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June 19, 2007

Inflatable Rampage: Filled to Capacity

Liz & Nat: feeling the 'lag

Dear people of the Concrete: as Napoleon once said, TRAVEL IS FUNNY. See evidence of this on www.inflatablerampage.org, the documentation of the capers of two people who are never quite sure how they got where they are, or even if they are actually there at all. To explain further, here is the "about" blurb cut and pasted into this email. The sheer slackness of this action alone should be an indication of the travel style you can expect within. We have liftoff!

Flying in the face of the world at large, Inflatable Rampage is travel photojournalism deprived of its complimentary peanuts and forced into the brace position by two ladies who threw their rose-coloured lenses into the quarantine bin well before takeoff. Most pictures are worth a thousand words; ours are worth about fifty plus some hand gestures.

Tea? Coffee? Insight? Not on this refreshments trolley!