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February 27, 2006

birthday slippers

A gift of hessian slippers from Narelle. I did not know til 5 minutes ago that hessian comes from hemp! Funny how you miss things like that in life. These slippers might just be the epitome of aesthetic over function! Love them!
This photo reminds me of ballet slippers as shot by the talented Jon Green - Perth dance photographer. I've been talking to him recently and assisted in a shoot in order to witness his style. Such a gentle man. He really shows you how important it is for the photographer to make the model comfortable. The art of photography entails so much more than framing up a good shot. It is also about being a teacher, a facilitator, a conversationalist, an energy creator. Many of my shoots have fallen in a heap when I get stressed (normally equipment failure or self-conscious boys), my ability to hold the room gets lost in the tension of my mind. So, I think an early night and a camomile tea would be better way to approach a day of shooting. for sure..

I am also currently 'head over heels' which when I tried to photograph made me realise my yogi postures were in need of serious refinement... And then I googled the term... turns out it is another of societies screw-ups...

Excited, and/or turning cartwheels to demonstrate one's excitement.

Many people would recognise that meaning. What most wouldn't do is take time to consider that it makes no literal sense - after all head over heels is the normal posture. A version of the phrase originated in the 14th century as 'heels over head', which is really what we mean when we use it. The phrase evolved into head over heels much later as it was used in everyday speech without a great deal of thought.

And in other news, today when waiting in line at the post office, I realised I had two clothes pegs in my pants pocket from hanging out sheets this morning. I clipped them both to my pocket for safe storage. And the thought did cross my mind - and then played itself out as I left - a women approached me to point out that I'd left some clothes pegs on my pants!
Oh, perth, how you will never be able to see the art!

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February 26, 2006

28 today


Me and my gorgeous sisters in life. How blessed that we can breathe these years together. Grow through the walls and share our hearts with each other. How blessed am i. Year of the Parrot! 28!!
Yes, 28 today & armed with gold. x

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February 23, 2006

You know you're really an adult when you buy bocconcini

This photo is for those of you who come for the food porn.
Rye and Caraway Bread
Organic avocado
Organic roma tomato
Basil from the garden...
And sliced bocconcini!

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Prayer Flags

Superstition creeps into my life all the time.
I looked up 'prayer flags' on Wikipedia yesterday as I was led to question more what they are about, (beyond the intrinsic feel they create for me in themselves and their association).
In the entry they say the flags will produce negative effects if up on Feb 23. And that's today!
I can't help but see it as synchronistic timing.
And then today as they still hang there I start to sense doom, I feel like I have to go take them down, just in case, just in case... in a mad flurry of wind and fear I tried to pull them down, the knots just weren't giving, and then the phone rang...
And then I'm wondering if I'm not meant to take them down, as it is being made too hard, and I am so so busy... or do I overcome the challenges and jump the wall to bring down the flags today.

I think I will... because prayers unanswered are just not what I need today, and my cafe coffee is burnt - so that might just be the beginning of a bad day...

ahhh, stevie wonder you make superstition so sexy.

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February 22, 2006

glee glee glee!

What a thrill to step outside and see
fresh green sprouts one two three
They rose! They came! And what a relief -
my seeds will work with strong belief

And so my pod has fertile cards
and my gift will live in others yards
I can't wait for them to grow and flourish
but the mystery plant will remain hush hush

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February 19, 2006

child's art

Yesterday I travelled to the hills, to the scarp, to bush I hadn't seen. I stopped for a coffee next to a candy store and through the window I saw this delicious eye candy. Just two button necklaces hung over a chair. The sign said "locally crafted" and "$10.50". The rainbow, the length and then the price meant this one was mine.
I asked the owner, who made this? "My daughter" she replied. Looking at her face I thought this daughter must be young... "15" she tells me. Ruby is her name.

I was even more warmed that a girl had made this necklace from gathered buttons and used her pure heart to build something that excites her. No university or marketing method, just a girl on her bedroom floor. Authentic art I'd say - nothing contrived. Is it less valuable because of this? Or more because it is fleeting?

Well, now this colourful string of buttons swings with me over my bicycle handles and rolls across my chest as I design and dance.

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February 16, 2006

Seedpod's Seedpods

My little cards are ready for the world. Only took a couple of months after one day of inspiration. Such is design!
Concealed in their paper folds are seeds. I will not tell you what kind of seeds, you must follow the instructions and let them grow.
If you would like a card sent to you - just email me your postal address... (Australia Only).

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February 15, 2006

Just there - inspiration

When I’m really in my design element, I see it all around me. Everything can be an inspiration. It is how you turn it in your mind.

It might be the way light falls on a leaf, or a stranger with an even stranger fashion style. I like it when the thing is in a completely different context, such as a conversation that inspires visuals, or the top of a creamy latte. These are rarer, but more exciting.

I like that design isn’t merely influenced by other design, actually I rarely look at other designers work because I remember being told by a designer when I was 15 that she didn’t want it creeping into her sub conscious and influencing her design. So, I’m going for the indirect approach.


Here is a photo I took of a tube of cream where the label started peeling off and becoming scrunched up. I then got rid of the details of the label in photoshop and left just the type. It is unintentional design, it just came about! How spunkariffic!

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My life as a train

I am travelling in a train
on set of rickety tracks
that sprawl into the distance
Sometimes it is bumpy but that's part of the fun!

I can tell I am heading somewhere beautiful
The landscape keeps changing, it becomes more unique,
more diverse, more splendid
I am learning to relax and admire it

But there up ahead on the tracks is a man
furiously trying to click the slats into a different direction
He wants to send me careering into his own direction
He think he knows where I am meant to go

Sad thing is
He just gets run over

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February 12, 2006

This is what love letters should look like.

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1999 Music Happiness

They don't make folk pop like they did back in 99. Folk Implosion are just damn good! I like that I've created my own nostalgia that can't be found on 94.5 FM. Instead it is a collection of music I named "Moments of Happiness"...

The Sea and Cake
Badly Drawn Boy
Arab Strap
Elliot Smith
Curtis Mayfield!

Oh sweet days working on the door at Greenwich Bar and lieing on the bare floor boards in my first apartment and with my first serious boyfriend... just the stereo, no furniture...
and now I sit in my own apartment, choc-full of furniture and hardware and I plug the old CD into Itunes to immortalise being 21.

I am now about to burn this music to share with a 21 year old - who would have missed out on this era.
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Swing when you're winning!

I’ve had a few of you comment on my seemingly depressed state in blog-life. This really isn’t the case. I admit that I have been somewhat creatively inactive, and thus inspired to write a little less, but in fact life is rather good. Rather strange, but universally cosmic. And perhaps life is even getting in the way of this blog-life.


Tonight I went to a “love party”, in honour of Valentines Day. I wore a curtain that my mum made into a dress for me back when I was 17 and able to wear such things… I thought I’d interpret love in a 60s fashion. peace n love baby. This is my sweet friend Anita and I. We have recently been continually mistaken for sisters. I wonder if we are taking on each others characteristics. I admire her greatly and am flattered to have a sister in her. She makes up the greater triangle connection with myself and Narelle. Us three shall most certainly grow old together.

And back to happiness.. how can I prove that I’ve been having it? Maybe a lack of blog entries is the pudding…. I’ll get on to slapping up some of my design work soon too, and remember to comment on the beauty I find in the 7am hello with street-sharing bicycle riders, with shop assistants trying to decifer where my liver is, with falun gong practitioners describing their cat that loves playing in puddles, and french bakers that slice their loaves for you by hand….

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February 10, 2006

ever noticed

how a science fiction writer can live a life of banality

how a community worker can have no real friends

how a health worker can have an eating disorder

how an artist can not create their way out of depression

how a comedian can be so unhappy

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mango inspired


The way to my heart
is through stone fruit

The way to my soul
is through sun

The way to my mind
is through deep curving tunnels


you can read my face
it does not lie

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February 5, 2006

It's a rocky road

Rocky Road from Coode St Cafe… the mouthfuls of marshmellows, coated in thick milk chocolate, the crunch of peanuts and the chew of lolly raspberries.. each taste a different combination of the above.

If I drop one addiction, another one replaces it. It seems I need something to repeat, something to crave… what are some of these things? Coffee, chai, nectarines, curly wurlys… and then there are those things you can’t eat… work and affection…
What makes a person an addictive type? The need for the crutch? There are so many levels of addiction too. I think it is defined by the finding of happiness within the external. It is ignoring the inner voice and blocking it with a hit of fufilling desire, and perhaps it is an easier option than sitting with the need we feel and addressing what we are trying to fill.

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