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January 29, 2006

Food Photography

This is one of the reasons I’m not vegetarian… salami. oh yeah. Anyway this post is about food photography. I’ve analysed what makes a good food shot, I’ve been studying Donna Hay and other food publications to see if this rule is the guiding one.. and it is. It is all about ‘window light’. Coming from behind/to the side. This can be created using a soft box and white light, and the effect is just the same - probably better. The reason? Mum’s just baked a delicious chocolate and raspberry high top muffin for you and placed in on the window ledge. The sunny backdrop gives a positive glow to the food, and radiates a homely morning. It seems to be the one-trick rule, as well as short depth of field and beautiful presentation. A new magazine just came out in Perth - Spice. I’m going to chase them I think with my theory and my follow up work… more than toasties I swear!

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January 27, 2006

An eye for difference


I don’t think it is unreasonable to cry over this. ?
I’m just going to have a little whine!…
I bought 50 sheets of paper for the printing of my business cards and when I supplied them to the printer he said “oh yes, this is riverstone”. So instead he bought his own sheets to print on, returning mine…

now, that I’ve brought my press checked card home, i’m shocked to discover how - not alike - these two papers are. I am angry. I am upset. How could he not see the distinct difference between these two papers and on top of that, if he did, not think it worth mentioning? Can’t you see how the bumps in the card are so geometric, so even? My paper has a gentle, organic rippling to it that suits my whole philosophy. This stock looks like egg-cartons. nb: This photo does not do the difference justice!
The colour of the paper is even the subtlest shade more yellowy than mine, which was more natural/creamy. Trust me.
My paper feel dense, of quality. This one feels light and cheap.
I find it hard to understand how one person can see all the detailed differences and yet another just goes ‘yep, the same’.
I think it would be different if these weren’t my cards and I wasn’t paying $500.

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January 22, 2006

leaf play

interlocking.jpg curling.jpg
zigzagging.jpg nailbiting.jpg

Would you read into leaf play? Or should I?
Is it an organic version of peeling the label off your beer?
Is it shyness? Is it tension? Is it just playing and desiring to touch?
Perhaps it is best to leave leaf playing unanalysed? Sometimes I do take it further than a roll or a rip, I stick sticks and I pull stalks, I use my nails to cut neat little shapes. I sometimes create little cities of twigs and leaves. Temporary cities probably never to be found. Slowly blown down or run over by dogs. But I make them for the chance than a girl sits down and loses herself in the discovery. Enjoying leaf play with a stranger or a friend - which builds the greatest art? Is the leaf play accompanied with friendship and laughter different to that which is traced in awkwardness? Is the subconscious working stronger when you are distracted by discussions of meaning and history? And therefore the creations derived from a more magical place. Indeed they are… much better that way. There is a little Goldsworthy in all of us - a book I picked up once that took my play into a field of gold! I love that some people make a life out of what others consider ‘play’.

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January 17, 2006

Sometimes I'm so lazy that I'd rather...

Heat up my 10 hour old unfinished coffee from the morning - than head out for a fresh one.

Sit down to work in pj pants, a bra and socks - than actually put on a whole set of clothes.

Hide all my belongings in the cupboard - than actually make any sense out of it.

Wiggle my body viciously in the comfort of my apartment - than going to the gym ten minutes away.

Do 3 salutes to the sun - than go to a yoga class.

Get my $15 worth of veges delivered - than tackle the Subiaco markets

Do blog entries - than any number of paid jobs on an extremely large list… oops!

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January 16, 2006

oh shit - what? I'm not special?

I came to earth
and all I got was this lousy bacterial infection…

And by contrast, in the guru’s clinic, my friend gets told she has strong connections to a spiritual world. So, what does that mean for me? He tells me to just have fun, to just “let go”… guess I’ll be letting go of ever seeing auras, knowing the future or dreaming of feathered indian men telling me the wild horses carry a message for me to share with other earthlings…
back to reconsidering my point of living again….

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January 13, 2006

random nothingness

turner_offpress.jpg What kind of things does a designer have to worry about?
Well, firstly - does metallic ink on smooth ivory board look more impressive than on standard gloss stock? The printers think it looks far better on gloss - they point out how sheeny-shiny the metallic appears, asking if I really want such a subtle dull metallic? Well, I say, I’ve been thinking that gloss is associated with cheap mailbox dropped flyers, and something more uncoated will - despite looking less ‘wow’, be more likely to stay in hand. But theories go out the window when two printers are looking at you as though you’re mad.

I’m going to start a section on my Seedpod website (when that gets up) which features images like this, and is titled ‘just off the press’. I love the look of offcuts and uncuts. I collected a few from the printer today that I might try to use as comps slips. These offcuts are sheets of paper that have been printed over and over again, covered in fascinating levels of design and unplanned beauty. It’s also truly recycling to be using these.

What else do we designers let clog up our otherwise creatively free mind?
Will people think an ink-stamped logo is infact cooler than a printed one?
Should I strive higher even if the client is satisfied with the first concept?
Am I falling into a safe style of silouetted shapes and gradients?
How come I can’t be creative and tidy at the same time?

I just changed my picture up right to reflect something more real for me right now. Gone is the blonde and the hats and the beaming smile… but instead it is replaced by a calmer contentness and a smirk. I’m really getting into this space, content with my raw self. It brings out something truer. Getting truer all the time. And this moody weather is playing with me too… I love that we ultimately fall victim to nature’s greater power - or we embrace it - we choose.
Oh, and I created two new expressions, if you wouldn’t mind spreading them around. The first is ‘That lacks’ or ‘It totally lacks’. It is used when something is really lacking in essential quality. It can be applied to an event, a situation, a place… It is a bit of a replacement for ‘sucks’.
And my second one is ‘delush’. It is a combination of delicious and luscious. Often applied to things that exceed both statements, such as Muscato Wine or an amazing creme caramel. I admit that one came about through accident and alcohol…

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January 7, 2006

2006 is dancing


In the spirit of lilac just before christmas, I bought this silk dress. It is actually mauve, but I still get almost the same vibration from it. Plus the silky, vintage style of it adds a whole ‘nother dimension. Summer arrived in the last two days so now I can wear it every day - but it is currently at the dry cleaner to remove the oil from the Italian bread and the choc bomb spill. I think there is a reason that I’ve never owned a dress this expensive. You have to protect it with an eagle eye and constant mindfulness. Not my two greatest strengths. As dad put it today “You’re an accident waiting to happen”. He doesn’t realise how seriously that is going to be etched into my gravestone. I am a constant accident. But I reason with this as the nature of my spirit - the reason I think in colour, energy and emotion, not in spatial-awareness, measurement and figures.

2006… Like others have been blogging their resolutions, I’m now going to tell you what it is about for me…


Be more natural

Be more organic

Be more loving

Be less judgemental

Be less into quick satisfaction

Be more well read

And overall, what I sense about 2006 -

The word is reward. This year is the one for all of us who have been learning and growing so much in previous years, really struggling to work out who we are, what we want to do with our lives and trying to survive all challenges. 2006 is our reward year. Fruition, leverage, the prizes. It is all within sight now, and I know this isn’t just true for me. The projects are going to succeed, the friendships are going to cement, all of our dreaming is going to find solidity.

Lap it all up. Love Nats x

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January 3, 2006

Friends in December

My beautiful friends came over on xmas eve for drinks. Although xmas means absolutely nothing and each year this becomes clearer and clearer when I wish people ‘merry xmas’ and don’t really know why. But ignoring that, I see it as an opportunity to come together in celebration of life and friendship. It’s an excuse for people to stop working, come home to Perth, look family in the eye and share great gifts of life.
My friends are just truly awesome. Take Mel for example, she turns a broken set of reindeer antlers into a rooster headpiece…. just like that.

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