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April 3, 2005

Banana l'orange syrup cake

syrupcake.jpg I’m so far removed from the industrial revolution of kitchen appliances and Stepford Wives in clean frilly aprons making delightful cakes for their families. But I still, unlike my partner, get a huge thrill out of baking. The process of gathering the specific ingredients, the combining, beating, folding and measuring of them. And ultimately, the satisfaction of removing from the oven, a perfect, warm, aromatic cake that I can feed to my lover and my friends.

Baking goes as far back as flour right?
And yet, to make the best cakes one often has to ‘beat’. To do this, one requires a good quality beater and a sturdy bowl. So, how did women of the 20s get their egg whites into firm peaks? It simply isn’t possible. I can understand how the introduction of silver and bakelite appliances must have been a revolution to them! I have experienced the pain of beating and beating 3 egg whites with a fork and getting no where. So, being able to set the beater to ‘10’ and let it spin and whip those eggs from white liquid into a thick foam without so much as a muscle on my behalf, seems like pure bliss. Baking is now accessible to everybody who can afford the equipment.
I read up on this, to check my random 1920 date of the introduction of beaters.. well, they did have hand beaters and other more prehistoric metal contraptions, so it wasn’t entirely impossible… BUT before they had this, they had servants. Yep, so the introduction of appliances was for the middle class who could no longer afford a black woman to mix their cookie dough, and they had to get to it themselves. hmmmm. And so the housewife was born!

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