nat on the road

Natalija Brunovs. Residing in Perth, Western Australia.
30 years old. A Latvian American Australian Pisces of nomadic dreams and questionable questioning. I've been a graphic designer, a company director, a photographer, a film director, a public speaker, a community arts facilitator, an activist, an artist and a saxophonist.
My plan has been to have no plan, I've simply done what I'm drawn to and been prepared to confront my fears.

My blog is my way to keep creative despite inspiration's ebbs and flows. The blog is my space to fill and it gives me a reason to develop an idea. With my invisible audience, I can 'launch' my ideas rather than store them in a little book.
Sometimes I imagine hundreds of people watching and other times I think I am alone...

I like getting mail:

Things I've done

Spent 6 weeks volunteering in PNG as a design and photography teacher. (2006)

Started a graphic design company at the age of 23. (Papercut Media 2002 - 06)

Had a cameo in a feature film called 'The Sculptor' (2008)

Been a resident photographer in two remote WA communities. Mingenew and Meekatharra.

Been a band photographer shooting the likes of Eskimo Joe, Jebediah and You Am I. (97-01)

Been a soloist saxophonist in the Sydney Kings Basketball Stage Band (1993).

Studied design at Curtin University. (96-98)

Had a job designing phone sex ads and got fired for not being dedicated enough. (99)

Given lectures at UWA on 'my career'.

Studied documentary film making at the film and tv institute. (2007)