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Exhibitionist comments at large

Hello Nat. We really must stop conversing like this.

The following is not a new thought, nor is it masquerading as a cure-all for Perth's cultural ills, but as a small way of DOing something & getting all those artistic party thoughts out to others so that they may start to talk about said party, thereby making it at least a verbal reality, is anyone interested in starting a magazine? I have little to no (read: no) experience of any variety of publishing, but upon my return to Perth I'll doubtless be deposited unceremoniously into a drained Olympic pool of spare time, so I'd be happy to do the shit-shovelling while I absorb everyone else's glowing wealth of experience. As hinted in previous posts I am better qualified than most to pack others' administrative faeces into self-seal envelopes.
Even within this website is an impressive collection of the skills desirable & necessary to fill an at least quarterly slim volume; I know I've seen enthusing musings to that effect on here before, has anyone taken any such steps?

What is the Perth independent mag situation like at the moment? Being a complete dilettante (pej.) with pretensions to more noble pursuits, I've been mentally rolling naked in the plethora of independent art/fashion/creative writing/sociopolitical-commentary type get-ups available in some discerning book shops here. It makes a welcome change from the dominant glossy gas filling most newsagency shelves, and I can't really imagine being able to put together a more likely group of people to kick something similar off in Perth & about Perth than those who puddle along in & around these pages. Interest & willingness always being, of course, important factors.

So, while I'm still holding this shovel, is anyone up for some printy printy fun?

And while you're looking, let me point you here and..... here. And if your mouse ball isn't getting sore, here.
And, then, there's The Believer & McSweeney's, but I shan't presume to direct you all where you've been already.

'comments' in the title used nominally, not verbally


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And back into comment land where I belong....

It is time, Liz, to turn you over to Mr Patrick Pittman. We did try to start a magazine 2 years ago - called 'Paving Stone'. Great idea, everyone replied with glee!
However come deadline 1, 2 and 3...
the people did not deliver.
This is an experience from which we ascertained the following: need more staff writers, need money, need thicker plot.
The magazine is a beautiful idea though, it houses the thoughts and passions of the artists, and it has dialogue with the community. It also gives us a reason to live! :)
I absolutely think you should do it! And the people here, you're right, are in some ways already all the staff you'd need.

And here are my thoughts to ponder:
Is it only going to speak to the 'converted community'? And what actually happens beyond these pages? Sure, awareness and mind altering things can happen and slow changes occur in the minds of the reader and spread like meme's.. yaddayadda.

I guess what I'm getting at in my ranty poo post is we need to 'do' things more directly, more innovatively if we want to change processes in govt and companies, save our swiftly flattening artistic community. I'm probably also just focused on the developers and local governments.
I definitely agree that the conversations and papers have their value, the street grafitti and street protests.. they have their place. And in some ways this seems like the easy path... to just be the artist and do the work, but what about more strategy based stuff?
A magazine that does more? That goes places no other magazine has gone before? Into the hand of the directors of EPRA, into the hands of COP, disguised, beguiling and intriguing.

The shit around us just keeps piling. We need some smart shovel action baby...

I can offer words!

There is a new Perth zine appearing called KingBrown (www.kingbrownmag.com) but it's street art focused, and it's basically all Yok. It has absorbed an amazing amount of limelight for a street press resistant Perth.

Shovel? Yes. Action? Yes. Smart? We'll see...

Well, with some careful demographic and content planning and a distribution scheme to rival Elizabethan regicide plots, all we can then hope for is to Do Our Utmost.

And, if it all dies in the arse, at least we'll know we (once again, for some) did more than just lie back looking pale and sighing "that will never work...."

Words will be of much use! I was rather hoping you'd put up your best pen hand...

Well it remains to be seen how or when or with whom & what money this might all be swept off the concrete & into the air but we can all start enthusing STAT before we begin to stiffen with jading. I get back to Perth at the beginning of September, so if anyone's still loitering coquettishly around the idea we could all begin obscenely extended cafe meetings then, but apart from wistful blogging there's not a great deal I myself can do from here. If anyone feels inclined to bring the kick-off forward a couple of months though, please just let me know where you'll be come September & I'll have a banana milkshake.

Good to know that a zine is being soaked up so readily by the dehydrated sponge, hopefully KingBrown will tread a little path through the long dry grass on which we can then expand & create detours.

Excuse me, I'm off to build up my shovel-arm...

Its always interesting to see where all the links come from...

Since I have the luxury of vacation I thought I would chime in for some encouragement.

Basically, I think that the whole idea of publications and magazines is so young and the surface has hardly been scratches. As a team, we have struggled for hours and hours on end to give our magazine a reason to exist, and it is very difficult to compete with the internet in that way. However content is only half the battle, and I think there are many ways to expand in terms of form that can actually have more of an impact than the content itself.

I think this loosely defines our mission as publishers, and we are constantly looking to develop the form in new ways, some which you will hopefully be seeing soon.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what comes out of this.

Also check the isnot site in a few hours for some exciting new things.


The Final Assessment Carnival has kept me from blogland for some weeks, but finally.....

Many delighted thanks for the encouragment, Jere/me, it was a very cheering surprise.
This whole thing is, evidently, still at the clump-of-cells stage of conception, (though hopefully rapidly dividing. Soon we will have spines) it rather remains to be seen whether it will launch off successfully into the street press ether or end up languishing on someone's kitchen table as a much-cherished & malnourished pipe dream. So, we too are looking forward to seeing what comes out of this, hopefully it will be magnificent.

I look forward with interest also to the progressions of IsNot, and upon my eventual ecstatic return to Melbourne, a viewing of it in the flesh (or paper. Unless you take format ever on to the medium of tattoo).

Was a treat to hear from you, I may yet pester for a free grab at some hard-earned wisdom.

love in equal measure,

me too

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