my eyes like it did in 1997 when he died and I was driving my EH Holden over the freeway with flowing eyes. I don't know why I was so effected. His songs sing of the trials of love, goodbyes, rejoicing in the moments and changing moments... and back then, at 19, I didn't know love. Not of the kind he sings of.
As I listen now, I relate again, with years of experiences in love since - and I cry like I did then.
Made me wonder if every soul is born with an understanding of human's relationships with love - i guess I mean passion / those bittersweet moments / losing / having / feeling / missing / spirit / knowing / magic... and with it all comes its death. Is it worth it for those powerful moments? Is that the stuff that's real? Or is love, as someone said to me the other day, a choice. It isn't something that hangs in the ether to be discovered, it is something you work on and make. Bloody Lilac Wine.

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March 6, 2006

For getting on with the John

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March 5, 2006

Visual Responses!

He fell off his chair when he saw my previous post.

She sends me my card sitting on her newspaper in London.

This is the way I talk!

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March 3, 2006

Those who know don't say, and those who say don't know.

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March 2, 2006

either or

Good Design AND A Clean Kitchen
Are mutually exclusive

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