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May 31, 2006

the insufferable f train

on the slowest moving subway line in the universe.. my meandering thoughts were totally interrupted by the buzz and crackle of another passenger's portable music player.. the white noise slowly gained momentum in my ears and turned into ' a land down under' or whatever that song title actually is. the world is a funny small place.

i see this one man everywhere, he has terrible hair, but i think he doesn't think so.. he wears flip flops and smokes with his left hand, i think he might be french - but perhaps i feel that because it usually ringing in my ears when we encounter one another. i see him on broadway, at 96th, sometimes as far down as 72nd.. but today, perhaps our first nod of acknowledgement, i was at 11th.. it feels like a countdown. to what - who can say.

maybe pizza.. it's the way things seem to go in this city