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The time has come, the walrus said.....

.....to shamelessly throw my wares in 'yo faces'. Have been irregularly twiddling about with an assortment of beads, chains & old cheap harlot offcast adornments for some many months, fashioning them into something of more interest to myself (and possibly others), and here is a delegation of the results. A former work associate (I would offer up excess sliced cheese, he'd bestow my unnecessarily long-winded coffee), like most cafe minions in Bristol, was there funding his way through existence as a photographer & DJ. He subsequently found another bar job in a fancy 'space' for fancy dills & dolls, though apparently his own yuppie sheen had a use-by because he got the rub for not knowing enough about old grape juice. In any case, this meant he had lots more faffing time to devote to his art(s), so when he learnt of my pseudo-jewelling exploits, he appropriated a few lady friends to play models in the makeshift studio atop his parents' pad, thereby plumping up his buff portfolio and my now zygotic one. So heres it is....

liz seymour1 web.jpg liz seymour2 web.jpg liz seymour3 web.jpg liz seymour4 web.jpg
liz seymour5 web.jpg liz seymour6 web.jpg liz seymour7 web.jpg liz seymour8 web.jpg

Img0010-1.jpg Img0018-1.jpg Img0021-1.jpg Img0024-1.jpg Img0027-1.jpg Img0030-1.jpg Img0144-1.jpg

I've stuck up a few auto-recordings taken at arm's length in a French bathroom also, to give one a more panoramic view of my vast range (16 pieces in total, I'm practically the House of Cartier). The tentative plan is for all of the above to hopefully be languishing in a very King St boutique near you (if you're near King St) in a matter of months. Please keep in mind that months also make up years. Otherwise they go to the most attractive bidder, and yes, as with any transaction participated in by me, you may pay in fruit and nuts.
To plug the photographer (sounds like a euphemism - isn't - should be), his name is Ben Young, he's based in Bristol in reality and at www.benedictyoung.co.uk in this delightful parallel realm. All shutter releasing, lighting, direction, touch ups done by him, all jewellery, slap, primping, diffusing & reflecting done by myself.

You like? You want to buy?


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Hi Liz,
I read your comment on Chris Stokes' website and followed your name here. Your jewelry is AMAZING. Where do you sell it? Probably not in Seattle. How much would you charge for the necklace in the bottom row, third from left? Let me know!

Hello Jenny, was chuffed to know you were amazed & glad to see it well received. In answer to your question... I currently have no sure answer; this is an excellent specimen of a situation in which I become crazed about doing something without particularly diligent planning. I don't currently sell anything anywhere, at the moment I'm mopping up the dregs of my degree in the UK, then I'll be doing a different course for a couple of months before heading back to Perth in late August, which was when I'd imagined disentangling the jewellery thing. SO I hadn't really thought about pricing etc. Some may argue that the post was a little premature, and they'd be right. In any case, I'd be happy to either keep it aside for you until such time as I get back to Perth and defog my brain, or... Well, what sort of number configuration would you be happy with? Be aware the beads are of everyone's favourite 'inexpensive' material...

Alternatively, should I find myself teleported to Seattle in the coming weeks, we'll do the deal in person & drink Starbucks' cloudy water concoctions atop the mighty tower!

Any suggestions for working this out are welcome. In the meantime, hope it's a lovely time


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