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classical and a caffeine full

working backwards through the morning, a minute or so of grabbed
time before i start moving forward, to the train and the upper west side.
the daily pilgrimage to super hero heaven... a moment on the million
dollar couch, baby downstairs, parents at art show, tread mill is being
installed, the violin frentic in the background. blearly eyed to the train,
repeat squats and half twist lunges, weird shower scenes and a bar of
german chocolate. patirck is back from his beautiful european city, he
has left the woman he loves, he is feeding us chocolate because he won't
eat it himself. its dark and rich... the cafe is light and full, the soy milk
today is vanilla and too sweet, like most things in this town.. but not the
chocolate, the bitter square dissolves on my tongue and i feel, at once,
completely satisfied.

chocolate in the morning rocks my world.


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