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December 31, 2005

The Story of How I Woke Up Yesterday and Decided to "Go Natural" and Today I Have Hair the Colour of a Watermelon

I decided on Friday that I’d had enough of the world of illusion. I’m no longer going to fluff up my self esteem with mascara, hide my fear with blush and build confidence with bleach. Nup, I decided to put all that colouring-in away and go natural.
On a deeper level still, I want to be my rawest self, to not hide behind any facade, and a great way to encourage this process along is to become entirely comfortable in my true appearance.
I am fully aware that I won’t get a second glance in a bar without alluring eyeshadow and ready-for-sex cheeks… but I’ve come to realise, nothing good ever came of that kind of attention anyway. And if that is what social interaction relies on, I’m over it and I’m out to make new friends.

Step one: No make up. Easy enough. Sure, a couple of pimples on show and an uneven colouring in skin, but really, I look okay without the shades.

Step two: Visit the hairdresser….
Now, If I had the choice to never cut my hair again, I would.
But what does a girl do when she is looking at a mop of blonde that is growing out sidewards with roots the colour of the other side of the colour spectrum?
I can’t really just let it grow and grow, I need to take my head to a hairdresser who knows what he is doing and who can take this old me and blend it into the real me. So, although getting your hair cut isn’t really a natural process, at least he can make me look natural - right??
So, my aim? To discover the true shade of my hair. I’m guessing it is a dark blonde/mousey brown, so I pointed to the closest thing on the hair chart. “And chuck in a few darker streaks while you’re at it - i want NATURAL.”
He says… “leave it to me”.
BIG MISTAKE. Why do I not listen to this warning sign?????
I hand over 200 smakaroos, kindly thank the hairdresser, calmly proceed to my car, drive off for a few blocks, then look at myself in the review mirror and start bawling.
Was this a nasty joke? Is natural this hideous? I look like a grey terrior. It’s cut like cutting is going out of fashion AND I feel like he purposely gave me the ugliest shade this side of mouse brown. This is like a grey mouse, not a cute honey brown one.

Plan A: Get rid of product:
I head to the closest house with hot water - my folks, where I wash the mountains of product out of my hair.. note to hairdresser: product is hardly natural (especially the part where you finished it off with a straightener) - I already had straight hair???

Plan B: Acceptance:
I cry and cry til I realise this is so silly to be crying about, so I stand up and look in the mirror, and off I cry again…. I want to accept looking like this, but I feel like someone else did this to me, I wasn’t born this way, so bugger acceptance.

Plan C: Lesson in life
To be so attached to beauty is the lesson my hairdresser wanted to teach me. That if I feel so strongly about how others perceive me then I have to address this self consciousness and look at how I am trapped by the illusion of beauty and fall victim to judging others as I now feel judged by the world. Or maybe the hairdresser is just a bloody *!@)?!….?

Plan D: Cut it myself
I found my mum’s sewing scissors and starting gently chopping into the angular chunky pieces that hang from the left side of my head, I taper these out, yes yes… looking a bit better…

Plan E: Hide
Next day, (this morning), I wear a headband. Yes! I can do this for 6 months.

Plan F: Remove orange
I slap some toner on the electric-carrot coloured roots, to try to at least have it match the rest of my hair.

Plan G: Get rid of grey
I spray on some ‘sun in’ which lighten the areas which appear to be like salt and pepper.

Plan H: Cover with crazyiness
I strategically place some coral pink dye I have at home in streaks on the front to warm up the tone, then put a racing stripe down the back of my hair, just to see what it looks like.

Plan I: Phone a friend
Head to Narelle’s house for an honest opinion and advice. She doesn’t even pretend, just gives me the ‘pity eyes’ and helps me to formulate a plan. She also says she doesn’t like the racing stripe. Drat.

Plan J: Dye it myself
Go to chemist, buy brown dye to cover the lot. Read the West Australian while I wait for my cash out to see the dux of my school (10 year reunion missed a week ago) and how well she is doing in law in Sydney, then turn to page 6 to see another girl from school who has inherited a 45 million dollar fortune and is getting married… receive dye and leave feeling a little bit like a loser.

Plan K: Experiment at the last minute
At Narelle’s I decide to dye my entire hair the coral pink, just to see what it looks like… add a little product just to cope, and decide to stick with what is now officially named ‘watermelon’.

So much for natural…… sigh.

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December 27, 2005

Blue Eyed Tiger


Meet Blue Eyes. He was roaming an African safari one boiling hot day and decided he’d had enough, so he stowed himself away in some Australian’s luggage and ended up landing in Perth, albeit a little crumpled and stuffed.
As you can see from the expression on his face, he’s been having one heck of a great time over here ever since. Y’know he hears people call it ‘dullsville’ - he even saw the play (that was his only regretable choice) but his experience has been nothing of the sort. This dude has seen adventure! Yes, right here in little isolated Perth, Western Australia.
We’re talking about enlightening conversations with pelicans and old men, nightclubbing with the cream of Perth’s elite, being mistaken for a toy (bad move little girl) and misadventure through unknown suburban streets! Ol Blue eyes reckons there is so much going on in Perth that he’s starting his own magazine. Self titled of course! He’s hoping you’ll learn to see things through his eyes!
I’m assisting him to get it happening, make sure he doesn’t growl at potential advertisers, and manages to get some sleep, (he’s a bit bugged out in this photograph).
I’ll be sure to let you know when his ode to Perth’s individuality hits the streets.

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December 19, 2005

Concrete Launch Photos

Here is a link to the progression of images from the launch of Concrete Dialogues.

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December 18, 2005

returning home from sunday visits

I was a bit surreal today
as I walked down the street
wearing a pink gingham baby doll dress
carrying a metre long palm frond
A half empty bottle of wine
A book
And a tea candle

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December 16, 2005

The Concrete Dialogues Launch


Last night was such a buzz!! We created this thing!!

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December 14, 2005

tis the season of lilac

lilac season Lilac trees are blooming in the corner by the gate, jacaranda flowers fall on stone,
lavendar wofts through windows, the skyline rests against mauve

tis the season for lilac, tis the season indeed, just walk around Mount lawley and you’ll see.. you’ll see! It’s everywhere, it’s fallen on our streets and on our homes, purple baby - like you’ve never known beforel!

Like a flower sensing the season, I dyed my hair lilac
Like a blossom, I turned my colour on for the bees.
I’m a bit of nature aren’t i, and so I’m colouring myself to suit the colours of our season.
The colour is lilac, i’m telling ya folks.
get into it! before it chooses to get into you.

ps: more specifically - i’m talking Pantone 2715

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December 11, 2005

Concrete Dialogues


Concrete Dialogues has been launched. It’s a collaborative writing project, 2 years in the making!
Three wide eyed bushy tailed people were taken on a journey of unknown proportions… inspiration with a shite-load of reality thrown in. And now the cake is ready for eating… and we’ve got wrinkles.

We have: the mapping data working through a google map of Perth, the zine full of great pieces of writing, a spunky design aesthetic, collector cards being handed out in bookshops, contributors contributing, an industry launch party next week… this project is finally seeing it’s day!

What is this project about? The rant I’m going with as I hand out zines and cards:
It’s a journey through Perth with stories. It’s electronic songlines. It’s creating community. It’s redefining Perth. Anyone can write a piece connected to a location on the map and add to the identity of Perth. If you’re more of an observer - you can just wander about and read.

If you’re from Perth or know any writers… send them over to the site to contribute and build our fair city.

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December 9, 2005

how to ensure I water the garden

Here is a selection of plants that sit on the brick wall outside my apartment. As you can see from the various images, I’m not the best at remembering to water my plants. I tend to discover them on their last leaves and revive them for another few days, then forget again until they almost die again and so on. It’s like a torturous experiment with mother nature. …woh, that just reminded me of when I cried about chopping up a sweet potato…
Anyway, quite often I’ll just pop down the road and buy a bright new plant and forget the old. As you can see, the left plant is my newest purchase and that tomato tree there,… well, that’s just embarassing. I basically paid 50cents for one cherry tomato.

The purpose of putting these images here is to inspire me to keep these ones alive (or in some cases, revived) and then I’ll post up a set of new images in a months time.

Wonder if this will work?….

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December 8, 2005

A first...


I just aquired my first, true dinky di piece of art!!
Billy Atkins from Jigalong is his name. He’s an old bloke who’s won the Telstra Art Award and recently had his art bought by the National Gallery.
When I saw this painting via a crappy snap via a friend’s sister’s friend up in Newman… I wasn’t moved as such but saw it as a good investment. However, when my neighbour brought the painting to my door last night in its huge cardboard box, my excitement was displayed through song and dance.
Then when I gently peeled away the bubble wrap, and as each little paint drop appeared before me, I truly welled up. I just sat on the carpet and smiled at this gorgeous sense of life that had landed in my apartment.
I was thinking about a man far far away spending his time creating this image and then setting it sail to a strangers place. I find it such a special gift to have. I wish I could shake his hand, so I might try to meet him sometime soon.

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December 6, 2005

Some Dreams Come True

It was quite synchronistic when I received a call from a film producer a few weeks ago asking if I’d like to shoot stills for her upcoming film. I had just been having one of those weeks asking myself why I wasn’t in hollywood living up the dream lives that those DVD extra’s seem to portray. Oh the fun of making a film, the splashing about in champagne and torrid affairs with ruggedly handsome stars…
So, I came up with a method to get myself into that arena.. I already have the passport, all I need is a job. I thought photography was the ticket.
This led me to the plan of being a stills photographer on film sets… well, as it happens, my dreams were answered in the form of this stepping stone - a film by Christopher Kenworthy and Chantal Bourgault called “Some Dreams Come True”.
It stars Paul Goddard, Claire Hooper and Kelly Paterniti.

It’s been quite eye opening, mostly because its not all fun ‘n’ games. There is real professional seriousness that creates the needed atmosphere to get the work done… but then again when you’re shooting a quirky scene, people do have fun… creating those out-take moments.

These photos are from day 2 of 3 - the reception party scene in which Paul’s character realises his ‘dream woman’ in not that fantasy girl but in fact his new bride.

Click on images for a closer look

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December 4, 2005

boxer nat


This photo cracks me up so much. I look like a sour boxer. I’ve been looking at my childhood photographs this weekend to see if I can get any insight into my true nature - that which was evident before my memory kicks in.
It is hard to believe that I existed and thought back when those photographs were taken…
What was there then, that I carry with me now?

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December 1, 2005

Pantone Fan

pantone fan As designers love creating new things, love stationery, love fresh paper and opening packages.. the starting of a new design business is a brilliant way to access all of these opportunities.
I’ve been sucked into the world of NEW. Shopping online is my new favourite activity, roaming the web for design inspiration books, printers, blank cds and sneaking off into handmade jewellery… and now, my most splendid purchase has arrived at my door step! A set of 6 delicious new Pantone Swatch books - all packaged in their own zip up carry case! My god, how can a client not think I’m worth it!
I might just carry these around with me everywhere so people know to take this designer seriously.

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