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June 29, 2005

In PNG expect...

They told me that PNG was the land of the unexpected…
What they didn’t tell me to expect:
People with very soft hand shakes that barely brush against your skin.
Red tongues, red gums and red splatters everywhere from the Bedelnut.
Bugs bugs bugs, little ants on the bed, spiders in the office, strange insects that should be animated and put into kids cartoons!
Great coffee, but no plungers.
No clock tells the same time. Be it 5 minutes out or 5 hours out.

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June 28, 2005

A palette of the University in Madang, PNG.


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June 15, 2005

the man shall not win!

Bec Patterson of Breathless We need a big meeting in Perth with all photographers. I am starting to think that I might have to organise it. Every photographer in Perth should get together and have a frank conversation about rates - And how we can force certain ‘Western Australian’ newspapers and magazines’ not to exploit their monopoly by bulling photographers (and writers) into working for a pittance.

The industry standard, I learnt at University - some seven years ago, was about $100/hr. So, where do they get off refusing to work with me for more than $50 for 3 hours work in the year 2005?
I know $100/hr sounds like a lot compared with other jobs, but after you take away the expenses of the camera, lenses and lights, you are just making a living.
I have had many a strong visual image in my head that expresses the way I would like to respond to this, however I have mostly just talked to the (imaginary) editor from my car seat. So, why don’t I just say “Take this job and shove it”?
Well, I kind of did, but then they asked me to a civilised lunch (I had to pay) to be ‘convinced’ that I should do it for less…
why? Opportunities? Some money better than no money? Experience? Maybe more in the future? Guaranteed amount of work?

The usual slimy scare tactics… that just keeps the big boys afloat.
Well, It seems the only solution is to organise this meeting with all the photographers that say YES (such as the strange person that is offering to shoot products at $5 a pop?) and thus causing other photographers to have to weaken their worth and be devalued.
We can all rise up, be firm and create a union so that we get what we deserve!

I shall not work for people that do not respect the work I am giving them, that think they are doing ME a favour. I must not bow to the short fat man, instead I am opening my side wings to the universe and trust that she shall keep me flying.

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June 3, 2005

it's all rainbows


Out the back of our new office in Mount Lawley, this amazing double rainbow appeared. We all admired its splendour. It feels like this is the kind of office in which we’ll see the beauty of rainbows. We are all grinning and happy in this old shop, freshly painted chalk and coral.

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