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March 21, 2005

Double dealings

Two things always happen at once. If you get offered a job, suddenly another one is thrown at you. If you meet a great guy, another one starts ringing you out of the blue. I know this all from so much experience! So then you have to make this big decision. Something simple now has this big tough choice in it. Is the universe conspiring to challenge as soon as you reach for something? The tests come thick and fast in these moments of choice…
“Oh, you wanna work there do ya? Well, let’s see if you really want it, let’s offer you this job as well… make you squirm, make sure you want it bad enough, or whether in fact you were about to make a terrible terrible mistake!”
Ahh, the theories, who knows.. but the other one I have heard is that whatever choice you make is the right one, because that is your journey, your fate, what you were suppose to do… so i guess with that, throw caution to the wind and just choose!
You can’t fight the universe, if you win, you lose

Another thing I’m thinking about is how also… all bad things happen at once. I think I can channel the bad things, or the good things. If you focus too hard, then through the universe shaped tunnel, everything negative will come soaring at you. If you don’t fix your focus up quick smart, before you know it, everyone is leaving you, people are dieing, your business is breaking up, you have to move..
It’s a dangerous place. Allowing your mind to make life change for good or bad.

Posted by natalija at March 21, 2005 9:50 PM


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