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May 25, 2005

Deckchair artwork

deckchair This needs a title. Any suggestions?
It’s the design I had printed on the canvas of a deckchair - for Deckchair Theatre’s auction. I was so thrilled to be asked to put a piece in. But funny how I then left the deckchair against my wall for weeks, avoiding doing the artwork. This is often the case, that I want some opportunity and when I receive it I leave it on the backburner for fear of failure! Do you find this?
But as always, eventually I sat myself down and let my mind float to an idea that I could execute with ease. Accepting I’m not a painter, I turned to my old art of photography and selected an image I loved. However I did push this idea a little too far to a point where I was stressing out on the phone trying to find industrial thread, industrial machinists and framers who could finish my art within 24 hours!
It’s being photographed now, so I’ll get the finished image of it up here soon.

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May 18, 2005

shock horrors

Things I found out today:

The paper used for fast food such as in McDonalds is made of chemicals that when heated (with hot food) create toxic chemistry. When you eat your chippies and chicken out of the box, this stuff will be in your food. This paper is worse than plastic.

Tampons in Australia have all been tested and it was found that they contain extremely high levels of pesticides and chemicals that are used on cotton plants. The chemicals used in this agriculture has increased heavily over the years to combat pests, yet the bleaching of tampons has remained the same. There is a link between this and the 1000% increase in cervical cancer and toxic shock syndrome.

The making of paper creates a waste product of the equivalent of ‘agent orange’. This is flushed daily into our waterways.

Seek to find out what is really going on people!!

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May 12, 2005

excited from the inside out

Ok! I can’t hold back any longer. I am VERY VERY VERY excited about going to PNG. It uses up all my energy not to flutter and yelp around the room chanting “I’m going to Madang for 6 weeks, wahey!!”.
I’m reading Jeremy’s blog which is all about his life in PNG as a volunteer. This entry is specifically on Madang. Get ready to get jealous.
But it isn’t actually 100% confirmed yet. I still need the big thumbs up from the Brother Bugg at Divine Word University.
I’m stopping myself therefore from doing too much research, from looking up too many pretty pictures, from talking to all the volunteers I’ve been put in contact with, just in case…. just in case…

- - -

Tonight Papercut went to the Propel Bowl fundraiser for Propelarts (one of our favouritest clients). A hoot! We had all of the employers and employees there. A momentus occassion to realise you truly are a real company, professional like, with staff, in fact, 7 of you! This wakes me up to this crazy thing we have created - making me feel all gooey and proud. (And the employees whipped the bosses collective asses at lawn bowling. So now they have to be our bosses for a week… (!!)

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May 11, 2005

old cottees tune

My dad picks the beans
that go to nestle
to make the latte
that you like best

My dad picks the beans
for 3 cents
to feed the family
with no rest

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May 10, 2005

cate blanchett

I have a mild crush on Cate Blanchett so I was quietly thrilled when I got home last night and she was on Denton’s ‘Enough Rope’.
I ‘experienced’ Cate when strolling down a street in Surrey Hills a couple years ago. The first thing I saw was a white glow eminating from this woman. It was as though the sun was shining only on her. It took me a little while to realise it was Cate. She was with her husband and baby in a pram. Cate was just smiling and glowing!

So, that has kind of effected my interest in her. I already felt she was such a remarkable beauty but this added a lot of magic to her being.
On Enough Rope she didn’t come across so great, admittedly Denton was asking her quite unanswerable questions - like, do you think your beautiful? (In other words). So she kind of stumbled through it and came across as a mix of superficial, uncomfortable but however life-aware. I love that she mentioned being comfortable with death. It is something she had to pre-empt with ‘this sounds morbid..’ due to general mainstream reaction to the discussion of death. But Denton encourged it. I wonder how much she holds back on the depth of her awareness of life for the sake of a television audience. You can hardly get details in an interview and you need - as a famous person I guess - to hold a strong ground and avoid tabloids. So if you’re going to talk about how you realised at 11 when your father died that life here is all life is and that by spending time with elders, you learnt to appreciate the journey of life and to accept death - and die gracefully… best to do so superficially?

ahh crap. I’ve never written about celebrities, but it all had me thinking. And last night it occured to me that maybe I saw her aura that day in surrey hills. A strong white light - what else could it have been?

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May 7, 2005

morning walk

I walked under a tree branch
it caressed me tenderly
by running its leaves through my hair

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May 3, 2005

little friend on a journey

Driving through a wet and windy sunset, I stare through a raindropped screen of glass
at traffic lights in the distance. Still green.
In my peripheral vision I see a small dark shape on my windscreen, edging its way upwards.
Looking at it, it appears to be crawling, jutting itself to the safety of the edge of the black rim.
Then I notice that it is just but a bit of leaf. The top part, the bit that would be the tip. Somehow broken from its body, it had landed on my car.
It is not a crawling creature, it is just the wind that is nudging it.
If I drive faster, will it speed up?
It doesn’t. It keeps its pace. Maybe it is not being moved by the wind.
I start imagining it again, as I did before, as a living creature. A ‘leaf tip bug’. It has its own personality, its own brain. It is heading for safety. Something to get a grip on.
As I pull to a stop at the traffic lights, the leaf tip stops.
And immediately drops to the ground.
He’s gone.
It’s just me and the grey sky again.

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