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February 15, 2006

Just there - inspiration

When I’m really in my design element, I see it all around me. Everything can be an inspiration. It is how you turn it in your mind.

It might be the way light falls on a leaf, or a stranger with an even stranger fashion style. I like it when the thing is in a completely different context, such as a conversation that inspires visuals, or the top of a creamy latte. These are rarer, but more exciting.

I like that design isn’t merely influenced by other design, actually I rarely look at other designers work because I remember being told by a designer when I was 15 that she didn’t want it creeping into her sub conscious and influencing her design. So, I’m going for the indirect approach.


Here is a photo I took of a tube of cream where the label started peeling off and becoming scrunched up. I then got rid of the details of the label in photoshop and left just the type. It is unintentional design, it just came about! How spunkariffic!

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Posted by natalija at February 15, 2006 9:45 PM


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