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January 13, 2006

random nothingness

turner_offpress.jpg What kind of things does a designer have to worry about?
Well, firstly - does metallic ink on smooth ivory board look more impressive than on standard gloss stock? The printers think it looks far better on gloss - they point out how sheeny-shiny the metallic appears, asking if I really want such a subtle dull metallic? Well, I say, I’ve been thinking that gloss is associated with cheap mailbox dropped flyers, and something more uncoated will - despite looking less ‘wow’, be more likely to stay in hand. But theories go out the window when two printers are looking at you as though you’re mad.

I’m going to start a section on my Seedpod website (when that gets up) which features images like this, and is titled ‘just off the press’. I love the look of offcuts and uncuts. I collected a few from the printer today that I might try to use as comps slips. These offcuts are sheets of paper that have been printed over and over again, covered in fascinating levels of design and unplanned beauty. It’s also truly recycling to be using these.

What else do we designers let clog up our otherwise creatively free mind?
Will people think an ink-stamped logo is infact cooler than a printed one?
Should I strive higher even if the client is satisfied with the first concept?
Am I falling into a safe style of silouetted shapes and gradients?
How come I can’t be creative and tidy at the same time?

I just changed my picture up right to reflect something more real for me right now. Gone is the blonde and the hats and the beaming smile… but instead it is replaced by a calmer contentness and a smirk. I’m really getting into this space, content with my raw self. It brings out something truer. Getting truer all the time. And this moody weather is playing with me too… I love that we ultimately fall victim to nature’s greater power - or we embrace it - we choose.
Oh, and I created two new expressions, if you wouldn’t mind spreading them around. The first is ‘That lacks’ or ‘It totally lacks’. It is used when something is really lacking in essential quality. It can be applied to an event, a situation, a place… It is a bit of a replacement for ‘sucks’.
And my second one is ‘delush’. It is a combination of delicious and luscious. Often applied to things that exceed both statements, such as Muscato Wine or an amazing creme caramel. I admit that one came about through accident and alcohol…

[current mood] Ambient Brian Eno & homebaked vegetable pie

Posted by natalija at January 13, 2006 4:53 PM


I have a new word too. Hangry. Its when I am really really angry, because I am really fucking hungry. Why don't you answer my emails petal? I am starved for communication here on the edge of the earth.... Natty!! talk to me!!

Posted by: catherine at January 14, 2006 10:49 AM

You're jounral is really cool, love the karnivool photo- did you take that? The photo of yourself is also really pretty. Everything about this journal is delush, it certainly does not lack, wish I had the talent to do it.

Ciao, Sadie

Posted by: Sadie at January 15, 2006 12:26 AM

Hey Green - I LOVE your new word - hangry. I've always wanted to express that emotion in one word. I shall write you an email now that I have managed to get back on the net, albeit a weak wireless connection through my window!

And Sadie!
Thanks for writing. I did take that Karnivool shot - o'course. And I just did another shoot with them in a studio with a bunny. Will put one of them up soon :)
Thanks for incorporating my two new words - you're a natural!
by the way - how did you find me online?

Posted by: natty at January 15, 2006 8:18 AM

I sort of just found it. I think I followed a link from papercut or redroom, or somewhere like that! Sorry I don't remember, it was a few weeks ago now. Hope you don't mind.

Posted by: Sadie at January 15, 2006 5:31 PM

Hey Sadie, I wouldn't have a journal if I minded people finding it! I ask from a curiousity point of view. My only real link is from the Papercut site - from which I've just resigned, so soon that link will disappear, and possibly my ability to be found...
cheers x

Posted by: Natty at January 15, 2006 10:18 PM

Ah ok, maybe it was the papercut site then- I just looked back through your journal and have fallen in love with your PNG colour palette, did you have in printed in the end? It's spiffin'!! What was PNG like? I used to live there when I was a baby, but don't remember any of it, but the little bit I know about it shows it's an awesome place. I was in Cambodia too just a few days ago with work (seeing that you were there), that's a smart place as well... Oh well, bedtime for me, ciao, sadie
Oh also, I also love the sailing on Beaufort street photos! Can't believe you did that, but its such a cool idea :D

Posted by: Sadie at January 16, 2006 12:56 AM

I think we should resort to email soon!! grow@seedpod.com.au

anyhoos. I'm so obsessing about colour palettes, so much fun to pull together. PNG was really.. hm... dreamlike? But not exactly in a paradise kind of way as I'd expected. It's rough, it's hard, there isn't any tourism so there isn't any sucking up to whities - which is refreshing as well as humbling. So, you just get on with living like they do, getting in buses to the market, vegetables in your billum, trekking back in boiling sun.... not so romantic! But of course in retrospect it is! Missing what was truly organic and unique about the whole experience....
Are you in Perth? Is your name really Sadie? :)
Email me!

Posted by: Natty at January 16, 2006 1:08 PM

Hey Nat
You'll always be found somehow!

I found you accidentally by doing a search on ARTRAGE, saw Mik's journal, then followed the link to you.

Plus, I agree with Sadie - your journal is very cool, and very inspiring!

Posted by: Fee at January 17, 2006 8:37 AM

OH, it's feefee!!
Thanks for writing :)
It must of been a trawl to get to Mik's site from an Artrage search? His site is lovely aint it!
see ya soon i hope x

Posted by: Natty at January 17, 2006 8:48 AM

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