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July 30, 2006

places i never dreamed i would end up


stay tuned for post sleep post..

big love to perth massive

July 26, 2006

when the fellas blew into town

who will do the beer run.JPG

July 25, 2006

more f train adventures

'I APOLOGISE ladies and gentleman' boomed the strangely clear and coherent voice over the PA "but we are being held in the station by the selfish individual holding the doors to the last carriage...'

Heads, usually burried or closed behind blase transit faces, look up.

'We will move on,' continues the voice,' as soon as said individual realises that the MTA is here to provide a system of public transport and that we endeavour to run to a universal schedule and not his personal one.'

Faces have warmed with silent smiles and the train winds its way up the hill out of the Carroll St station.

Moments later the PA crackles to life once more.

'You might think that your ivy league education makes you better than everyone, but remember, in the subway ALL ARE EQUAL'

The carriage cheers, one commuter high fives his neighbour and both the train and night roll on.