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November 29, 2005

corporate vs creative

See! I can do corporate, it’s just that I don’t work with those kind of clients very often.
It’s quite problematic when I show mainstream clients my portfolio and they think I’m “too creative” and that I wouldn’t know how to appeal to their mining clients - for example. I’m not quite sure how to tell them that corporate is easy - I can do it in my sleep! And please don’t think that my creative ability is limited to the clients I have. They don’t define me. I’m just lucky I get to scribble and explore more often than draw up geometric cornflower blue circles.
ohh, but give me the work….

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November 26, 2005

What are your favourite colours?

Above is a colour experiment. I thought of my favourite colour, then my next favourite - and so on, until I had exhausted the most exciting colours to me right now. I wanted to see what effect the order of these colours would have.

I’m very curious about why our colour preferences change over time, beyond the fashion influence, and how our relationship with colour tells us much about ourselves. I use my love/hate relationshp with pink as a core example of my transitions through life. It’s been about being more comfortable with being feminine, acknowledging my true self and expressing a confidence. And other colours I think become likeable because of popular culture and have little to do with self.

Relating to the above experiment - I’m curious about design methods that use ‘chance’ and the sub conscious to generate ideas. To choose a colour scheme for example, without really consciously thinking about the relationship of each colour and getting the left brain all involved, instead this technique allowed me to just feel for my favourite colour in that moment, and then look at the result afterwards. And I like it, do you?

Want to try your own and email it to me and I’ll paste it up.
nat at seedpod . com . au

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November 23, 2005

new space

seedpod studio

This is a peek into my new studio space - albeit temporary. I heard that green induces the most creativity (and envy?) so I’ve got that most fashionable greeny turquoise facing my eyes all day. Out the window are leafy green trees and occassional happy splashes from people using the pool. It feels like a secret getaway studio…
(Click image for a closer viewing)

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November 20, 2005

Art In My City

ok, i had a slight relapse into getting too personal, too out of the boundaries of ‘natalija creates’. I’m gonna refrain from discussing love & coffee & love of coffee. I really want to use this space to explore and share my design and photography work, creativity in many forms and my inspirations (although the former contributes).
So if you are reading out there, I hope you understand that a journal winds and needs to be watched as it, too, is being watched.

This is a concept for promoting the City of Perth’s, Art In The City installation project. It’s such a cool thing for the city to do considering we have such an uptight old man approach to real live art on this side of Australia. I might be talking about those that control the city, they are attached to a clean, quiet city for retired engineers resulting in the too appropriate label Dullsville.
Well, we desperately need more spaces that encourage the fastly departing creative milleu, leaving us with a lack of interesting twenty-somethings. Three by Three is a welcome space for artists and the public alike!
This project calls for artists to imagine Forest Place as an art space for a day. It runs over 3 days with 3 different artists. It has been going for about 2 or 3 years I believe.
Past artists tended to explore political messages like ‘children overboard’ and ‘no war’ as well as some very quirky interactive things like a massive twister game.
When looking at photo documentation of these interactive installations it dawned on me how much more likely the kids are to get involved, they will go up and roll things around - where as the adults sit back, scratch their chins and intellectualise. That’s fine for the art on the gallery wall, but so much can be learned by experiencing, not just through analysis.
This is one of the things we forget as adults as we start to become more and more self conscious, too cool and anxious.
This is the kind of art I live for - it’s exciting!

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November 19, 2005

What does love look like?


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November 17, 2005

coffee love

every day I wake up with an excitement that I can’t initially put my finger on… then it slowly surfaces.. another day! another coffee! Yes, at some point soon I’m going to experience that ‘first cup of coffee’ feeling. This burst of glee through my body is swiftly followed by the desire to tell people I love them.
Now why do you think that is?

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November 16, 2005

I'm in love....

Pink Musket Having only recently discovered the delicacy of a good musket dessert wine (previously considered too sickly..) well it has been like rediscovering oysters and blue cheese! Bringing a new obsession into my life!

Drinking musket is one divine experience, but last night I experienced drinking pink musket, and with my love of pink fully realised in liquid form, the senses were consumed! The addition of a free bottle being served to us by a Canadian bar fly also heightened the experience.. Free Pink Musket.. does it get any better?
Well, yes!
Add 7 friends to share it with at your local Must Wine bar on a Tuesday night.
Plus ask if they’ll throw in a free cake. and they do!

I am now in love, with a pink sticky liquid with a gorgeous foiled logo - none other than Stella Bella pink musket


Heaven… I’m in heaven… (Frank Sinatra)

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November 15, 2005

awake IS the new sleep?


I was driving along having my usual sense of awakeness in a world that seems mostly asleep, feeling like a part of my brain wasn’t fixed solidly and managed to slip through the streamlining of human nature, resulting in an unusual awareness of life, yet without the tools to cope with the awareness. The doctors know that they can give you Fluoxetine to fill that missing link so that you short circuit to just seeing beauty, but instead I see something kind of scary and I’m not sure I’m suppose to block it and along with it block my creativity? My drive, my essense? Anyway, that is another discussion. Beyond anything else, this awakeness sometimes feels so lonely. Is it just me with this awakeness? Me, driving down this street while he mows and she walks the dog, are you both asleep?

But then I think of my close friends, yep, they too are awake ones, and then I remember how I read books sometimes and feel so connected with the author’s perceptions and realise that so too do thousands of other readers, then there are songs which do the same things, and movies, like I love huckerbees which bring off centre thoughts into the mainstream and seem accepted…

So I’m not alone? I’m not really specially connected to a slimstream of awareness. But the one thing I can’t get and want explained… is…

Image above is from a photoshoot that I did today for an album called ‘Blue Bed’ by Leanne Glover.

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November 11, 2005

Why was today so wonderful?


I woke up to the sound of a sewing machine
I explored the idea of seeds in business cards
I found a beached seal
I had a free lunch & glass of wine
I worked next to a rose petal
I bought a paper hat

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November 10, 2005

unexpected evening

Lose your key
call your friends
dance down the street
pick flowers for a friend who will rescue you
tell two perfect strangers they walk the same way
drop on your knees to deliver a rose to someone in white
take your pink key for a dance up the street around sprinklers
smile at a girl who smiles back
and prance to the door you can unlock
now that you have found the key!
And no, it wasn’t where you expected, instead, you found it on the way.

If I don’t believe in coincidences, then life just got a little bit interesting!

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good music is...

The best kind of music is that which doesn’t ‘take’ instantly, instead it’s a grower - taking time and close attention to fully appreciate. This time gives you the space to discover the music’s depths, the qualities… and just when you think you understand it, you discover more.
The opposite kind of music might be well packaged and has a widely appreciated instant appeal, but very quickly tires and irritates as it doesn’t reach your soul.

Now just replace the word music with the word man/woman… and you’ll see my point.

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